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  1. x2 - @Captain 80s certainly has more skill and experience that I do. I could be tempted into trying VHT again.... possibly. The primer I used was the VHT Flameproof primer, ditto for the clear coat.... I let things cure for like a week off the bike post paint, it is still unclear to me where I went wrong. I'll go back and read it, thanks for flagging it for me.
  2. Ducnut that pic is nuts, I'd be steaming if I paid full boat for a professional coating and it failed in that amount of time. Yikes, that is too bad. Also - I second the rec. for Evaporust! I have a few gallons of it kicking around and it is good stuff. I haven't used it on anything as large as a header, but I've had great success with it on smaller parts / hand-me-down old tools / etc... The fact that it is less caustic and non-toxic makes it much nicer to use also.
  3. This was my issue, not rust. The coating simply failed. I can't chalk it up to a bad product or an obvious flaw in my process, so I am left wondering. It does seem that others have had a similar negative experience with the products I used. It happens, live and learn. I'll re-do it in over the winter and give BBQ paint a try, or even stove black - that stuff seems to stick like crazy. I sanded, acid etched, cleaned, and painted an old wood stove with some run of the mill 'stove black' and the result has been both beautiful and lasting.
  4. I like Kroil (it seems to work better than PB Blaster, other penetrants). I was able to remove my headers without much drama, no broken studs. I treated them with penetrating oil daily for a week or so before starting work on them. The how: I would just work backwards, pull your end can, link pipe, loosen the rear joins, then move to the actual header bolts. I didn't find it too tricky.
  5. In theory, yes, you can paint it. I would warn you against the VHT high heat products. I prepped mine well (sandblasted, cleaned with air/acetone/etc.) and used the full VHT system (primer, paint, clear), heat cured it on the bike (running on the center stand), and it failed within one year on the bike. Hopefully you have better luck with the BBQ paint - that is what I am going to try next also, fwiw.
  6. I have Bowtex leggings and really like them. Based on my experience I would order a top if I had the need. https://bowtex.com/
  7. It was $1,220 for the whole shebang (I find it to be very worth it). The rear BD40 was $675 at the time, but it was a release special. Jamie's current pricing is here: http://daughertymotorsports.com/honda/ Feel free to email him with questions - I've always found him to be responsive and supportive.
  8. 1982 was the first year of the blacked out engines/cases (in the US at least), which that concept/render looks most like in my opinion. They also changed the decal design and pulled it back onto the side of the tank only (the '81's wrapped around the corner onto the 'front' of the tank if you will). '82: '81:
  9. Did anyone order and receive goods yet? If so, I'd love o hear about the accuracy of the pics and quality of the apparel. If this stuff is decent/worth it I am tempted to get a hoodie
  10. pics added above, i don't think my edit 'churned' the post. she's dirty (spring in VT is not a tidy endeavor). If you go the chop chop route - DEI makes lite'n'bolts that I've used on other vehicles in the past with good luck, saves you having to cut a third hole, find a way to mount something in a tight spot, etc. https://www.designengineering.com/lite-n-boltz-plate-kit/
  11. I'll get you a few pics this evening. Edit - Took me a hot minute to remember how to embed images from Dropbox - here you go:
  12. The factory fender was trimmed on my bike when I got it. It isn't great up close, but it is decent overall and cleans things up enough that I haven't been bothered by it. I will get you a pic or two if you want, just let me know.
  13. Hi adkfinn, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  14. Meet you in the middle once we are allowed to ride?
  15. Cheers Cogswell, happy anniversary. This forum is an excellent place to be. I also am here 10x as much as I am on VFRW. This group is very much my style and speed. Thanks for the wealth of your contributions over the years.
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