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  1. While I was working on my VFR, I bought (and have sold) a 2018 motorcycle. The handlebar switches were so smooth and crisp. I would like to renew my VFR to those levels. I understand I'll need the disassemble/clean/lubricate the internal components. Are there recommendations on cleaning agents? What is the best lubricant to use to renew these parts? Feel free to add anything I may have overlooked. Thanks!
  2. I'll share a word of warning on the Sargent seat, from my own experience. It's a great seat. But if you take the seat off for maintenance, set it down flat. I leaned it mostly vertical, and it fell on the bottom side, snapping the plastic securing bits. Of course the seat was probably ~10 years old. It works, but I'm shopping for a new seat. Not at all a knock against Sargent, just an unfortunate experience..
  3. I don't mean to recommend going away from the VFRness, At the time I just had a bike that wouldn't run and more time than money...
  4. This is the route I took. It's been fine. I did have to shave down the heatsink fins (easy), but aside from the wiring and mounting (also easy), that was it. Please don't ask for pictures, I really don't want to take the tail plastic off...
  5. Currently looking at a 2000 model with a stripped spark plug thread.. Are the heads and/or engines interchangeable from 98-01, or would I need to stay on the same side of the mid-model upgrade if I wanted to replace the engine and/or core components? Excluding the items you mentioned @Cogswell, looks like those are all external of the engine itself.
  6. Apologies for the long silence. I managed to successfully adjust the valve clearances, but bought another bike to ride during that work. Recently sold that bike, so back to focusing on the VFR. @Grum much thanks for the advice. Looking at the Clymer book, I need to put the side stand down to clear these codes. PO deleted the side stand switch... I'll need to do some investigating to see how they did this, but the connection appears to be beneath the throttle body assembly (which I find to be bonkers...).
  7. Hi all, I have a '99 viffer that lived a hard life before me. I can't say it's been easy with me, but I've put another 40k miles on with no drama. And no valve clearance checks. So I'm tackling that now, and thought it'd be a good time to also tackle the FI faults I've had probably since I've owned the bike. Here's the Christmas tree of lights I'm reading: 1 - MAP sensor 2 - MAP sensor 8 - TP sensor 10 - BARO sensor 11 - speed sensor I'm listing all of these because I imagine some of them have a common cause. The bike does run and pretty well, hence the delay in attempting to address these. I have a manual and have attempted investigations, obviously to no avail. If anyone has some recommendations on avenues toward resolution, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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  11. So I emailed Dan at A&A Performance, and he tells me that the 6th gen is the same width as the 5th gen, but taller. Mounting one would require a little fabrication to the mounting hardware.
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