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  1. Fastest guy I know still runs PR2s FWIW
  2. Good thing I have a huge pile of 180 Conti RA3s in my basement along with a leftover T31. 🥴
  3. Moral of the story is don't have kids lol.
  4. RE Smaller: YES RE Sportier: Throttle is on the right, add suspension and tires RE Cruiser: Ride slower The STR is without a doubt the fastest street bike I own, but it sounds too much like an inline 4 for my liking. It had drag bars on it, making comfort worse, so I switched to Renthal street low bend bars (fairly similar to stock) and it is comfortable enough. My 500X retains the title of angry toddler, though. It's pure evil and likely to be mine forever. It's better at touring and highway slabbing than the VFR but nobody wants it because nobody wants a touring motard... Sold the GSXR.
  5. I just bought a Street Triple R. Someone needs to buy one of my motorcycles! Or I'll just keep all of them because I have MBD!
  6. I'm surprised the bikes are in front of the car... Nobody puts Baby in a corner!
  7. May need to thin the herd shortly. I'm going to feel like I own a museum come winter.
  8. I wish I had a garage so all my bikes could be pictured at once. It's getting out of control now with 5 lol. No cool shots of the WR250R yet, but here are the others.
  9. Cancelled my reservation today so there should be a spot at the Rocket. Other riding got in the way. Happy and sad all at the same time.
  10. No, but I did sign up for the season pass and the day I scheduled my flight out is the one day we run VIR Full Course. It's proved difficult coordinating a bike there with my work schedule. I'd pay a reasonably trustworthy rider to ride my bike from North Carolina to Miguel's place before the trip.
  11. Probably not gonna make this after all. Because track days.
  12. Holy crap! What rally is that? ***Edit - nevermind, I'm dumb
  13. Please do performance sweat wicking!
  14. I hear the Colorado route is pretty good. I think someone important on this forum lives out there. Who would that be? Hmmm.
  15. I appreciate the offer, but I'm probably looking more for shipping it to the hotel in Custer on either July 9th or 10th with a VFRD member accepting delivery. Then on the evening of the 10th or morning of the 11th either getting a ride from the airport to the hotel or having someone ride the bike to me at the airport and then 2-up back to the hotel. I can think of a few yahoos who would enjoy the latter.
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