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  1. There's the girl we know and love.
  2. zoomzoom


    Very Cool photo. Reminds of a photo that a friend at work did once. He took a photo of my old 97 VFR in the dark with a long exposure time set and then used a laser pointer to draw a circumference of the wheels, forks and outline of the bike. We had the left side lid fairing removed and I hid behind the bike and then set off his flash (positioned close to the motor) so that in the photo you could see the light coming out the grills and around the front of the bike behind the front wheel. Wish I still had the photograph, and I wish I possessed the thoughts on how to take such cool photos. Look forward to the next photo. :)
  3. zoomzoom


    Nice!! Now there's a calendar submission for sure.
  4. zoomzoom

    Crystal Lake

    Wait a minute. Tis that one of the Windows to the Soul of the VFR. And a yellow ring to boot, nice touch.
  5. A question for you Seb. Recently, my wife and I purchased a 1981 Honda CB400T (I think I may have PM'd you once already come to think of it in regards to replacement shocks) and the engine looks a little oxidized especially around the cooling fins. Any recommendations on how to clean up and restore the areas to new(er) looking. I know you mentioned soda blasting your engine prior to your build. A friend in the same complex as my shop mentioned one of his friends in Vancouver that does something called water blasting that supposedly works wonders. Any thoughts. i just finished doing some paint work to the CB400 while the wife and kids were out of town but now I think that the upcoming winter season will be replete with some restorative work like having frame and swing arm blasted and powder coated to name but a few and having some of the chrome bits redone. The bike has taken on a bit of a walk down memory lane for me personally as I learned to ride on a similar bike and I have immensely enjoyed riding the CB. It's amazing how much fun a small cc bike, and a vintage one at that, can re-kindle an old flame if you will.
  6. The level of your fabrication skills and attention to details, never ceases to amaze Seb. Can I send you my wife's 96 for a few mods. Better yet, could I come visit for a few days (or weeks, OK, months) to learn how to perform some of this work myself.
  7. VERY NICELY DONE. As one would expect after seeing photos of a couple of your other projects Seb, you have done it again. And, where on earth did you get that clear window clutch cover from. Nice touch there, and the sliders as well. An excellent way to show off the parts that you have created. A window to the Viffer's soul and all you will pass you on the highway is a blue streak. Hmmmmmm, could be a name for the bike in there somewhere. Soul Streak Excellent work.
  8. Maybe you should buy the bike and swap the wheels with your bike and then we'll startup a collection of sorts to pay for the rest, send the bike to Apexandy for him to convert to a street fighter and then we can sell the resulting creation on eBay and donate the profits to VFRD in keeping the site going. LOL I've personally seen Apex's bike and would LOVE to see him work his magic again. LOL Any takers
  9. zoomzoom

    20150316 VFR800

    Nice looking machine Rush. Always loved the yellow on the VFR.
  10. Fantastic looking bike V8C
  11. Somehow the wife's 4th gen looks just soooooo plain by comparison. Another, and still excellent work Andy. Look forward to perhaps meeting up for a ride this summer. With any luck, maybe even the wife can join in the fun. She starts her motorcycle safety course the end of April, and she is looking forward to getting in a little seat time.
  12. Hey Seb, just a question in aesthetics. Could the slider be made large enough in diameter that an outer flange could be added to the piece?? Thus when the slider is installed the flange would contact the hub and cover the large nut.
  13. Nice photo and glad to see that you are spending time riding with your daughter. My son is my riding partner more often than not, and we both greatly enjoy the father/son bonding time. Nothing could be better than be able to share your passion with your kids, and for me, having a wife that also rides makes it even better. Congrats and ride safe.
  14. Hmmmm. So we have a Clutch Window mod perfected by Seb, now perhaps a quick drain drain oil pan mod................. Geez Seb, if you keep this up you may never need to look for work again, It just might show up at the door. LOL. I took a look at your webpage a few days ago, and wow, some pretty impressive looking work.
  15. Cool. I had actually seen those pictures but I thought for some reason your bike was a 6th gen given the undertail exhaust. Perhaps you have installed a 6th gen tail onyerbike?? Thanks for the link and YES, tha does look very cool. Might have to add that to the list of winter improvements. I think getting one of the DMr front fork kits may be required first however. Really like therapist scheme onyourbike to Veefer800.
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