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  1. Bought these for my 2003 honda vfr800, did not end up using them. They are all brand new. Sellling all pieces for one price. $40us for all the pieces you see. will ship at buyers expense
  2. I personally would just wait . It ain't gonna hurt it if u just wait. Not worth the risk.
  3. Very clean , Looks like it will do the job . 100% Very clean , Looks like it will do the job . 100%
  4. That's really nice . I'm interested in getting a pair . Where did you purchase them do u have a picture of the fairing on ?
  5. Thanks . I'm not to worried since I did my research regarding best epoxy to use. I'm using a commercial product but can be purchased online. They specialize in adhesives. Here is their website link. https://www.atomadhesives.com I stand by their products 100%.
  6. The light is also nice bc It allows you to see the oil level at night .
  7. Hey, I used a waterproof led strip . And cut it to the size I needed it, witch was 8 inches. The led has double sided tape on the back I then stuck it to the cover . I purchased some heat and chemical resistant epoxy and cover the whole light to protect it even further. The reason I mounted the way I did was because it gave they best lighting . I tried different positions but the one I have pictured worked best. . I was going to go with single led but when I laid it out it was to messy. Hope this helps .
  8. Thanks for sharing I will give it a try and will post back with results . Hopefully this Canadian weather will clear up . .
  9. Nice. I'm sure it going to make a great difference . Where did u get the shock ? Good price?
  10. Looks great I have to say with the white body
  11. It is certainly, sebs fabulous workmanship. The light I added. My personal touch
  12. Clutch cover is complete . Just waiting on pro bolt to come through the shipping to Canada from UK seems to be taking long . Can't put the cover on until I get the new bolts . . But here is the the complete cover off the bike with light on .
  13. Here is a sneak peek of my bike with the tail swap of a 2014 cbr1000rr tail on my 6th gen . I'm just about done .
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