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  1. gig

    Seb Speed

    I logged on to you tube, and on my recommendations I see a Seb Speed clear clutch cover on the screen. "Moto pilot CBR/VFR bike build" on you tube
  2. I subscribe to this mag, it was great to open up and see your bike in Practical/performance Bike mag last month
  3. gig

    updated pics

  4. I haven't been following closely, so forgive me if this has been discussed, but pipercross filters have complete filter coverage like the elusive HA-8098
  5. I cut a 43mm with dremel cutting wheel slightly opened and closed ends to get a 42mm or maximum width of exhaust port. May be an option
  6. I bought mine 42mm, from delkevic a couple of years ago. Not listed on the website, so I emailed them to see if available.
  7. You can get a roll of trim-lock for $7.95 from zero gravity which will cover up any trimming done, and i think looks great. I was tying to find existing pics in here to post showing the trim, is it just me or is loading new pics a pain in the ass? I found this old photo in here and just noticed the dog photo bombed the pic. Lol
  8. Delkevic sells the cooper donuts by the mm. i used 2mm larger then OEM 5th gen donuts for the TwoBros headers.
  9. Stuartm, I appreciate your ingenuity and entrepreneurship! I feel like the spirit of the forum is to help others and if you can help them by selling them something you've created thats great, but if you do not show us the exact details of what you have done and field questions you can't expect us to buy one of these. Look what has just happened to some of us on this same thread with Steens conversion, that we had had seen and questioned. Its only going to be proprietary until / if you sell the first one. Bike looks great so far Gig
  10. All things considered, and i know you were unsure of the material used on the axle, no way would not mount a wheel to that axle. I would suggest doing the conversion that Keef had done. Im guessing the small and large axle Duc wheels have the same offset, as the 3mm spacer used by Extremecreations was to square the wheel, and my measurements on the small axel wheel with the spacer were good.
  11. I don't know if you saying he is "very busy" is code for something like he is "in prison"; because no matter how busy, he should be able to respond to a question. I don't see a pic of a completed project or even a wheel on the bike, and his last post on this thread was 2016, unless I'm missing something. So I'm guessing we have expensive paperweights in our possession...
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