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  1. While I was working on my VFR, I bought (and have sold) a 2018 motorcycle. The handlebar switches were so smooth and crisp. I would like to renew my VFR to those levels. I understand I'll need the disassemble/clean/lubricate the internal components. Are there recommendations on cleaning agents? What is the best lubricant to use to renew these parts? Feel free to add anything I may have overlooked. Thanks!
  2. I don't mean to recommend going away from the VFRness, At the time I just had a bike that wouldn't run and more time than money...
  3. This is the route I took. It's been fine. I did have to shave down the heatsink fins (easy), but aside from the wiring and mounting (also easy), that was it. Please don't ask for pictures, I really don't want to take the tail plastic off...
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    5th Gen Delkevic + Wrap

    Delkevic exhaust down pipes heat wrapped.
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    Icon PDX Parka

    Review gallery.
  9. So I emailed Dan at A&A Performance, and he tells me that the 6th gen is the same width as the 5th gen, but taller. Mounting one would require a little fabrication to the mounting hardware.
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    Stupid Radiator

  11. Very nice. I have a steering stem powerlet port, with a powerlet-to-cig-ligher, and a cig-lighter-to-usb. It's a beast. But it works just fine while riding. With the addition of the voltmeter, I need to install an accessory fuse box. I've found the license plate light a nice hot trigger source (especially as the PO cut it to make his own undertail kit), but any tail/head/running lights work fine too.
  12. The center stand springs are a biotch. I think I used the end of a tie-down strap to slip it over, then cut the tie-down (just the end of the strap, unnecessary). But muscling it over should also work. As for the GSXR mirrors. Bleh. I've got those too, and I can't see a damn thing out of them, they vibrate so much. It's the adjustable mirrors within the housing. They don't adjust far enough to make it useful, and vibrate to no end at 30mph. But I like the indicator capability, so I'll probably pick up a pair of universal fixed signal mirrors off ebay.
  13. Yeah, I'm talking to Spinr now. He wasn't sure a 6 on 5 would work, suggested I post it up.
  14. They're on there. Just not in as good shape as I'd like. Some look moments from certain death. Always prefer to buy from a forum member over the ebays..
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