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  1. They do make different sizes of foam ear plugs. My partner has tiny ear canals and can't wear the ones I wear but we got her some wee little ones which are comfortable.
  2. Dustin

    79 Df-I05584hdr.JPG

    Absolutely tremendous. What a beautiful place.
  3. FWIW, my 6th gen is very similar during the cold and wet months with mixed city and highway commuting. In summer when doing mostly longer rides away from cities, I see 40-44.
  4. I'm quite sure I've been there on a trip in California! It looks awfully familiar; can you pinpoint exactly where this photo was taken?
  5. Hi Dustin, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. Same basic engine, same filter. That list will apply to your bike. OEM part numbers for the filter are 15410-MFJ-D01 for both the 2002 and the 2014, for example.
  7. I recently purchased and installed a pair of Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail lights. These are OEM replacements for 7443 bulbs and are not touted as bigger or brighter but have a 12 year life guarantee, consume less power and offer the 'instant on' of LED lights. I was curious about these so I decided to order a pair and give them a try. It just so happened that one of my brake lights burnt out the day I received them! So there's not much to say -- they are just bulbs after all. However, my observations are this: - The instant-on aspect of the brake lights is quite a bit more dramatic than I expected. It's amazing how much 'delay' there is with an incandescent bulb. I think it functions well as an attention grabber. - I feel that the running light aspect is maybe a little bit dimmer than the incandescent but the brake lights are as bright or brighter - The LEDs are red and shine through a red lens which I feel produces a more intense colour. I guess redder is better? :) Here's some photos of the bulbs in action. I didn't snap any of the incandescent bulbs as a comparison. Doh! These are all shot with the same f/stop, ISO and exposure time for an equal comparison. Running lights from a distance Running lights close up Brake lights close up I like 'em and would probably buy them again if I ever had to. It's nice to see some quality, well engineered LED products coming out on the market now.
  8. I've booked off my holidays for the year and couldn't make space for this meet up as I've got several bike trips already on the agenda. Mark me down as a no. I'll keep an eye on the thread and maybe I can just play hookey and come out for a day or something.
  9. Since this thread is about HID retrofit kits, I'll add something about that. I installed a projector kit into my SV650 naked but wasn't fully satisfied with it This is the kit in question This was my exact bike Because the SV headlight had very limited space for the projector, I had to use a very compact set up. The beam pattern was actually great but the light output was pretty weak and not what I was expecting. It was actually only a moderate improvement in brightness over a Philips extreme power bulb I'm not sure how much more space the VFR housing has but that is my experience with the retrofit kits
  10. Interesting!!. I bought V4Supremacy's bike.....He told me it'd never been dropped. I think I will look into a CarFAX report since I neglected to do so previously. Wow. I wonder what else he lied about...
  11. That's good enough for me. I am meticulous with my bikes and will keep on top of it. My best friend has a first gen VFR and has fitted a digital volt meter for obvious reasons. I may do the same :) For the time being, my touring kit has a volt meter in it now. First time I've felt the need to carry that. :)
  12. Just looking for confirmation of my VFR's charging system. I'm taking a long trip from Vancouver, BC to Austin, TX in April for the MotoGP and I want to ensure the VFR is working fine. So: 2002 VFR with 47,000 km. Bone stock. Main harness recall done from the documentation I have. It looks like it lived a good life from the last owner, lots of maintenance. So at idle I'm making 13.0-13.1 volts ~5000 RPM it makes 13.8-13.9 volts ~5000 RPM with high beams, signals, brake lights on it makes 13.7-13.8 volts This sounds like it's all good in the hood and I just need confirmation to make myself feel better. I'll be bringing a volt meter on my trip(s) anyway ;)
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