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  1. They are still made and available from most aftermarket windscreen brands - Zero Gravity, Givi, MRA.... Not sure where you looked but revzilla has some options - https://www.revzilla.com/parts/1998-honda-vfr800-interceptor#page=1&sort=featured&limit=96&facets[]=2403&price=&price_min=1&price_max=1549&is_new=false&is_sale=false&is_made_in_usa=false&has_video=false&is_holiday=false&is_blemished=false MRA - https://www.mrashop.de/com/model-based-products/honda/vfr-800/bj-98-01/ PUIG - https://puigusa.com/en/tuning-motos/windscreens-for-fairing-bikes/racing-screen?bike=5962 edit - Powerbronze also makes a taller windscreen in what appears to be a large variety of tints/colors - https://www.powerbronze.co.uk/honda-vfr800f-98-01-420-h117.html
  2. This was exactly where I was at also. I have no regrets about the chain size, the only thing I am still curious about is trying 16/45 next time around, since 17/45 wasn't a drastic change and I think it could be geared a bit lower still.
  3. You are correct, the gear change was noticeable and due to that I can't attest to changes felt moving from 530 to 520 since it happened at the same time. I have about 1k mi on the new 520 setup and I will say that it performs just fine, no issues. I think that DID specs the chain I am using for bikes up to 1200cc, so our little, 20+ year old 782cc is well within the chain's tolerance, even comically so.
  4. Brief suspension update now that I've ridden 500 miles or so - The DMr setup front and rear is amazing, it truly transforms the bike from stock (especially for 200+ lb riders like me I suspect). Install was seamless and Jamie's initial setup based on the info that I sent him feels great. The bike is so settled at lean compared to before, it is uncanny. For me, the differences are so drastic that I feel like I am re-learning how to ride this bike. Behavior is improved across the board. No more brake dive, no more wallowing and shifting in corners... it is just settled, stable, and predictable. I am looking forward to riding it more and fully dialing it in.
  5. No worries, no offense taken, just wanted to clarify my plans for the headlight. Also, I missed your earlier question - I have almost 28k on my bike.
  6. Jim, I can't speak to normal operating temps in FL, but if the history and service life of your thermostat in unknown or questionable I'd suspect that it might not be opening all the way. When I bought my bike it was just the reverse, the tstat had failed open and was resulting in cooler than normal operating temps at speed and slower rises in traffic, at stops, etc.
  7. The superlites at the top of the page I linked are steel, fyi. Mine is holding up fine but I only have a couple thousand miles on them so far. Maybe someone else can chime in that has used a few sets of them up.
  8. Jim, not sure where you looked but the 45T rears are available - https://sprocketcenter.com/street-sprocket-applications/honda/vfr-800-1998-2001.html I agree with your thoughts and when I installed a new chain and sprockets I went with 17/45T and also a 520 conversion. I like it, I'd almost gear it a little lower to be honest, it still seems like a lot of gearing for street riding.
  9. RossR, I am very familiar with Daniel Stern Lighting, he is a great resource. I think you misread my post though - I am planning on installing true, high quality bi-xenon projectors and HID bulbs, not just HID bulbs in the halogen reflector (something that I haven't and don't have plans to do). Also, part of the reason I am upgrading from the LED bulbs in the stock housing is due to glare. The light output of the LED's I have installed is pretty damn good, but it isn't as well controlled as I'd like. The retrofit I am planning should bump the light output into the 'outstanding' range from 'pretty damn good' and also will have a much sharper cutoff, eliminating any glare/dazzling effect for oncoming traffic or vehicles/bikes in front of me. I have retrofitted and upgraded the lighting in most of my vehicles over the past 10 years, this isn't my first rodeo.
  10. I don't think anyone meant to come across as too harsh, mostly just having a poke. I think most people consider this small batch replica header to be a different animal than a production piece, hence the different expectations. The 'other guy' actually took way more guff in another thread, but you both seem to have weathered it just fine. If we all agreed all the time this place would be pretty boring.
  11. Will do, I plan on keeping this thread up to date as I continue to ride and wrench.
  12. Thanks MaxSwell, I already have some decent quality LED's fitted in the factory location. They are bright for sure, but the glare is a little bit much for my tastes (i get flashed occasionally) and they aren't as good as a nice set of HID's in my opinion. In short, my plan is to install good quality 35W bi-xenon projectors and some nice Osram D2S bulbs, no halos or other gadgetry. The trickiest part will likely be parking the ballasts and wiring somewhere out of the way and clean looking.
  13. Mine looks very similar to Kevin's, here's a shot that shows where I cut mine pretty well. One coment - if I did mine over I would cut it a little deeper on the left of this area where it meets the grab handle, but what I did works fine and hides well. EDIT - Kevin has this covered 😉
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