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  1. She was a steal to be honest. Had to make a 11 hr round trip in van to get her but with 32000 miles on clock and a price of £1300 I could not let it pass. Literally saw it advertised and was on way within an hour. I’m very lucky to be honest had been looking for one for a while and was getting a bit down about the condition and previous life they had. Only issues I’ve had are sticking front calliper. Strip down clean and new pads did the trick. she still turns a few heads and I get a lot of guys that appreciate her when I go to meets. to me all the vfr range up to gen 6 are styled so well they just don’t seem to age.
  2. Hi. Finally the kids are self sufficient my life is going full circle and I’m back on the road with a beautiful 6th gen 800 ABS. Hello to you all.
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