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  1. TT I bought new headlights off eBay from China a few years ago and they have stood up very well as the original ones were in a poor state with chips and scratches. I originally was just going to swap over the lenses to the original lights but when I saw how good they were I used them. I can’t confirm all lights out there on eBay are the same but the ones I purchased were good.
  2. This is a great story. I am really looking forward to the next episode. Thank you for being so descriptive and providing photos to tell the story. Love the Mod t-shirt. I only emigrated to Australia in 2006 and was born and lived in the UK so Mods and Rockers is part of my upbringing. Just born slightly too late to take on the full period to have owned a Lambretta with multiple side mirrors!
  3. Hi Matt Welcome back to riding and congratulations on owning a VFR. The normal place for installing a PC is under the seat. You then have an earthwire that bolts directly to the negative terminal of the battery and then two large multi plugs that break into the loom under neath the right hand side of the fuel tank and below the air filter by the throttle bodies. If you can’t see it under the seat I would be surprised if it was fitted anywhere else due to space. Mine is fitted on the opposite side to where the tool kit is housed under the big rubber band, almost under the passenger
  4. Dutchy, I haven’t heard cloggyland for ages. I served in Germany with the Brit Army for 10 years and loved going into Roermond for shopping as the Germans used to close their shops from 1200 Saturday until Monday morning. Great food and the Dutch seem to have the same sense of humour as the Brits!!😂😂😂
  5. Warnzie, Are your throttle cables adjusted so there is no slack in them? Obviously there needs to be a minor amount to allow full steering without an increase In the revs but there may be too much. If too much then this would give you a dead spot in your throttle twist range where it is not operating the butterflies.
  6. I think the low down bog at low rpm is a quirk of the Big Bang V4. You have to put on some revs, feeding in the clutch, to get her going. I find VFRs need to be in the 3000+ rpm range to be comfortable and not load the engine.
  7. Warnzie, I had this issue plague me for a period. Sometimes it would run sweet and then out of nowhere start dropping revs when you come to a stop, having to keep blipping the throttle. Similar to your situation. I changed coil packs, plugs, completed a Stater sync, fuel filter but it would show up every so often. Just when you think you have solved it, after a couple of weeks of riding, it would come back 😩😩 I then did a complete clean of all electrical connections and also removed the earth block that is located in the wiring loom around the Throttle body by soldering in
  8. Staintunes are great. Luckily they were already on the bike when I purchased it 6 years ago as they make a hell of a dent in your wallet!!! Fantastic quality and sound though. The only issue I have at the moment is a rattle in the exhaust on acceleration. From initial investigation I think the cat may be loose in the collector as I have traced the source to there whilst stationary and blipping the throttle. I have a spare exhaust so I might just go and get that ceramic coated and replace it. Apparently removing the cat doesn’t give any increase in BHP so I have only put in O2 eliminators and d
  9. Welcome to the asylum Natedawg, where abouts in Sydney are you, anywhere near Maroubra? Enjoy the forum, great source for all your VFR needs.
  10. Jelorian That pipe connects to either the vent pipe or the overflow pipe from the fuel tank. For some reason Honda didn’t use a continuous pipe to the tank and used that connector on one of them, I can’t remember which one. The other pipe, vent or overflow, has a connector that is at a 45degree angle.
  11. Rgr. The set I have didn’t come with valves hence the visit to the fish shop. cheers
  12. Good tip, Also go to a local fish shop and buy some air valves, about a $1 each, which will allow you to adjust each vacuum line to stop the needles bouncing whilst you use it during the synch process.
  13. Angle grinder is your best friend here and replace the clamp with a new stainless steel version. Go slow so you don’t cut through the pipe.
  14. By using the RC51 oil cooler more fins are exposed hence why I removed the scoop. I also found on very hard breaking that the scoop would bottom out on the front fender, track days only.
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