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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I'll start with cleaning out and refurbing the clutch hydraulics.
  2. The front sprocket is new (well, new earlier this year). The hydraulic fluid hasn't been changed by me, and I've owned the bike for almost 2 years (it's got 37k on it). I can see about flushing the fluid and putting in new.
  3. Hey all - a couple times now this has happened and I can't figure it out. At a complete stop, getting ready to take off (so I'm in first gear), I raise the throttle and go to let the clutch out like normal. The next part happens all in a split second: as I let the clutch lever out, it's like the bike just barely starts to move but then the revs go jump and it feels like the clutch was pulled back in just for an instant, then immediately the clutch feels like it engages and the bike takes off. It startles me when it happens so I let off the throttle and pull in the clutch, then I redo the process and the bike takes off normally. Is this the beginning of a clutch problem? I have zero problems with the bike otherwise, and every other time I take off it's totally normal.
  4. Dumb question, but how do you remove the bulbs from the instrument cluster? I didn't want start trying to rotate them or pull them straight out and break things. Also, is there any risk of damaging the cluster if I unscrew it to access some of the bulbs?
  5. Would you consider selling one?
  6. Thanks - I did miss that. I'll give them a buzz.
  7. Gents - thanks for the international offers! The shipping looks ridiculously expensive, however. Must keep searching.....
  8. Anyone have a seat cowl in yellow for a 2k 5th gen they're willing to part with?
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