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  1. I have a lighter weight newly black powder coated CBR F4I front wheel and rotors that was on my bike last year, that are plug and play if needed.
  2. I had a rectifier fail like that when it got hot the bike died, restarted after a few min, enough to get me home and do Mello's process.
  3. I have had that happen twice in the past few years on new sets of tires. Recently with a new set of Q4s, rebalaced, checked head bearings, made sure forks were set correctly on axel, etc. Replaced the front tire after 200 miles and the shake went away. Dunlop credited the tire.
  4. tou have to take off and wrap the the rear down pipes, crate with heat paint to avoid possible rusting, wrap with 2' titainuim (only" heat wrap, mine runs cooler than with the heat shield.
  5. until

    can't wait,see you at the microtel on the 20th !!
  6. Thank you for sharing that article. I was glued to it, until the end. I know your bike, Im guessing you have spent twice that on all the bits over the years. I bought my 1999 in 2000 for $8,000, and have prob spent a least another $8,000 on bits over the years
  7. Some other ideas, lithium battery, slip on exhaust, rear golfer rotor, center stand just looks heavy, I put mine on with a couple Allen keys though the holes when needed, rear subframe, rear shock. lug nuts I remember you can use certain Honda car lug nuts I got black to match the wheel, you can probably find white to match, and they were much lighter. can you replace the condom mirrors with 6th gen, from 5th gen its a bolt on replacement, do you have the rear cowl? TI sprocket nuts and bolts
  8. Thx Mello! If you ever run another of your VTR fork for VFR fender adapters, please let me know, I could really use a set Thx!
  9. Yes 1lb 8oz less with EBC rotors then the F4i thee spoke which if I remember correctly was only 12oz less than the Vfr stock wheel. Advertised as the weight savings is at the outer edge which should make the most impact, I am hopeful I will feel the difference. EBC rotors with Vesrah XX pads are great. Visually much better than the 3 spoked F4I cast wheel. At 396lb dry now, I think I'v done all I can. Now I just want spring to hurry and get here.
  10. Dymag made for me a Cbr600F4I forged front wheel, to complete the project.
  11. My K&N oil filter that i had hand tightened, failed at the weld while ridding. Not a drip but pouring out. I was lucky, i was sitting at a traffic light a mile from home and someone pointed it out to me. it was flowing so much i thought it was a radiator hose leaking, so road home carefully watching the temp gauge, when i pulled in realized it was oil and had coated my rear tire.
  12. gig


    sunrise at craggy BR Pkwy
  13. I have a penski shock that was set up for my bike and weight. I had the valving and or shim stack adjusted by a suspension tuner during at a service a few years ago, and seams to be set up great. I Had race tech springs and valves and thought it was better then stock, but when I got the adjustable fork inserts built by Jamie a few years ago, for me that made the biggest difference.
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