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  1. Right on, I missed that you had said it earlier in the thread. Good luck!
  2. I have a stock shock that is in serviceable condition - pulled at 26k. Let me know if you are interested, I will snap some pics.
  3. The '98-99 parts have slightly different part numbers per Honda: 98-99: 00-01: That said - the difference between them is likely small given only the last three digits vary and the rest of the part # is the same. It is probably worth test fitting the combined setup prior to spending the money on ceramic coating. I expect that someone can verify firsthand, but a test fit would confirm with certainty.
  4. You have the option of changing the color of the illumination also - although you are limited to blues and greens basically due to the colored filter/foil in the guages. Things like red don't come through bright enough (I tried). I changed mine to blue - NOTE - The neutral light in this photo is with the replacement led installed - very BRIGHT Here it is in a darker setting - and contains a great example of the false/always lit issue using leds in the 'dummy' lights AND - I had sent this to another member years ago, here's the bulb list and source I used: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LEDs - I ordered from superbrightleds.com, here's my order (I replaced everything, indicator lights as well) ---> Skip the '74' series bulbs = dummy lights, Ambers are indicators if you want them ( I like that they are bright now, easier to notice in the daytime) 2 194-A4-90: Amber Wide $1.59 2 74-NWHP: Natural White $1.95 1 74-GHP: Green $1.95 1 74-BHP: Blue $1.95 5 194-B-120: Blue 120 Degree $0.99
  5. Skip the dummy lights - I swapped everything but the FI light. They are too bright, IMO. The high beam indicator is annoying and I am swapping it back to incandescent shortly.
  6. Just double checked my order because I couldn't remember those details, lead time was 8-12wks and postage was insane then also.... 115 GBP
  7. I have a Harris, ordered pre-Vid - it wasn't the cheapest dalliance, esp with shipping to the US, but I'd do it again. It is such a nice piece, great craftsmanship and excellent fit. I am in the northeastern US, and while I don't ride in the winter, the roads are filthy. I decided to get a hugger to protect my DMr shock, because the factory one was manked.... so much cold-patch.
  8. Just received my new PR2's from the ebay listing for $233 including tax & delivery - date codes at 2121 and 4020 (front - rear). Works for me! Looking forward to getting them on
  9. Just saw this video/article on another site - "debunking the tire age myth" - interesting, I didn't realize manufacturers had listed 'stale dates'... https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/debunking-the-tire-age-myth?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=02/19/2022_CT_Generic_CommonTread_Campaign&utm_term=Common Tread | Combined
  10. Can you share the link to that listing? I had the cheap PR2's bookmarked on Amazon, but the listing is now (recently) gone and I can't find it in search. TIA! Planning on swapping out my T30's for PR2's and hoping for more feel/confidence.
  11. Nice work. These bikes are such under-appreciated jewels (even after the great 'rona bump in bike prices). Great design and well put together, which makes maintenance enjoyable and riding even more so.
  12. tiny threadjack - I installed these a few years ago, drilling the threads out was almost a deal breaker (stock or reversible is my credo). Now - I'd do it again without reservation. I use the rear seat area as storage for a jacket liner, waterproof layers, a spare visor if I need it (2pc Sargent, leave the rear seat at home). Using the Sargent quick bolts makes that sooooo fast and easy and I can't overstate the convenience of having a small amount of actual storage on the stock bike without bags. 10/10 would do it again.
  13. Any suggestions for a source for high quality tapered bearing sets? This is on my list for spring maintenance
  14. 2000 picks up the wax unit/enrichment circuit, a cat and 02 sensors in the exhaust, a slightly less desirable header (marginally smaller diameter from what I've read).... A '98 at 25k mi is just getting past break-in! Surely you must have a good reason, but based on the bikes alone, I can't see it. Either way, I think all the parts you've listed should swap right over (maybe double check the part #'s for the forks & associated small parts to ensure compatibility. Good luck
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