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  1. TriumphTraitor Just installed the bracket on my 2002 HISS model and it fits perfectly. I have relocated my volt meter and installed a double USB 2.4 amp outlet. Looks fantastic. Great work
  2. I would be interested in a Putty road ride/meet as well
  3. Triumphtraitor I will have one of the doubles and I don’t need the Bezel as I have the HISS. cheers
  4. Triumphtraitor I did some checking on my HISS ring /key clearance and the key does not touch the ring currently even when locking the steering lock.. Even if you raised the HISS ring by 2mm I still don’t think there would be any interference with the key body.
  5. Have you got the right bearings? When I replaced mine on my 6th gen you had to drive the bearings in until they bottomed out. Even when bottomed out there was still movement on the spacer.
  6. Do you want me to take some video inserting the key, turning on and the employing the steering lock?
  7. Fingers crossed you get some responses to purchase a bunch of these. It’s such a smooth fit.
  8. Fingers crossed you get some responses to purchase a bunch of these. It’s such a smooth fit.
  9. Hi Yes I was talking about the the wad of metal wool at the fuel pick up/ fuel return area. I noticed that the fuel return from the Fuel pressure regulator is directed onto this wad but didn’t realise it would be to prevent splashing/spraying/turbulence as being a flooded system I assumed it would just be a flow of constant bypassed fuel. The injection pump did have a small micron pre filter that had some small debris collected. My comment was that the metal wool that I replaced for $15.00 from Honda could have been replaced with a kitchen metal scouring pad for 0.99 cents. The metal wad filter I replaced was definitely not stainless steel but aluminium.
  10. Hi I sent them to a company called EFI Hardware who are based in Victoria. Their web page is at www.efihardware.com I had them back in a week and it cost $40 an injector + p&p. They also provided new filter baskets that fit inside the injector but couldn’t supply one of the small o rings.
  11. Hi sorry been away and only just seen your message. It sounds like the same issue I had. You get to a cruising speed and after a few seconds it’s as if the throttle has wound off by a few degrees so you feel a dump in power. You then turn the throttle to increase speed and you get hesitation and then suddenly it comes back. If you do change the filter rip it open and check the paper element. I used a vice and a junior hacksaw to cut through the filter can. I look forward to hearing if this sorts you out
  12. Hey, that looks great. If you are going to get this made on a CNC machine how much would it be to make a few and sell them on here? I would buy one with the bezel in black.
  13. I know on a 6 gen you need to remove the front axle to gain access to the bottom bolt to allow you to drain the oil. From looking at photos of 5 gen forks they look the same so you are going to have to support the front end to get the wheel off the ground, take the brakes off their mountings and tie them up before removing the axle and wheel to gain access to the bolts. Tip, loosen the bolts before undoing the top caps to keep pressure on the inserts so the bolts will not just turn and use new copper washers when replacing.
  14. Hi Well I thought I would give you an update to my issue. So I tested the fuel pressure of the fuel pump and that was in spec. I replaced the fuel regulator but got no improvement to the issue. I was then going to go and get the bike dyno tested to see if there was an issue with map or even a fault with my PC 3 USB as it is subject to vibration under the seat but decided to first replace the fuel filter in the tank. On replacing this item my woes have gone including an annoying vibration that used to come in around 4500 rpm. After coming back off the ride with a big smile on my face I decided to get the filter out of the bin and rip it open to look at the filter. Now you have to understand that my VFR is a 2002 model with only 61,000 km (38,125 miles) on it and I have put the last 6,000 km (3,750 miles) on it since I purchased it in 2016 meaning on average the bike has annually only covered 3,500 km (2,187 miles) a year. I don’t think this filter has ever been changed in 17 years. On ripping the filter can open I didn’t find any debris but once I opened up the pleated paper I could see the issue. The filter paper, dirty side, was covered in brown lacquer. The clean side had no lacquer build up at all. I actually got an airline to blow through from the clean side to the dirty side and it Hardly made any difference. Dirty side of filter. You see the area I used an airline on to try and see how dirty it was clean side Close up of area where I tried to clean with the airline. If anyone conducts this filter change don’t bother buying the pre filter as it is just an aluminium scouring pad that I could have bought from Woolworths for $0.99 cents. Not Honda’s cost of $15.00!!!!!
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