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  1. gig

    Shorter than OEM windshield

    You can get a roll of trim-lock for $7.95 from zero gravity which will cover up any trimming done, and i think looks great. I was tying to find existing pics in here to post showing the trim, is it just me or is loading new pics a pain in the ass? I found this old photo in here and just noticed the dog photo bombed the pic. Lol
  2. gig

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    I had the same experience with Samco hoses, I had retighten after a few heat cycles to the hoses. So I tried to position the clamps so i could get to them with a screw driver without removing the throttle bodies
  3. gig

    My 399 lb VFR848

    VROZ, With sprocket size other then stock i can't seem to hit 6. If you had to lean one way or the other, would you go 5 o'clock "longer" or 7 "shorter", have you tried both?
  4. gig

    My 399 lb VFR848

    You will have to use 520, I think that is only available size for the combination of a, front VFR and rear 848. The stock length will work for most sprocket variations. The eccentric starts at the 6 o'clock position, so it could move to 5 or 7 o'clock "depending", lowering ride height and changing wheel base slightly. In my experience you want to stay as close to 6 o'clock as possible by adding or subtracting a link if needed. When ordering chain length, they are counting the master link.
  5. gig

    Must Have Mods

  6. gig

    My 399 lb VFR848

    You will not have to mill the hanger if you get "TI dome head bolts" as i ended up getting from pro bolt. The Sprockets and chain line up perfectly, I ordered the, front sprocket, quick change 848 sprocket, carrier and cushes from Sprocket Center. I used a stock 848 cover. I run 17/45 or 16/43 gearing, its the best gearing ratio for me. anything else let me know
  7. gig

    Must Have Mods

    It is only talk/words without Pic's...
  8. The super-sport coverage seemed to be better, maybe Velocity got a late start this week, still miss the old commentators. Then again miss motoGP Nick Harris, so maybe oversensitive to more change
  9. Is it just me or is the coverage cut rate vs years past. Camera vantage points are limited, picture quality is poor, commentators not as good, only one hour of coverage and 30min, twice as many commercials. I wonder if we there is european coverage we could get? Bein sports does a good job covering motoGP WSB & MotoAmer, wish they were covering TT. Always my favorite week of the year watching the races every day......
  10. Luckily i had DVR set on "record all" from last year. Thx for the heads up!
  11. gig

    Pro evo shift kit?

    I am aware of any threats from behind, then I like use the few minutes to sit up. It also then frees up my hands to clean my shield, change my music, text, and fight off any treats from above, hawks eagles and other birds of prey
  12. gig

    Pro evo shift kit?

    Lol. You most likely coast through corners at idle. or maybe you back it in like Marquez. If I'm downshifting, and want to be in a good gear to exit a corner with some RPM, i have to blip the throttle. I think i do it from neutral because it helps to slip it into first, but maybe a bad boy habit. I'm curious to test it now, and will let you know.
  13. gig

    Pro evo shift kit?

    If in neutral stopped at a light, before kicking into 1st, blip the throttle, as the reeves are coming back down slip it into 1st. i do this out of habit, i guess because it works. it will also help with downshifts and the slipper clutch need. You can blip the throttle to match the revs of your downshift.
  14. gig

    Pro evo shift kit?

    Sigma, you were working with a guy from isle of mans with a super sweet 750

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