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  1. Urbanengineer

    Top Box for Less Coin - 6Gen

    So @KITO you post this up with only a side view and nothing of the actual area you installed? I want to modify mine to accept a top box, Please provide more pictures.
  2. Urbanengineer

    linked brake system bleed instructions

    I had such trouble with mine I just paid Honda in my area to do it while getting the front wiring harness recall done.
  3. Urbanengineer

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Of the Chinese ones? What clamps did you use>
  4. Urbanengineer

    Sanding down VTEC Lifters? $34 a Bucket? What!?

    I asked on VFR people and people are too busy riding to answer if they have any lol. I learned I can repurpose 3, so I only have to buy 4... great... $135 for 4 lifters. RIP!
  5. Urbanengineer

    The very first thing to suspect when the throttle sticks

    Yeah the grips move more than people realize. I've learned to safety wire grips even on my street bikes.
  6. Urbanengineer

    anyone know where to get custom sprokets?

    I bought a Speedohealer for cheap from a goldwing, never used. Only cost $35. Keep an eye on the ebay!
  7. Urbanengineer

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Ha, fair enough. I would need to also order a few clamps as they apparently don't use the factory hose clamps. I don't have it in the budget right now :(.
  8. Urbanengineer

    Sanding down VTEC Lifters? $34 a Bucket? What!?

    This is a 6th gen. It has 8 regular shims, and 8 VTEC "lifter" buckets with set shim heights printed into the bucket. See here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-VFR-800-Vtec-Shim-Bucket-Valve-Adjustment-286/282090986394?hash=item41adeedb9a:g:g0IAAOSwzJ5Xe~5c >You don't need that many shims, are you sure you know what you're doing? 8/16 of my valves are out of clearance, I know how measure... This is a sixth gen so it requires removing of the camshafts and modification of the VTEC buckets to even check clearance. I swapped lifters side to side (with the same measurement) into different slots to make sure it wasn't an issue with the VTEC bypass I did and the numbers are the same. I should clarify green means in clearance, yellow means bottom clearance, and orange means OUT of clearance. The red numbers indicated a VTEC valve. So still waiting on verification from someone that knows VTEC ones, but am I stuck having to spend $33 a valve lifter?
  9. Urbanengineer

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Sad to see this hasn't been updated since March. Has anyone gone with the Silicone sets? My VFR stock lines are leaking at multiple points, would rather not spend $130 on bling :).
  10. Urbanengineer

    6th gen drop weight work in progress

    Interesting. I bought a VFR to be able to tour with even more weight! The Versys just couldn't handle the weight on the rear tail.
  11. Hello All. I'm in a predicament. I am doing the V4 valve adjustment myself (I don't want to hear about how you didn't have to do it for 100k miles 😀) and I need a LOT of shims unfortunately. I actually likely need to replace 5 VTEC LIFTERS ALONE! And those cost $33.95 on bikebandit. Can I shave down the top of the lifters using a band saw or something similar? Costs are adding up on this VFR and I didn't anticipate $160 worth of bespoke valve shims/lifters! If not (probably not), does anyone have any VTEC lifters sized 2.50mm to 2.75mm for sale? I need 5!
  12. Urbanengineer

    Is Motosport the cheapest place for new tires?

    I find Bikebandit.com manages tire sales and rebate links better than anyone else. I buy all of my tires exclusively through them.
  13. Urbanengineer

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Guys, get those installed I want some for my VFR and need to make sure it works first :)
  14. Urbanengineer

    Urbanes VFR Shots

    First photo from my cross country trip with my buddy and his VFR, it's what led me to buy one!
  15. Urbanengineer


    Working on the headlights. This has been longggg overdue. I've been spending a lot of time with the R6, haha. VFR is now getting some love again.

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