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  1. I agree, the sound these bikes make is part of the appeal. For me, there is still plenty of burble and bark off throttle, just no big pops or small backfires anymore for me with the PAIR delete.
  2. x2 on this - I had quite a bit of popping and the occasional small backfire with my TBR until I installed @mello dude 's PAIR delete. It def changed things for the better.
  3. I still enjoy my Black Widow silencer, can't wait to get my VFRD header and see if it changes the tone/etc.
  4. Nice job. I just use a framing hammer or other long handled tool that is within reach, works fine for me. I haven't ever needed to lift my tank out on the road, where having a little rod like this would be super handy.
  5. "golden syrup" 🤮 Take it from a New Englander - it is pure maple syrup or nothing. Unless we are talking about peanut butter, banana, and honey.... then the alternative sweetener is not only allowed but encouraged. Add bacon and nutella to this and put it in a wrap and you've got a perfect ski day lunch to eat on the lift.
  6. pan fry it with a little butter like a grilled cheese....
  7. This is exactly where I am headed. Looks great! Let's see some output shots.
  8. x2 - my sentiments exactly. @DannoXYZ if you buy & try these please share your experience and gratuitous pics with us! I am getting ready to buy parts for my projector retrofit on my 5th Gen, these little projector 'bulbs' would save a lot of time and fuss if they actually perform.
  9. <minihijack> I think I speak for the group when I say we'd love to see your dyno charts pre/post. </minihijack>
  10. I went +2 on the rear sprocket on my 5th and like the change. I will consider modifying the gearing further next time around, but +2 on the rear doesn't seem to have any downside on my street ridden 5th gen, in fact quite the opposite. I still think my bike has a lot of under utilized top end for spirited but responsible street riding in New England.
  11. I have a two piece on my 5th. I have never used the rear section. My seat stays in place just fine, never noticed any movement worth worrying about. Feels solid to me and I am a big guy, >200lb.
  12. I second all this. I have been running a +2 teeth rear, 520 chain setup DID from Sprocket Center for a year on my 5th Gen and haven't had any issues.
  13. x2 - @Captain 80s certainly has more skill and experience that I do. I could be tempted into trying VHT again.... possibly. The primer I used was the VHT Flameproof primer, ditto for the clear coat.... I let things cure for like a week off the bike post paint, it is still unclear to me where I went wrong. I'll go back and read it, thanks for flagging it for me.
  14. Ducnut that pic is nuts, I'd be steaming if I paid full boat for a professional coating and it failed in that amount of time. Yikes, that is too bad. Also - I second the rec. for Evaporust! I have a few gallons of it kicking around and it is good stuff. I haven't used it on anything as large as a header, but I've had great success with it on smaller parts / hand-me-down old tools / etc... The fact that it is less caustic and non-toxic makes it much nicer to use also.
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