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  1. adamv

    Michelin Road 5

    Thanks for all the information. I'm going to get the Road 5's for my next tire, and see how they compare. I've gone from Angel GT's to Road Pilot 4's - and was impressed with the increase wear. Will be excited to see what the new technology does with the 5's!
  2. adamv

    Michelin Road 5

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has purchased any of the new Michelin Road 5 tires? I have the Michelin Road 4 on my bike at the moment. Extremely impressed with the wear and grip. Still got plenty of tread, but I'm looking at replacing them as I'm going on a long ride in the twisties (4,000kms) and want to make sure I have good tread for the whole trip. I was going to purchase another set of Michelin Road 4's, but then saw that they have released new 5's - and was wondering if anyone could comment as to any difference between the two on VFR's? Cheers Adam.
  3. adamv



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