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  1. I sold my 04 a few years ago, I have a really great gas tank that I had as an extra spare part laying around instead of sending to the scrap yard ......i would like to give it to someone that could use it. My name is Curt, give me a call if u could use this. 5704190771
  2. Lee 2002...you are right and if we would have had more time ....well I would have asked the same of you and your area...per Miguel of course Miguel, we made it home on Sunday night and after 4100 miles it just felt great...Thanks again so much for all the hospitality...the sites and that ride of a lifetime for us. The write up in your blog was just fantastic and the PA Dutch comment...you don't know how true that is...Tammy has a little Amish blood in her...You can tell by the way she eats :laughing6-hehe: ......Thanks again and I am so glad to hear about the 1200 enjoy the ride home...Ride Safe ...Curt and the PA Dutch Crew
  3. ccvfr

    Keev's Gear

    Keevs get off ....and gear
  4. ccvfr

    Maine 06 Trip

    Just dad and I on our maine trip. Pa to ME and back Aug 06
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