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  1. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Guys, get those installed I want some for my VFR and need to make sure it works first :)
  2. Urbanes VFR Shots

    First photo from my cross country trip with my buddy and his VFR, it's what led me to buy one!

    Working on the headlights. This has been longggg overdue. I've been spending a lot of time with the R6, haha. VFR is now getting some love again.
  4. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    Good man! Thank you for coming back and bumping this. There isn't enough info on this guy. I think it mainly comes down to the usual suspect problem of people not changing brake fluid on time. Oh bother, now both our bikes work :). Too bad I can't ride mine right now though, snow is falling! (pic added below to immortalize it on VFRD)
  5. 6th Gen Refresh

    Mine is sleeping all winter, I am jealous!
  6. Should I have buyers remorse?

    Not worth having buyers remorse over a key, an unofficial choke, and some gas used. Great looking bike, wish mine looked that nice.
  7. Anybody do track days?

    Damn.. THey did a christmas sale. They upped their price a LOT this year, so I'm sad i missed the christmas sale.
  8. Cleveland Motorcycle Show Jan 26-28

    I'll be working the Chicago event instead of Cleveland IMS, so I wont be attending that one anymore. Have fun every1!
  9. Do you wheelie your viffer?

    Poor @Switchblade forgot how to power on.
  10. Cleveland Motorcycle Show Jan 26-28

    Anyone doing a VFR group tour? Lets go toghether. Message me or tag me here.
  11. Canadian Ride to Beartooth Pass

    I wanted to go to beartooth but it was closed off due to snow. Epic!
  12. 6th Gen Refresh

    Gee thanks... glad someone posted to MY thread... Fuckin paid the dealer $200 to store my bike and bleed it (total cost).
  13. How are Chinese fairing companies making tank cover?

    Great discussion there. It's a shame they didn't re hash the idea from the 600rr with the plastic gas tank. I wish more motorcycles had those plastic tanks.
  14. How are Chinese fairing companies making tank cover?

    Yeah something doesn’t add up.
  15. Newbie with new mods!

    Thanks for posting up more pictures Jonah! i will let you know from my retrofitting experience you are also going to be disappointed with the LEDs. Consider they have lights that only fire in 3 or 4 directions on the board, it can’t light the road properly. Unfortunately you bought HALOGEN Projectors and were told HID could work in them... not so much :(. I would recommend ordering a genuine HID projector cheap like the Morimoto H1 Super if you want proper HID. I’m doing test shots tomorrow night to prove how valuable this upgrade is!

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