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  1. Mai I drove I to the dealer I got it from to have them look over it and I couldn’t get it to reproduce the symptoms. There is a switch that is on the black left plastic that broke the day I bought the bike. Replaced it with a new switch the night before and now it’s not doing it anymore. Bought another helmet and went home. If the problem comes back up I’ll give some more info.
  2. It cuts out at lights or idle. Not when I’m moving.
  3. Just bought the bike. There is a broken fan switch on the bike that turns the fan on. It was working, but after going through the wiring and finding nothing we turned the switch on which turns the fan when ignition is in the on position. The fan turned off and on after reaching 190 for some reason but the bike didn’t die. So now I’m thinking it has to do with that. But I don’t know where to start.
  4. Just bought an 08 Honda vfr and I’m looking to put a different exhaust on it. Where can I find a decent one for a good price and would you recomend dyno tuning it when you get it? wouldn’t mind recommendations on which you like best etc.
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