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  1. Veefalo You are a good man. Many thanks for what you are doing on our behalf
  2. Grum The date stamp 2019 actually means it was made in the 20th week in 2019. First two digits is the week and the last two digits is the year. All tyres have this means of identifying when they were manufactured. I always check this stamp when I have new tyres fitted to any of my vehicles. You can find some tyre shops sell off cheap tyres and you think to yourself “they were a bargain” until you then check the date stamp and found you’ve got 3 to 4 year old tyres. Tyre manufacturers recommend to change tyres that are over 7 years old.
  3. Always interested but just cannot afford the cost to ship to Australia. As my father always said ‘don’t worry about the length it’s the width that matters!!’
  4. I hope I am still riding at 70....14 years to go! Just hope my 2002 VFR will be with me when I get to that point as the trouble and strife keeps telling me I’m too old to be on that thing😩 safe riding
  5. Ducnut, Cost in Australia is far greater than US for servicing the shock and supply of new spring from Ohlins servicing centre. Replacing with Jamie’s BD40, which is actually designed by him and the majority of parts are manufactured by him, is my best option. I can sell the Ohlins on flea bay and save my initial costs.
  6. I will send Jamie an email. I am swapping the Ohlins as it was on the bike when I bought it and the spring is rated for a much lighter rider. It also has no seperate oil reservoir although it does have an external spring Rate adjuster. By the time I take it out, have it serviced, change the spring I might as well get Jamie’s shock. I already have his front internals and have been total amazed at the change and standard of his workmanship.
  7. I will be watching with interest to the solution as I have just ordered one for my 2002 non ABS. Can’t you just turn the shock 180 degrees so the oil reservoir comes out on the other side So it doesn’t interfere with the PCV mounting bracket?
  8. Unfortunately you will have to take off the exhaust. Once you undue all of the bolts from the sump you have to drop the pan by 3-4 inches to get it past the oil pick up. If you don’t fancy repairing your sump you can pick them up off eBay pretty cheaply. good luck.
  9. Hi Are after market seats like the Sargent and Corbin really worth the $500+ price tag? I have just completed a 200km non stop ride on the highway on my standard 2002 6th gen seat and to be quite honest the last 50 km was painful. Normal local rides are fine but I wasn’t expecting the numb bum feel after 2 hours in the seat noting it’s meant to be a sports tourer. It may be that as there were no real turns to lean into over this time and basically being static in the saddle it is the norm? Are there any cheaper alternatives? Has anyone reworked their own original seat with new foam which has worked for them? cheers
  10. Davies Craig already have one as a module https://daviescraig.com.au/product/digital-thermatic-fan-switch-12v-24v-0444/digital-thermatic-fan-switch-12v-24v-0444 you can adjust the temp you want the first relay to switch and 10 secs later the second relay will operate. I have one fitted to my bike so I could set the temp I wanted the fan to come on. I fitted the probe in the hose that comes from the thermostat housing to the filler cap. I originally had a fan fitted to the primary radiator which would switch on first but I found it actually made things worse for the natural air flow when not operating. Since fitting the VTR fan blade to the original fan motor I don’t have any issues now.
  11. Sorry for your woes. Can you contact the previous owner and ask if he did a change of the CCTs and forgot to fit or dropped the cap? From here, I would remove the exhaust to allow you to drop off the sump. Approx 12 bolts. You have to drop the exhaust to remove the sump as the strainer and prv will stop you pulling the sump out of the way. Hopefully you will find the metal cap undamaged in the bottom of the sump. If there is no cap I would definitely be trying to get an answer from the previous owner. Once removed you will be able to remove the oil pick up strainer and clean out all of the rubber bits from the CCT. There are a few o rings that you will need to replace when you button it back up. Be aware there is no gasket between the sump and engine, just some Honda sealant. Let us know how you get on.
  12. TriumphTraitor Just installed the bracket on my 2002 HISS model and it fits perfectly. I have relocated my volt meter and installed a double USB 2.4 amp outlet. Looks fantastic. Great work
  13. I would be interested in a Putty road ride/meet as well
  14. Triumphtraitor I will have one of the doubles and I don’t need the Bezel as I have the HISS. cheers
  15. Triumphtraitor I did some checking on my HISS ring /key clearance and the key does not touch the ring currently even when locking the steering lock.. Even if you raised the HISS ring by 2mm I still don’t think there would be any interference with the key body.
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