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  1. Thanks - I did miss that. I'll give them a buzz.
  2. Gents - thanks for the international offers! The shipping looks ridiculously expensive, however. Must keep searching.....
  3. Anyone have a seat cowl in yellow for a 2k 5th gen they're willing to part with?
  4. Looks like weather will be okay at least for the majority of the day. I'll be at the hotel around 8:30 and look for the other bikes.
  5. Hey guys - I'm only able to do Saturday, so what time does the ride start in the morning? Assuming meeting at the hotel? I'll be riding out from Winston Salem.
  6. 9C1

    Post your Voltmeter mount pics

    Hope these pics show - just installed this voltmeter tonight and I'm hoping it lasts longer than the $10 Amazon one. Wired direct. It's a Blue Sea 1733 marine grade unit and I like how it looks so far.
  7. 9C1

    my yellow VFR

    Nice ride! Where did you get the rim tape? And how do you like the tank bag? I wasn't sure if a tank bag would be super handy or just in the way.
  8. I will likely be free just Saturday (9/22). And I've been riding for 10 years on the road (have put as much as 30k on in a year), with off roading in my younger years. Probably can't get out this week but maybe in the next couple weeks we could catch up on a week night or Sunday afternoon.
  9. 9C1

    my yellow VFR

    Love the yellow bikes, gents. And VFR Newbie, are there any downsides to the rearsets as far as comfort?
  10. I'm in Winston. Can't make the whole weekend, but is it okay join up for a day/afternoon?
  11. 9C1

    my yellow VFR

    If I did this right, here's a pic of me on my bike last week. It was 95 degrees but still had a blast. Just thought I'd share a VFR in the fastest color.

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