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  1. Mohawk, Can you post some photos of you 4 x puller fans set up please? I assume you have 2 x fans on each rad? cheers
  2. Stray The Davies Craig controller is very reliable and I have had it fitted for about 4 years. It can operate two 40amp circuits which are switched by relays and are part of the controller. You can set the temp to switch on the first relay from 35 - 110 degrees C and on activation the second relay energises after 10 secs. Once energised both circuits will not switch off until the temp has dropped by 5 degrees C from the original set point. The unit itself is self contained and well constructed. When I first installed it I did try and mount a second fan to the primary radi
  3. Stray, I have two points you may want to consider: 1. what is the amperage draw of the pump? If you are running this pump full load you will be loading your stator which would increase more drain on a fragile electric system and sucking the minimal bhp you state you could gain from fitting it. This would be even more drain on the system when the fan is operating as well. 2. why would operating the pump on full head cause issues for the thermostat? The stat is mechanically strong and operating on a closed head is not an issue for it. The main issue from failu
  4. An air scoop could help with air flow over the oil cooler but if you try and make the mouth of the scoop too wide it will impact the front wheel fender when the front suspension goes into max compression, especially if you have dropped the triple tree by 8-9 mm for better steering. I tried this when I fitted an RC51 oil cooler on my 6 Gen but found it bottomed out on the fender on hard braking. Would love to increase air flow over the cooler as it would increase cooling especially as the oil has a higher temp than the coolant.
  5. Phye07 I had this happen when I last did a throttle body synch. Forgot to reconnect the vacuum hose to the MAP sensor. As well as the poor throttle response I also got a blinking F1 light. As DanoXYZ stated, remove and start again checking hoses are connected. You might even find the issue straight away so you don’t have to strip it all out.
  6. HS, thank you for all of your efforts in keeping the site running and keeping it going. I hope 2021 will be a better year for us all.
  7. Sorenlaf, Is your 6 Gen an ABS version? If not a lot of people have fitted them in the left hand fairing area where it meets the nose cone. I have been wanting to fit one as well but that space is taken up by my Davis Craig electronic fan controller for the cooling system. As you say there is little room near the headers due to heat but also due to the front suspension movement.
  8. Jsteham I would suggest that your battery is either not holding its charge overnight or you have a sacrificial drain. You haven’t mentioned if you have changed the stator but I assume you have conducted the Drill and with a 14.03v charge rate at idle it doesn’t seem as if it is the culprit. The only other area that may be worth looking into is the starter switch and relay. If you are hitting the start button and it only cranks twice and then the dash goes blank and you then try again and it starts with no issues it may be high resistance across the switch/relay or conne
  9. I agree with Grum, your slave cylinder has been put together back to front. You need to disassemble and put the spring in first followed by the piston. Make sure you put the piston into the slave assembly seal first as well. From looking at your video the piston currently is round the wrong way hence having a large gap at the clutch plates. The spring will always try and push the piston out especially as you have removed the hydraulic supply from the clutch master cylinder. I would rebuild the slave cylinder correctly, refit on the bike and then rebuild your clutch pack ensuring the p
  10. MJH sorry for your woes. I don’t think a 50:1 fuel oil mix would cause any of this. Maybe a slightly oily exhaust and maybe fouled plugs. When you say No #04 cylinder intake chamber was full of fuel was it both ports or just one? If both then either both valves were closed when you looked or you have something wrong with your cam shaft assembly. Remove the plugs and turn the engine over to cycle the intake non Vtec valve. If it is just one then the one that’s full of fuel would be the Vtec valve which keeps closed until 6800 rpm. Now there shouldn’t be an
  11. Mine lights fitted fine and even though I have converted the housings to hold 2 x HID projectors I have had no issues. They are slightly lighter than OEM but they have identical mounting points, adjustment points and fit the bike with no gaps. I can take some video of them if you want to see them. As I originally stated in my first response, I can’t confirm if all China made lights would the same.
  12. I would suggest there is something wrong in your clutch pack rebuild as even when built correctly I have never seen that much space between the end plate and friction plate even with a squeezed in clutch lever. Strip the clutch pack again and check your work. Are there any missing plates both friction and solid metal? Are the slots aligned correctly on the spring seats and where the bolt screws in? Is the central release bearing mounted in the end plate seated correctly? Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  13. TT I bought new headlights off eBay from China a few years ago and they have stood up very well as the original ones were in a poor state with chips and scratches. I originally was just going to swap over the lenses to the original lights but when I saw how good they were I used them. I can’t confirm all lights out there on eBay are the same but the ones I purchased were good.
  14. This is a great story. I am really looking forward to the next episode. Thank you for being so descriptive and providing photos to tell the story. Love the Mod t-shirt. I only emigrated to Australia in 2006 and was born and lived in the UK so Mods and Rockers is part of my upbringing. Just born slightly too late to take on the full period to have owned a Lambretta with multiple side mirrors!
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