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  1. My 2001 VFR800

    Great Pics! Rear sets look great, thanks again for the pressure switch info. Didn't mean to post on top of yours, thought i was adding album to profile only.
  2. So I might have done a thing......

    Reverse bled, might vac, hung all part high and in different positions, nothing seemed to work completely. The bleed thread that shows hanging the secondary MC helped the most. I’m loving the delink, but talk about hard to bleed, the brembo rear set up in notoriously difficult, but found a thread in Ducati forum that is supposed to be the bible on bleeding them http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15500
  3. Hello Again From Middle America!

    Rush, Has your stable increased? In My Garage::Y2K VFR Street Bike; 5th gen VFR/CBR/RC/ZX14 FrankenTrackBike Project, SLK350 Any pics you can share?
  4. So I might have done a thing......

    It Is not easy to get fluid through a dry system with the linked brakes. I have never had a shop do any work on my bike in the 18 years I've owned it that is the one i would reconsider, if it had an experienced mechanic on staff, It is a mother-f-er. Front is doable but from the secondary master up though the various hard lines valves etc. Periodically over the years and 20 bottles of fluid i would bleed and using all methods and i still there was air in the system. If i did it myself again and was leaving the linked system, would "only replace the front lines" back is pretty useless especially with air in the line you will never get out
  5. Hello Again From Middle America!

    Good to have you back Rush!! Just in time for a new ridding season. Have you been ridding or wrenching on your VFR track project at all while on your sabbatical?
  6. My New 399 lbs VFR848

    When I had spent months researching and buying parts, and then had $1,000 worth of bent ebay parts on the bike, getting to TMAC with a finished project got me through. I would not miss it.
  7. My New 399 lbs VFR848

    Its an F4I front wheel, but a forged 5 spoke F4I Marchesini to match would be nice. I guess i should start stashing $ now, for next winters projects?? Thanks Seb??
  8. My New 399 lbs VFR848

    Thank you all very much, I could not wait to show it to you guys. I had wanted to do a 17 5.5 conversion for years, but any that had been done were large axle 6.0 wheels. Tight twisties is what i ride for, so realy wanted to do a 17 5.5 conversion, but didn't know if i would be able to do it, or get the wife's blessing to spend the $ necessary to try. I researched and found that a couple of 848 riders had done a 1098 conversion so knew it was possible, but could not get a confirmation on the offset. So, Happy, and Relieved, it worked out. The Hugger is Harris performance hugger that i cut up pretty well to open up the look, but even with that and not being connected on the outside of the swingarm, it is very stable.
  9. My winter project was a front delink that turned into a delink and 848 rear conversion. I had help from the forum, Rush, Mohawk, Keef, Mellow, and others, Thank you! Below is the "VFR 848" build I have notes of exact weights but will give it my best recollection for this. -9.5lb for front and rear delink Removed Replaced CBRF4I front wheel, front calipers, master, new VTR lowers. Lowers need a bit of grinding and TI washers to center calipers Kit from Extremecreations they did "Keef's 1098 conversion, shim and spacer worked the same for 848 eccentric The 848 brake hanger is open vs 1098, so milled flat for clearance and used TI domed bolts to secure. The brembo master i had to open up the VFR holes a bit and use smaller 5m TI bolt and nut to secure. Used a pressure switch which cleaned up the right peg. Routed the 33mm long brake line through the Swing arm, enlarged the rear hole in swingarm The first wheel and swingarm I bought off ebay were bent which was a nightmare to return a get credit for, found a new wheel for $600. ended up sourcing all of the parts needed separately Sprocket on a 848 is a 525, so a 520 conversion is required, got 520 vfr front, 848 rear from sprocket center, chain was almost new Front brake line length if needed is 28 and 31 inch, i know because i had to reorder, i got the bend on the top and bottom the same, 20 degrees i think, comes with 90" bend for a CBR, ask me how i know that I think thats it. i checked offsets from a set point on swingarm was between .58mm straight wheel to 1.78mm measured with bent wheel unknowingly. Within spec of 2mm variance. Total cost was $500 for delink $1,500 for 848 mod. Weight savings from stock; Wheel -3.2lbs The marchesini wheel. FYI Brembo/enki make the same wheel the bent one i got, it was heavier by more then 1lbs Sprocket w/carirer etc.. 5 lbs Rear Rotor 2lbs Delink front and rear 9.5lbs I had light weight rotor and sprocket already, so saved -16.5 lbs, added to my already 42 lbs = 58.5 - 458 stock dry = 399.5 lbs Yes i can feel a difference, all unsprung and rotation weight loss. If i think of anything else i will post. Thanks again for all the help from the forum, as always !! Gig sorry for the repeditive pics, i tryed to switch pics it adds them but wont let me delete
  10. Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    I ended up trying a full conversion, can take me off the list Thx I
  11. Completion of my tail swap

    It looks great!! Completely transformed the look, and at 6'2 sure it fits you better, it looks like a bigger bike now. 55 is a big number, i would guess closer to 25. You could Lose the centerstand, delink, 520 chain lightweight sprocket, galfer rear rotor

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