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  1. x2 - I messed around a bit yesterday while I was out and could not create/identify any pedal drop.
  2. adkfinn


    Great photo any weight savings with the wavy front rotors?
  3. Like the title states, I am looking for recommendations for a place to get my '98 with PCIII dyno tuned. I am in central VT, per Dynojet's site it looks like Granite State Harley in NH is the closest certified dyno tuner to me. Does anyone have any experience with this shop? I am skeptical of the Hardley bro's skills. Can anyone recommend a different shop? I am not opposed to travelling 3-4hrs to get this done correctly by someone with demonstrable skill. All input appreciated, thanks in advance. http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/tuningcenters/powercommander_tuning_center_and_dealer_locator.aspx?Address=Vermont%2c+USA
  4. This bike was originally red, you can see the black paint coming off on the left side of the tank and you can also spot the original red around/in the logos in the CL ad. My guess is that they painted up to the logos but not over for some reason (cheapness recommends it?). It's been for a sale on and off for most of a year (I've talked to the owner earlier this year). I was tempted to snag it cheap myself, good luck! Those are not VT plates, fyi. Also, VT does not issue titles for vehicles over 15yrs old, this year the cutoff is 2004 and older, fwiw.
  5. I emailed Marc and heard back promptly at the tail end of last week. He said they were planning on having the kits shipped by the end of this week, fyi.
  6. x2 on roadstercycle.com - I also put a FH020aa on my 5th Gen and the kit from Jack works great. I also soldered everything (if you go this route make sure to thoroughly test the stator first since you will be making a semi-permanent connection to it).
  7. I'm jealous, there is still a couple feet of snow in front my barn doors and it was in the teens again here last night.
  8. x2 on what @GreginDenver said. My low mile '98 was in a fairly similar state. I'd also suggest that you closely inspect the electrical connections, I wouldn't be surprised if the terminals were a bit skanky and in need of clean up and treatment, but if the bike has lived in UT it's entire life you may be pleasantly surprised. Also, check to see if the regulator/rectifier is the stock unit, the factory 'upgrade', or a MOSFET replacement (if you are lucky). More info in this post: In the very least you should run 'the drill' as outlined here: https://vfrworld.com/threads/the-drill.52131/#post-579543 Nice looking 5th Gen.
  9. x2 - my TBR can is louder than the smaller (both diam and length) Black Widow I replaced it with. In general, I found it to be loud. OP - you should be able to drill out the rivets and make whatever mods you want to the silencer. TBR offers the rivets as a part of their repack kits, but they look like regular pop rivets and I'm guessing you could get them locally or from McMaster-Carr, etc. separately also. Good luck
  10. Thanks for this, I'll do some reading. Edit - Found the thread: Great thread, good info. Thanks @3dcycle
  11. My idea was to research swapping the hubs or similar. I hadn't dug into it yet, was initially trying to see if I could land on the wheel weights to gauge whether or not it was it was even worth considering.
  12. Wholly agreed on white wheels for the RWB VFR. If you do get a set and weigh them please share the results. I haven't found weights listed yet and I have been considering these wheels for my 5th Gen.
  13. That looks excellent! Did you weigh the 8th Gen wheels by chance?
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