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  1. There is no need to apologize for the lack of working pics when you make up for it so well with this pic. Best gen, best color, end of argument. Yes, I am completely biased. On topic - this is great thread and I'll be sure to reference it when I complete this work on my bike this spring. I have AS3 hoses and clamps waiting to go on.
  2. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    We got about a foot of snow last week and it looks like we are forecast for another 6-10" this week. Until the temps turn I won't be making any progress. I am as eager as you are though, believe me. I asked my wife if she would mind me wheeling the VFR into the living room for a month or so, even promised I'd put a tarp down to keep things clean... she wasn't keen on the idea.
  3. Check your link, it is to your 'my ebay' page not a clean link to you auction, fyi.
  4. Stromtrooper Siting

    Stormtrooper graphics don't seem like a stretch considering they already make a few Star Wars themed lids: https://www.revzilla.com/search?_utf8=✓&query=hjc+star+wars
  5. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Small update - I emailed and got a response with a little bit more info from Black Widow: ________________ HI Nathan, I can confirm that we have started the R&D on developing an upgraded exhaust for the 1990-1993 and 1994-1997 VFR750 models, we are also upgrading the VFR800 and the VFR800 Vtec. They will all accept the original silencer/muffler or and that fits the original downpipes/collector. They will be lighter with improved internal gas flow. I do not expect to have anything ready for at least 4-6 months, please watch our Facebook page as we will announce any new releases there. Kindest regards Lincoln Black Widow Exhausts Ltd 8 High Barns, Roxton, Bedfordshire MK44 3ET Tel: +44 (0) 1234 871009 www.blackwidowexhausts.co.uk From: Nathan Sent: 01 March 2018 20:03 To: sales@blackwidowexhausts.co.uk Subject: Exhaust questions Hello, I am a forum member on vfrdiscussion.com and saw in an exhaust related thread that you were discussing re-developing the VFR750 and VFR800 range to race spec tubing, big bore, spring fit, etc. I would be very interested in this product and would love to hear any more details you might be able to share about it. Do you think this system would still be compatible with the current silencer kits you offer (would the outlet location, tubing size be compatible,etc)? Do you have a time frame estimate for availability? There has been a lot of discussion about the need and desire for a performance header / full system for VFR800's. I believe there is a market for the product and there is currently hasn't been a supplier for some time ( since the Two Brothers Racing header was discontinued). Many VFR owners are looking for a performance upgrade to replace their older, worn stock system. I would be happy to solicit interest from forum members, organize a group buy, or just to share info etc. If you are interested please let me know.
  6. Lost a thread on VFRD?

    I know that the site had to be restored from a backup the other day when it was down. A small amount of the most recent activity was lost because of this ( I think), FYI.
  7. 5th gen clutch assemblies

    A good way to prevent excessive wear or notching of the clutch basket fingers is to make sure you use the stock fibers or aftermarket that also have the thicker metal plates like stock. The Barnett fibers that I have seen (for CB's) use a much thinner than stock metal plate. EBC fibers that I have seen look the same as stock. These edges see a lot of force and the thin aftermarket alternatives chew up the clutch basket much quicker. If you haven't started to feel/notice it during clutch modulation and/or shifting you will as the issue gets worse. I recently replaced the basket on my CB due to this exact issue. Good luck!
  8. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    This is exactly where my AS3 hoses are also... Waiting for it to warm up enough to start working on my bike in the unheated barn that is my workshop. Supposed to be in the 40's most of this week, maybe I will make a little headway.
  9. Lint - I replaced the stock relay under the instrument cluster, yes. I opted to do this as opposed to installing resistors and using the stock relay (which is how I think that version of this mod works). FWIW, I dropped the front part of the fairing and left the sides in place to do this. It was pretty easy as I recall, I just unclipped and unscrewed the necessary bits and dropped it forward and down. I was able to access the relay and also changed my instrument cluster bulbs over to LED at the same time.
  10. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I don't think we need to take a poll or feel splintered. My take: (If we exclude opinions of quality for a minute) Black Widow currently makes a full system on a production basis and it sounds like they are planning on a refresh or 'race' option already anyway, I don't know that pushing them will accomplish anything other than convince them to up the schedule. This Tyga system sounds like it needs organization and a committed group of interested parties, along with a few members to devote some time and subject their bikes to a bit of test fitting and dyno tuning. I would suggest that we jump on the opportunity for a chance at a small batch high quality header. We can also encourage Black Widow to follow through with their revised offering also, albeit less formally. Who knows, we could get lucky and these two potential products might both become available and offer a solution at different price points. All in all, I just want a stainless steel performance header for my 5th Gen (at a reasonable price point), I don't care who makes it.
  12. The main page of his new site appears to be up, fyi. Lint I think you and I are on a similar path with our VFR's. Jamie's new rear shock and front cartridges are on my short list also. I had spoken to him a few months ago and decided to wait for his new rear shock offering, hoping it will be available before spring riding hits here in VT.
  13. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    I am happy to do the following: - Start a new thread with a copy of your post containing the email from Black Widow and solicit names of interested (no monetary commitment) parties including what gen VFR they have - After a reasonable period to collect names and info I will aggregate our info and send it to Black Widow, referencing their previous communication, and urge them to (re)design, produce and sell these new headers sooner than 'later this year/time permitting'. I will also inquire as to their willingness to produce these as a batch/group buy if they aren't willing to make a full production run or regularly available part. I will also stress the desire of the market to see a before/after dyno test (same bike, same dyno, etc), good pics of the collectors and joins, specific diameters of tubing used, etc. (I would communicate this as a mandatory pre-requisite for a group buy). - Report progress and info back to the forum in the thread previously created. Facilitate communication of details, etc, I would not take on any risk or front any funds. If anyone would like to me to take this on, please respond and let me know. I don't mind being the communication middle-man in the least.
  14. New VFR ideas

    Honda branded will be a safe bet. https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/15410-MFJ-D01?ref=3df7684fa1d86c590364bdadaf9eb276024162eb I have used the HiFloFiltro filters and think they are good quality at a good price: https://www.denniskirk.com/hiflofiltro/oil-filter-hf303.p303909.prd/303909.sku Not what what others are using, I haven't had my VFR long enough to run through a bunch of filters. Good luck!

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