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  1. Urbanengineer

    Over fueling, over heating and overwhelming!

    Yep I really should’ve taken the car it’s not liking heavy traffic outside of Pittsburgh.
  2. Urbanengineer

    Over fueling, over heating and overwhelming!

    Fair enough. I’ll entertain that! Do you have a video or write up about that because I don’t really understand.
  3. Urbanengineer

    Over fueling, over heating and overwhelming!

    Makes sense, when testing and riding around it was building up some pressure, but not necessarily 15 PSI worth of pressure. It hadn’t leaked until the pressure test for what that is worth. Am I wrong to order some replacement hoses? What is “this mod?” Replacing coolant hoses? I could imagine part of my running issues have to do with the PAIR system. I’ve been looking to buy a pair of block offs. Do we need 4 block offs or just 2 for the VFR?
  4. Urbanengineer

    Engine stalling after warm-up

    That seems like a good sleeping position for winter 😛. I’ll be sending mine off for cleaning this winter when the bike sleeps. For now, bike is loaded up and ready to head out for some big miles this weekend. Hope the heat stays under control with recently tightened hose clamps (that leaked before). best of luck OP. I still think it’s not related to a fuel additive in the tank though. It sounds like a bigger problem then fueling, for now.
  5. Urbanengineer

    Over fueling, over heating and overwhelming!

    Well, I Gladly have found the problem! Unfortunately it means buying stuff lol. It involved renting a pressure testing tool. I have leaky hoses. I’ve tightened the leaky hose clamps as best I can to help it hold pressure, but unfortunately they are seeping at the ends in a few places. The system would hold pressure for 3 minutes or so ( 15 PSI ~ 1 bar ) before fluid would leak. A system that can’t hold pressure can’t cool under harsh conditions! I’ve had my eye on a Chinese silicone set. I suppose it’s time to order.
  6. Urbanengineer


    I only got to clean a little bit. The VFR was very overdue to say the least and ate up a few towels haha.
  7. Urbanengineer


    The cleaner stuff from amazon arrived so I will clean tonight if time permits.
  8. Urbanengineer


    Looks great! I need to clean my bike more but it’s currently a beater.
  9. Urbanengineer


    It went pretty well except for them freaking out about me having a center stand. The track org made me try to take it off which I was fine with... only to realize I had to remove the whole rear exhaust header section. They let me by with it wired up tight. Continental sport touring tires performed very well. Great coaching. Brian knew his stuff. You can see me ride it here:
  10. Urbanengineer

    Engine stalling after warm-up

    Depressurize the System in one of many ways. Drain tank and remove banjo would work?
  11. Urbanengineer

    May I introduce.....not a death trap

    If he is going to use it at sport TOUR I would totally recommend the Road 5. All the benefits of the road 4 with solid shoulders now for hasty riding :).
  12. Urbanengineer

    EBC Double-H Sintered Brake Pads for 2007 VFR

    If you want less dusting consider a ceramic pad, like the cars have all moved to. They provide pretty good stopping power with clear / lesser dust than metallics like EBC HH.
  13. Urbanengineer

    Over fueling, over heating and overwhelming!

    Starting with a pressure test tomorrow. Rented the tool today. Thanks for the additional information!
  14. Urbanengineer

    Over fueling, over heating and overwhelming!

    I have no idea of the AFR, is there a way to check without buying a power commander? How would I see a blockage? How do you Diagnose water pump issues? Nothing is blocking the front or rear of the cores. I never did confirm the thermostat opens as did the old one... I imagine it’s a spring force test? I did not check the thermostat opened new, but coolant doesn’t flow much at low temps, and then flows a lot at higher temps, makes sense that should be proof enough. Not sure how it could be blocked off from being installed. Only fits one way and is a press fit practically 😭. Have tried this, as well as leaning the bike for an extended time to each side and it didn’t fix the issues with air in the system. Yes I need to get to installing a switch for this fan. How would one test a thermostat? It’s a spring force? Remove and press by hand I guess? I do need to buy that fan still, but it still should never overheat, or else Honda’s cooling system on day 1 was undersized for VTEC. I haven’t found many water proof options at this size. I have done this burping step with a spill free funnel. It’s relentless. Fluid will climb up and slowly fall back down. What’s next, a pressure test? It needs to hit 1.1 bar I guess. Would make sense - Cooling issues - pressure test.

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