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  1. OK thanx for the info guys. bmart how much did Thermosman charge you for the rebuild?
  2. Once again I find myself consulting the forums in search of a better solution, so thanks in advance for any advice/pointers. My left fork has decided to puke its contents after letting the local Honda Stealership replace the seals less than one year ago. I've probably only put 600 or 700 miles on the bike since then under normal driving conditions so I don't understand why it's leaking. Anyway the stealership has informed me that the bushings are worn and that is what is causing the leak. I asked why the bushings weren't replaced 10 months ago along with the seals and all I got for a response was a shoulder shrug since it is a different service manager now. In addition to the shoulder shrug I got a wonderful estimate of $1200 to fix the forks and bleed the front brakes to remedy too much lever travel. $1200....😕 ? I checked my calendar and it wasn't April 1st so I guess he was serious. I have worked on my bikes in the past but have no experience with forks/suspension repair, so can anyone point to a comprehensive how-to vid or guide for a dummy who has been riding for almost 40 years but never messed with forks? Thank you my friends. Oh yeah I forgot: 6th Gen '05 VFR800 with ABS barely broken in with only 11K miles 😁
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