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  1. If anyone is telling you they have injection moulded fairings for a 5th generation they are lying !!
  2. Sorry I dont think I am making myself clear. There are two hoses that fit to the wax idle element ones comes from the thermostat and the other comes from an elbow that links to the water pump. I need to know where these hoses fit to the wax idle unit which one to the top connector and which one to the bottom.
  3. yeah the manual just says remove them and put them back unfortunately does not tell you which one goes where!!
  4. I have a 2000 vfr800 and have changed all the hoses and thermostat and am now putting it back together. However my tags have come off for the hoses that attach to the wax element can anyone tell me please which hose goes where?
  5. ok i see where it comes from now i just need to know the hose from the thermostat to the wax unit does this go on the top or the bottom please?
  6. The water pump the water pump has three outlets and they are all big buggers?????
  7. ok have realised that was something that was put in to feed a scotoiler. So the collection of hoses that have all the t-pieces in what on the air filter housing does that connect to please?
  8. Yes it is the two hoses that connect to the side of the air filter housing so this is the right hand one on the left hand side that has this t-connector in it. i have added a video if that helps and thanks for the quick reply. 00002.MTS
  9. Hi adkfinn, I have removed the throttle bodis to replace the thermostat and like yourself replace all the water hoses thoguh now i seem to be stuffed. There are are four small hoses two each side whioch plug into air filter housing. On the left hand side of mind the right hand hose has a very small plactic t-junction connector with nothing connect to the t. Any ideas what should be attached here?
  10. Oh I hope you can help I have just replaced the thermostat and all hoses and like you my bike has the wax unit... only problem is my labels have come off, i know one hose comes from the thermostat dont know where the other one comes from but which one goes on the top and which one goes on the bottom pipe of the wax unit please?
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