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  1. who needs a good gen3 engine or carbs ?

    I too may be interested in the engine as a whole but that is not how sales work on this site. Please read the rules for the classified section and post a price for the item you want to sell in that area.
  2. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Depends, You can go through lower KY and find some decent two lane back roads through the Southern Illinois and across the Mississippi but then you have to get north through Iowa and across SD or you can find some two lane roads along the rivers across Tennessee then tap dance the Arkansas/Missouri to take the beat down of Northern OK or Southern KS before heading to higher ground north through Colorado. I will probably head out one way and back the other. After 6 weeks and 15,612 miles to get from SC to Artic Circle and back this past summer I am just looking forward to hanging with the VFRD Peeps again.
  3. End of an Era - No More VFR?

  4. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    #25 booked for the Carver clan....arriving a day early and dragging azz out a day late.
  5. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Part of what we have to look forward to.... https://roadtrippers.com/trips/17510570?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=Weekly_Email&utm_campaign=112817 I will bring a V4 even though the flat 6 is much more comfortable on the crap sections on the way across the country. Let me know if anyone from the southeast/mid-atlantic want to gather at casa de carver for group ride across.
  6. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I just voted for Custer even though I spent 3 days in the area this summer on my way home from the Arctic Circle. There are some amazing roads in that area and I only rode most of them in one direction.
  7. Fall Ride Dates

    5512 is my lucky number...looks like a beautiful day and I know that road is sublime.
  8. Fall Ride Dates

    OK. I will head that way tomorrow after lunch. See you lot for dinner.
  9. Fall Ride Dates

    I just got back from Germany by way of Toronto...is this thing gonna happen?
  10. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Email received and response returned. Send it on.
  11. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    My apologies if you invested more in this crowdfunding that you are comfortable letting "ride" while awaiting the actual product release because of my bringing it your attention. If anyone abroad would like me to receive their camera and post it to you privately to avoid additional fees pm me. If you bought into this because of my posting and want out pm me and I will reimburse you and you can send me the product when it arrives. I too see competitive products encroaching on or possibly exceeding the design spec for the Fusar and am disappointed in the delays. I am not inside Fusar so i don't know if this is a case of perfect being the enemy of good enough in a world where consumers are the beta testers for most products purchased or if the delays are a result typical start up under-estimations of timelines and obstacles. keith
  12. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    I may have a spare set of 49 State carbs that are not attached to the mounting plate. Let me know if you are interested in them. You would probably have to use your mounting plate and other parts (linkage if I recall correctly is missing as well). PM me to discuss.
  13. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    They just updated the app in North America.
  14. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    I am not in the GTA but my shipping group is B. I have yet to see an update for North America to the App that Adeyren reported yesterday either. Kind of cool that the first batch (which I assume we as early adopters will receive) will be made in North America.
  15. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    Or Pennsylvania/New Jersey term for young person...

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