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  1. Coolio that's exactly the experience I'm having now. Hopefully the parts top notch whenever he decides to ship it out. I'll def post pics of it
  2. Has anyone dealt with Matt over at DHC before? Just curious about the quality of work and his turnaround times. Any pics of a Carbon fiber front fender on a 5th gen? Thanks
  3. Have a short in my PCB on the back of the gauges. The prices on Ebay are nuts. Anyone have a spare cluster? Doesnt matter the mileage or plastics condition as long as the PCB on the back is in good shape.... On a note, if anyone done the swap to a 6g cluster and thinks it's pretty easy let me know.... 6g clusters are affordable
  4. Easy thing to check is sidestand relay.... bike wont start if it thinks the stand is down. Sometimes its the easiest solutions if you're lucky. I've also had issues from corroded electrics... triple check all the connectors are cleeeeeaaaaannnnn.
  5. I got pair block off plates. The backfire on deceleration was excessive, and getting rid of the nasty 20 year old hoses is a positive for me. Emissions testing is a joke Snorkel mod is mostly for induction noise, as stated above. I prefer it removed. Flapper is debatable. Mine is disabled and hardware removed to maximize top end airflow. My next mod was chopping airbox lid like Mohawk's done. I'm also waiting on the next run of performance headers which should help her breathe better as well
  6. Hi Madfox, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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