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  1. If remove the heat shield and wrap the the rear downpipes in DEI "titanium" heat wrap, it works better / feels overall cooler, under the seat, than with the heat shield, In my opinion.
  2. gig


    sunrise at craggy BR Pkwy
  3. I installed a shorai battery LFX18A1-BS12, one size lager then the recommendation because I was worried about the VFR's drain and cranking. Lasted 6 years never connected to a tender only disconnected over the winter or when I knew I would not be riding for more then a week, never had an issue until my RR to stator connector burnt this spring. On my second shorai now.
  4. So just to make sure I'm correct. I have a MotionPro Sync pro, which attaches to the the top of each tube pulling the fluid up. So if #3 and #4 need to be dropped, each valve needs to be closed more than, #1 and #2 to reduce vacuum, in turn lowering the fluid level vs #1 and #2 at idle?
  5. wrap sand sand paper around the filter to hand tightten
  6. I have a penski shock that was set up for my bike and weight. I had the valving and or shim stack adjusted by a suspension tuner during at a service a few years ago, and seams to be set up great. I Had race tech springs and valves and thought it was better then stock, but when I got the adjustable fork inserts built by Jamie a few years ago, for me that made the biggest difference.
  7. hey Kevin, long time no talk, hope your still active on the forum, I found an old post stating you had an 848 front you were trying to mount. I HAVE THE 848 REAR AND F4I front, I WOULD LIKE TO FIND AN 848 front or similar lightweight option. Were you and to fit the 848 front? Im using a VTR forks w/ f4i calipers but can make something fit if close.

    I can't find an f4i aftermarket alloy or carbon wheel front available.


    Hope you and family are well


  8. VTR 100O FORKS lowers, Daughtry DMS custom built adjustable inserts, F4I calipers and master. Brembo rear caliper and master. someone on the forum is making a bracket for the Brembo
  9. for the wheel and other bits google My 399 lb VFR848
  10. I changed mine to HELL lines. Great product, exact match to OEM bends and all other hardware needed. I ran gallons of fluid through the lines over the next couple years and used all the tricks and suggestions on the forum and felt like I never got all the air out of the system. I Delinked with Hell lines a couple years ago, one of the best changes I made. Man it felt good to get rid of all that piping, SDMC, under the seat bleed valves, 5lb calipers, etc etc etc.If changing the lines delinking might be something to consider.
  11. Akrapovic sells their springs in two different sizes, eliminates the rattling noise, don't rust, and they look the shit. On my two Bros, it uses all long and one or two of the shorter springs
  12. Thanks Mello, its got a new battery, newish R/R and wiring. Ill do the drill today, and post the numbers 848 rear wheel, eccentric, brake conversion Thx
  13. New battery, thought I had a parasitic drain, not losing much daily. Then checked charging volts while running, idle in 12s, up to 13.05 at 2000-2500, over that then back into the 12s. Stator correct? Thx
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