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  1. They do make different sizes of foam ear plugs. My partner has tiny ear canals and can't wear the ones I wear but we got her some wee little ones which are comfortable.
  2. Dustin

    79 Df-I05584hdr.JPG

    Absolutely tremendous. What a beautiful place.
  3. I'm curious if you have any updates for us, Randy.
  4. Just ordered some S22s to go on the VFR. $60 back on a set is really a great deal and if they are as good as the S21s, I'll be happy.
  5. I wouldn't worry about it. As jstehman says, you'll lose your current Trip A and Trip B and the clock will reset but the rest is fine.
  6. Dustin

    Tires on sale??

    That's definitely part of the Bridgestone DNA. Very stiff construction. I really like them on my VFR and have used a lot of Bridgestones on this bike but they don't always work for every bike I've used them on. Bridgestone has come a long way over the last 10 years as well.
  7. Fortnine is great, eh? I use 'em as well.
  8. Consider the BT-023 if you're looking for a robust long-life touring tire. Bridgestone still makes these and has classified them as just that.
  9. I'm on S21s now and am really impressed with their 'off-season' performance. I put them on in October so I've yet to use them in summer but they have been exceptional in the cold & wet for my mixed commutes. I was caught out in some freezing rain on my commute home last week and they got me through a 6 block stretch of city traffic on ice. Not a pleasant experience nor something I'd like to repeat but the S21s got me through it. Highly recommended and IMO the bang-for-the-buck tire of the moment.
  10. Looks like the lovely Canada/USA rebate is up for the spring! I just heard back from Bridgestone Rewards about the spring rebate and this is what they told me: Please be advised this offer is currently active. Simply go to www.bridgestonerewards.com, click ‘submit a claim’, you will be asked if you reside in the US or Canada. Once you have selected, our site will guide you through the entire process. If you need further assistance, please contact our office directly. Have a great day! Eligible Purchase Period: February 15th – April 30th, 2019 Submission Deadline: May 10th, 2019 [advertised], July 1st, 2019 [internal] Exclusions: Costco, GM, BJ’s Wholesale Limits: Limit two rewards and six tires per customer, household or address. Note: Each claim can include up to 6 tires in a single submission. Eligible Product Brands and Payout Tiers: $25 for 1 or $60 for set (2) of: BATTLAX, BATTLECRUISE, EXEDRA, EXEDRA MAX $15 for 1 or $40 for set (2) of: All other Bridgestone Motorcycle tires Claim Form: Online Only. No mail in redemption option It sounds like anything from their Battlax, Battlecruise, Exedra, Exedra Max line are up for $60 back on a set and everything else they make is up for $40 back on a set. That's great!
  11. I'm not Grum but I will chime in anyway: They come with iridium plugs from the factory so I would always put them in, personally.
  12. It's likely that the non-VTEC, gear driven motor wouldn't even pass today's Euro 4 regulations regarding engine noise, exhaust noise and emissions. With a much more stringent Euro 5 around the corner, you can pretty much guarantee that your dreams will never come true. Euro 4 started coming into effect just a couple of years after the 6th gen revamp, which would explain the drastic changes in the first place.
  13. 80 is the spec from Honda and quite normal for Japanese cars in general. If you consider that the wheel mounts a lot like a car with the same bolt pattern and all, it makes sense. It sounds like a lot but it's not really much effort through a standard torque wrench.
  14. I couldn't even get an OEM for my '02 when needed to replace mine last year. I ended up with a Rick's stator and reg/rec from Fortnine instead. Just under 25,000 km on them now.
  15. That bike owes you nothing at almost 220,000 km. The only value it'll have will be to you personally as nobody's going to buy it with that kind of mileage and some crash damage. Heal up and all the best.
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