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  1. Yeah sadly Arvid doesn't have a lot of used VFR 800 5th gen parts 😉 I got one, although paint isn't in the best shape, probably once polished decent though. And in the Netherlands sadly... Can send it over though if you just cover shipping.
  2. Cheers for the replies all! I won't be replacing the fairings already, but more get it as a "treat" for myself when I ride 6-12 months without dropping it. Get used to the veefer first. I've had some contact with Auctmarts. Sadly, they are going to discontinue their Fifth gen fairing kits. They indeed confirmed they are compression moulded (sadly). Because they've had a lot of complaints regarding the fitment, they are gonna stop selling it. My hunt for injection ones continues I guess, or get my current fairings repaired/sprayed. Yeah saw that one! Was fun to read the entire thing. Seems the Sixth gen fairing kits are a lot better though. Just need to check out which frame sliders to get out of those 3...
  3. Hey all! New (Dutch) VFR 800 Fi '99 owner here! Bought mine in December from someone, and already put about 400km on it during the cold month. Now I'm looking for some stuff though, and I'm hoping someone can help me... Seeing I'm a new rider, I'd love to protect my fairings. I know about the following ones: R&G Racing sliders - Need to cut the fairings, not a big fan of that. Even though they will probably offer the most protection Lust Racing sliders - See here. These mount on the fairing holes, which will probably totally destroy the fairing when I land on those, right? They fit like on this CBR. Thurn Motorsport sliders - See here. Probably the most interesting to me. No cut, while they still mount to the frame. Will probably on help in tipovers. Can't find a single review or whatsoever on these though, outside of the pictures on their own site. What would be my best option? R&G obviously provides the most protection, but it's quite a big sum + cutting into the fairing. Plus it won't prevent any damage in any medium speed lowside, obviously. Beyond that... The previous owner dropped the bike on the left side on a parking lot, damaging the left fairing (1 bolt hole broke off, and some nasty deep scratches), the rear cowl (scratches, small cracks near the handles), and the front cowl below the blinker cracked. Making the only undamaged panel the right side. Now, talking to someone to see if he can repair this and all respray this, but in the case it gets too expensive I might look at Auctmarts, seeing they're reasonably priced and injection molded. I can't find any reviews on the fifth gen fairings though. Does anyone have any experience with those? Thanks in advance all, loving the veefer!
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