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  1. I assume you mean Denali, right? I've been running a pair of their DM1 spotlights for 5 years now and have nothing bad to say whatsoever.
  2. I replaced my stator & reg/rec at 105,000 km (65,000 miles). As far as I can tell based on the service records from the original owner, that's the first time. The stator was fried but the RR may not have been. I opted to chang both with a Rick's unit and kept the old RR as a spare. Currently 10,700 km (6650 miles) on the set and all is rosy. We'll see how long they last. I tried to find an OEM stator from the local Honda dealer but they said that they were unavailable in Canada now.
  3. I guess it doesn't like the cold...

    You should certainly consider a new battery as mentioned above. Regarding the throttle freezing: lubricate your cables with oil to push out all the moisture. Also consider lubricating your ignition with some graphite powder to prevent that from freezing up. If you are running a 10w oil, consider switching to 5 or even 0 for the cold weather, it makes a huge difference in cold starts. Also, my bike personally hates cold weather starting with 91 octane (95-96 RON for you) and is much happier with 87 (91-92 RON). When these things are taken care of, your bike should be relatively happy starting in cold temperatures. I regularly leave work in the winter at -10°C and have gone through all these pains before so I've learned the hard way. :)
  4. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up that Bridgestone has their spring rebate up for Canada & the USA. $25 per tire, maximum of 4 tires on the following: Battlax Hypersport S21 Battlecruise H50 Battlax Sport Touring T31 Battlax Adventure A41 Battlecross Go to http://www.bridgestonerewards.com and look for the offer there or use reward code MOTOCAN1801 or MOTOUS1801. Claim form PDFs below. CAN: https://itagroup.hs.llnwd.net/o40/BridgestoneBOSS/PromoPDF/MOTOCAN1801.pdf USA: https://itagroup.hs.llnwd.net/o40/BridgestoneBOSS/PromoPDF/MOTOUS1801.pdf
  5. Oh no - not another scenery stop in this forsaken place...

    I'm quite sure I've been there on a trip in California! It looks awfully familiar; can you pinpoint exactly where this photo was taken?
  6. Tires!

    A new tire is a beautiful sight, ain't it?
  7. Most miles on a 5th Gen?

    Wise choice. What a load of shit.
  8. Hi Dustin, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Well, that's a relief! What a funny thing...
  10. Ok, so I don't know if this is normal or not but my VFR definitely doesn't display 92°C. It displays 91 then goes straight to 93. Can't say I'm positive but I'm pretty sure it used to. Weird, eh? Anyone?
  11. Tires!

    Your reaction to their price match decline is shockingly unreasonable.
  12. Chain Mileage

    I don't think anybody here has ever claimed that a chain oiler lubes behind the rings or anything like that. Like I've said before, the running oil leak I installed provides me with a palpable benefit for the riding I do in the climate I live. If I rode a garage queen and lived in a dust bowl like you, I'm certain I wouldn't use a chain oiler either.
  13. Chain Mileage

  14. Chain Mileage

    No, I haven't, my wet chain is always clean. :)

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