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  1. I subscribe to this mag, it was great to open up and see your bike in Practical/performance Bike mag last month
  2. gig

    updated pics

  3. I haven't been following closely, so forgive me if this has been discussed, but pipercross filters have complete filter coverage like the elusive HA-8098
  4. I cut a 43mm with dremel cutting wheel slightly opened and closed ends to get a 42mm or maximum width of exhaust port. May be an option
  5. I bought mine 42mm, from delkevic a couple of years ago. Not listed on the website, so I emailed them to see if available.
  6. in my experience you want to keep the eccentric/axel as close as possible to the 6-oclock position
  7. Its great! The 19lbs lost of rotational and unsprung weight is great, the brakes i like better, and the aesthetics are outstanding, Thx for asking
  8. Looks Great! and thanks for the detailed picture thread along the way.
  9. ill bet there is a way to use the 848 hanger on the vfr. it would only be a $25 investment to try. The brembo caliper and master have more then adequate stoping power if able to get them bled properly which is a task. Much better and 8 lbs lighter the the vfr rear set up
  10. You can get a roll of trim-lock for $7.95 from zero gravity which will cover up any trimming done, and i think looks great. I was tying to find existing pics in here to post showing the trim, is it just me or is loading new pics a pain in the ass? I found this old photo in here and just noticed the dog photo bombed the pic. Lol
  11. Delkevic sells the cooper donuts by the mm. i used 2mm larger then OEM 5th gen donuts for the TwoBros headers.
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