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  1. Let me know what you need. All prices without shipping. Will post other parts soon: Coils, windscreen, velocity stacks, airbox etc Clutch Cover $200 Valve Covers $30 eachCatless Exhaust $150Passenger Grab Handles $150Fairing $150
  2. Another thought occurred to me, check the big orange grounding block... I removed the block connector and soldered my grounding wires together, then grounded that bundle of wires to the frame directly. This shows how bad that can get
  3. Had to double check, it was the Black and white wire. So the grounding wire for the injectors and pair valve solenoid. It would do weird things similar to the 3 or 3.5 cylinder power description before eventually getting bad enough that it went into limp mode and threw FI codes at me. All problems disappeared when I cleaned it out
  4. Check your subharness connection that goes from the main harness to the throttle body harness. I had severe corrosion in my connector that led to somewhat similar symptoms. Cleaned the throttle body sub harness connector out with a bunch of contact cleaner and it immediately fixed my problems. Easy to check!
  5. I have sebspeeds rearset adapters and Vortex rearsets now that I think about it. That probably keeps my heels far enough away to not notice any heat. Looks like ducnut has the adapters as well
  6. If you wear actual riding boots you wont even notice the heat shield is gone. If you're cruising in shorts and flip flops you'll probably feel more heat
  7. I had a failing Fuel Pressure Regulator. Got all the way down to 25mpg before switching to a spare used one. That helped a bit getting me up to 30mpg but still not what it should be. Made sure brake pistons weren't dragging etc.. I caved and bought a new one[pays for itself] and immediately jumped to 37-38mpg on a spirited ride up Palomar Mountain. I wager I'd get above 40 if I was cruising highways for a whole tank.
  8. I've got a pipercross in my 5th gen, no issues with sand etc getting past it... my only complaint is the rubber seal being just slightly larger than it should be... maybe one of the corners of the rubber got pinched and didnt seal properly? I push my filter into the airbox lid making sure the rubber is all the way in the groove and then lower them together onto the lower airbox, making sure theres no pinching, and cross-tighten the screws just in case.. so far so good and I've removed and reinstalled it several times messing with injectors etc. But the rubber seal on the pipercross drives me nuts being 1 or 2mm too large
  9. I'm thinking I'll sell the Rapidbike and get a PCV. I cant justify the cost of the wideband controllers from RB when I'm not getting the full benefit of the Race module on the 5th gen. Turns out Mohawk knows best and i shouldve listened to his advice. So a RB Race module for 6th gen will be in the classifieds soon
  10. Polished! Worth the effort. Seat of the pants dyno says it's making more power. Negative Nancy will say "more noise makes it psychological" but the effect is the same 😏 The gaskets were definitely challenging but I got mine seated with some swearing. Wish I could find a slimmer donut gasket for the 2 Bros midpipe but aluminum foil and copper gasket works for now. I used these for the bungholios: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B078NXL1MF?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Many thanks to the Madmen that made this project come together!
  11. Easy thing to check is sidestand relay.... bike wont start if it thinks the stand is down. Sometimes its the easiest solutions if you're lucky. I've also had issues from corroded electrics... triple check all the connectors are cleeeeeaaaaannnnn.
  12. Hi Madfox, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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