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  1. Hey Dutchy! Thanks! Near the headers is one of the places I've considered. I was concerned that I'd be in danger of melting the plastic. About how far from the pipes were you able to mount the horn? I don't have a lot of room between the lower center bodywork bit and the pipes. I'd be in the 30mm +/- range. At most.
  2. There are two sides to that one. And two components to the other side. Component 1) About 40 years ago, I was riding out CA 205 from the bay area to Manteca. Two lanes. I'm in the right lane. A car is pacing me a few car length back in the left lane. After about 5 miles of this, the driver pulls ahead of me, then drops back next to me, then starts to change lanes. I was riding my '74 R75/6. The one with the air horn. Compressor the size of a beer can. Two trumpets larger than the compressor I hit the horn, and the driver was back in her lane faster than anythi
  3. Hi Everyone, Been trying to fit a Stebel Nautilus to my G6 800A and not getting any traction. Long story short, meaning I'll omit all the failures, the most promising solution I can find is to remove the hose connecting the two radiators, replace it with one slightly longer, so that it will bow out a little more, and that should give me just enough room to tuck the horn up high enough that it won't get crunched if the forks bottom out. So, has anyone here successfully mounted a Stebel Nautilus to a G6 800A, and if so, where did you put it? I'm fi
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