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  1. Wow, just dropped in to catch up between flights and you guys have been very busy. The clever bung fitting references and not being a pain in Wades butt are only exceeded by the work actually accomplished. I can hardly wait, hope to get one installed before the Spring Memorial ride.
  2. Wow, thank you guys for bringing this to fruition! It seemed to be the old 80/10 rule, where the last 10% never gets done - until now. i will need five sets. 1. 5th gen with PC2 and Wolf exhaust, can upgrade the fuel management with the new O2 bungs and would probably forward my midpipe to be expanded for fit by Wade. 2. 5th gen engine in 6th gen chassis with 2007 body (35th anniversary edition with 8th gen front forks and swinger) PCV with Staintune 6th gen exhaust. 3. 6th gen with Torocharger, will need 8th gen front downpipes to add additional 8th gen lower rad for engine temp control, Rapid Bike fuel management and Staintune for 6g 4. 5th gen track bike in 6g chassis - will need 8th gen front downpipes for removal of all sidemount rads for track day exploration of the envelope. Rapid bike and some can TBD...toying with paring front and rears only to run under tail exit for rear and under mount exit for front cylinders ala RC211V 5. 6th gen with rapid bike controller and stock exhaust. Let me know how to forward the deposit. Shaping up up to the a great ‘19 !!!! Keith
  3. In this regard, the 8G exhaust actually mirrors the RC30/45 exhaust. They also splayed out to the side a bit to allow for fitment of a front low mount rad. I am adopting something similar for the track bike under construction.
  4. Can the lost top end power be regained by increasing the diameter of the tubing? NOT asking for a friend. 😉 I didn't see any post on the mods you made to the RC45 exhaust with your big bore VFR800.
  5. I know this is a dormant thread but it is the closest I could find to my question. I am building a track bike and looking at track bike displays, can anyone confirm that the 8th gen is canbus compatible? I am thinking to start with an 8g harness and clip away what I don't need to wire in either http://www.xtracing.com/en/gpxzed/index.php or http://aimsports.com/en/products/solo2-solo2dl/index.htm and thinking that the Solo 2 would be better if connecting via canbus.
  6. I see your quandary. How would they look upon brakes that are already approved for use on other motorbikes?
  7. You lot are light years beyond our Transportation Authorities if you have a MOT inspector who can tell the difference between a 41mm 5G VFR lower and 41mm Superhawk lower...or the F4i lowers with 6G triples. If your concern is litigation post sale switching to a brake system that functions as compared to the state of your brakes from your OP would be beneficial but I would return them to stock before selling. If litigation is a concern I would also return the brakes to stock form from the modifications you indicate you plan to make before selling. The difference would be that in the interim (during your ownership) you have brakes that actually work.
  8. May be easier to add CBR600F3 fork lowers (same tube diameter as 5th Gen). You can then utilize Superhawk (VTR1000) brake calipers or F3 brake calipers. IIRC you can also use the RC51 (RVT1000) calipers with a small amount of grinding to clearance the caliper. Then just either drill the rear or have a short link made to activate the rear caliper. You can remove the PCV and all associated plumbing. EDIT: may be Superhawk fork lowers that we used, not F3...
  9. I am in, not sure if I will be riding the Flat6 or the Vee4....depends on the "test ride" this weekend... kb
  10. Hi CornerCarver, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. I see the current GP bikes use ball bearings as well, probably more because they have the steering stems our 5-6 times a week than because the feel is improved. If you are taking more than a season before servicing your steering head bearings then tapered roller (which are OVERKILL for an axis that never makes 1/2 of a revolution) will be q welcomed addition.
  12. Cool, can hardly wait for the trike version to let me know HD is serious about producing this and not abandoning their core customer. kidding aside, I am interested IF they are able to compete with other marques in tech and performance.
  13. That doesn't seem like it would cause that big a discrepancy in operating temps. Was the new water pump the same as the old? no "improvements" inside...?
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