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  1. UPDATE #3: Got the bike back today with OEM fuel pump plus all new innards of the tank installed. The Honda shop took it for two separate test rides on different days with the tank near empty and had no probs, said it ran great. I tested it personally with the tank near empty and NO dying when decelerating or coming to a stop. Yay!😁 Tank is full of 93 octane now so we'll see if it continues to behave correctly when the tank gets near empty again. Wish me luck. Will update again in a few days.
  2. Hey, I'm in the same boat. 60 years old here and have an '05 VFR. Maybe we should start a new forum section for "Old Farts"?
  3. UPDATE: My local Honda shop installed the replacement tank and it now has all new innards according to the diagram that Grum so nicely provided. Unfortunately when taken for a test ride the dying issue remained with <1/3 tank of fuel. And to make matters worse (by throwing gasoline onto the fire)😆 heh, sorry.....the non-OEM fuel pump that was recommended here in the forum has shorted out and melted its wires. Rather than replace it under warranty and risk having the same thing happen all over again I have decided to bite the bullet and purchase an OEM Honda pump at a slightly discounted price. Hopefully this will abate all problems and I can be back on the road soon. Wish me luck or offer alternative advice. Either would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Grum, sir, you ARE the GOAT!👑🙏
  5. Awesome! Thank you Grum for the pic and text. That definitely helps me see what is going on in there. I'm gonna show it to the Honda guys in case they don't have it.
  6. That is a possibility but I doubt it because I can continue riding for another 40 or 50 miles or so without running out. The problem may be the fact that this is a replacement non-OEM fuel pump. Maybe the fuel pickup mounts differently to it and is raised up a little too high? I have not personally laid eyes on this because my local Honda shop has done the work. I will ask them about it. Thanks for the info.
  7. Update: After removing the Power Commander 3 and the problem disappearing, it began to resurface 3 or 4 days later. I started keeping track of when this problem would occur and under what conditions. It took quite a while but suddenly one day I had an AHA moment. I knew the culprit. But to be sure I started predicting when it would occur and when it wouldn't. And I was right every time. It is a fuel pickup problem happening inside the gas tank. Only when I have 1/3 of a tank or less and as I come to a stop the remaining fuel is thrown forward to the front of the tank -- away from the fuel pump and its pickup -- and the injectors are starved of fuel and the engines dies. After coming to a complete stop the remaining fuel in the tank sloshes back and levels out and the pickup can get fuel again. The bike restarts easily, idles fine, and accelerates like a demon. Until I come to a stop again and the problem reoccurs. Fill the tank up and the problem completely disappears until it gets back to the 1/3 full level and it all starts over. Removing the PC3 fooled me because I filled the tank up at the same time making the problem disappear. I broke the cardinal rule of troubleshooting and made 2 changes at once.🙁. So then after taking it to the dealership to let them confirm and possibly fix the problem they discovered that the tank etching and lining process to remedy 5 years of storage with bad fuel left in the tank did not take and is already beginning to bubble and separate from the inside of the tank. The rust damage was just too great. Sooooo I've got to replace the tank. ☹️. I have located an '04 tank in pretty good shape for an excellent price (😉🙏 thanx Curt) and posted the question of fitment to my '05 and (🙏 thanx to Cogswell) he has assured me that the fitment will be the same. As a side question, is there anyone here who has seen the inside of these tanks and can tell me whether or not there are baffles welded into the bottom and/or sides? That seems to me would prevent my problem from happening but maybe mine got rusted out during the 5 years of storage? As far as I can tell there is no way to change the height or level of the fuel pickup to fix the problem so I am hoping that just replacing the tank will solve my problem. If anyone knows different please inform me and have my gratitude for the education of a VFR dummy. 🤪
  8. Has anyone heard of this or had any experience with it? It seems cool and a decent price but I am suspicious. https://www.gomototrip.com/product/2002-2013-honda-vfr800-motorcycle-fairing-rc213v-s-streetbike-design/ Thanks for any info you can provide.
  9. Does anyone know if an '04 VFR 800 fuel tank will fit an '05 VFR? They have different part numbers but I don't think that necessarily means that it won't. I am in desperate need of a new one but don't want to pay the $9XX.00 price tag for brand new OEM. I have found an available '04 but want to be sure that it will fit. Please help and thanx for any info.
  10. Will it fit an '05? I am in desperate need of one!
  11. OK after second test ride the issue has completely disappeared so obviously it WAS the PCIII. So since I am removing the PCIII I'm guessing I need to remove the O2 eliminators as well?
  12. OK I moved this to a new thread so I wouldn't hijack some else's.😐 To recap my VFR was dying most of the time whenever I came to a stop at red lights or stop signs and occasionally just decelerating into a tight turn. It would always start right back up no prob but the same would repeat at the next stop. Idle is where it's supposed to be, new fuel pump, cleaned and balanced injectors. plus I could find no loose vacuum lines or loose connectors. To me the simplest and easiest troubleshooting was to unplug the Power Commander III and see what's up. I did exactly that and took it for test ride #1 this afternoon and could not get the bike to repeat the problem. Hmmm. I will repeat test ride tomorrow to be sure but so far it is looking like the PCIII may have been the culprit. So my question is does that mean the PCIII was defective or could it have just been a bad map? I have zero experience with the PCIII's but have found an online manual @ DynoJet's website. Also another question is does the bike even need this PC? It is my understanding that the stock ECM is pretty capable of adjusting to changes such as my Two Brother's Pipes. Does the PCIII actually improve HP, Torque, or MPG? Or does it just give you controllability? Thanks for any advice or sharing experiences with this.
  13. Hey, Hello, and Howdy! I spent some time in Las Cruces while stationed @ Holloman AFB near AlamoGhetto. No good restaurants there so me and a buddy would go to Las Cruces to eat @ OutBack and TX Roadhouse weekly sometimes twice a week! I also have an 05 VFR that's got only 7K miles on it. How many miles on yours?
  14. Sorry I seem to have skipped this intro. I am finally back in the saddle again after taking a 6 year break. Currently living in DFW, TX area exploring the local area on a 6th gen 05 VFR that is finally back in running condition due to the advice of several regulars on this forum. My thanks to you all. I am not the original owner but was lucky enough to find this ride back in 2012? with only 4k miles on it! And I've only added 3K so this beauty is barely broken in with a little over 7,000 miles on it. This is my approximately 16th? bike I've owned since starting in 1981 and I still haven't lost the passion for zooming thru curves. I want to customize this ride without spending a fortune so I welcome any and all advice and suggestions from all of you Viffers out there.
  15. Grum, I believe that the bike returns to idle properly but I will try it tomorrow and post results. I am assuming that you mean with the bike in neutral and not going down the road? Also I seriously doubt that they attempted a Starter Valve adjustment with the previously bad injectors... the bike wouldn't even crank and stay running until I had them professionally cleaned. Cogswell, I am not getting any FI errors that I know of but will make sure to notice next time it occurs. Thanks for the school on what to check. This weekend I'm gonna take a look under the hood? 😉 and look at vacuum hoses and whether or not the previous owner has done pair valve, snorkel, and flapper mods. Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm sure eventually we'll find the culprit.
  16. The decreased idle and engine dying has never happened with the engine cold...it is after I've been riding a bit. But it has happened on both warm days and cool days so it doesn't look like it is temperature related. I bought this VFR as is with a Two Brother exhaust and a Power Commander III installed. I have never changed any of the settings for the Power Commander as I'm not sure how and don't have a manual for it. Could the Power Commander settings be causing the problem?
  17. I should clarify that the bike is not doing this everyday. It reoccurs sporadically and I'm trying to figure out the circumstances under which it happens (cold engine vs. hot engine, etc.) There seems to be no consistency so far. I don't think my idle speed needs adjusting as it normally is just fine at close to 1200 rpm after the engine warms up. I also believe the starter valves are working properly as the bike cold cranks just fine, rpms a little higher while it is warming up and then properly comes back down once warm. Do the starter valves affect the rpm after the engine is warmed?
  18. My 2005 is also doing this. While decelerating coming to a red light or stop sign, you pull in the clutch, the rpms go below normal idle speed and the engine stalls. It always starts back up right away, but next redlight...same thing. I spoke briefly about this to my local Honda shop and they said it could be the "Idle Air Control Valve." Has anyone heard of this or know where it is on the bike?
  19. Aaand after waiting for 142 days with the bike in the shop, here is the result: So glad to be back in the saddle again after a 7 year break. Anyone care to guess the mileage on this?
  20. Gahhh, we've been Rick-rolled VFR style. I'm surprised Rick Astley wasn't photoshopped into the seat...😝
  21. Got the injectors back from RC...summary report is attached. Looks like they cleaned up pretty good. Hopefully this is the last of the problems and I'll be riding again soon.
  22. Thanx for the info, advice, and well wishes....I'll post the results when I get them.
  23. OK injectors are are sent out to RCinjectors (because they had a faster turnaround time for approx the same price). Wish me luck that they flow well and I can be back in the saddle soon without having to buy new ones! Thanx guys.
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