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  1. $32.00 on amazon
  2. gig

    updated pics

  3. what is the part you needing, and what's the name of the shop
  4. If the front end was lowered it isn't much, it will be fine at speed.
  5. Is the fuel limited to the fuel rail, all the rubber lines under the throttle bodies are vacuum lines?
  6. Hey Seb, Just pull the tank and airbox, escavate the throttle bodies and take a quick pic? lol Do you remenber what type/brand hose you used? Tmac this year? Hope you well. Thx G
  7. Seb and Kevin, I found an archived post from this summer, you guys were replacing TB hoses. Any words of wisdom? Did you use OEM for larger hoses and bends etc... Thx
  8. Do you know of others that should be addressed while apart?
  9. Impeller looked fine, but found lingering microscopic leak
  10. I need help. I used water wetter not knowing it did not have rust inhibitors. I drained last week, after 2 years and had pretty signifigcant rusty water coating everything. What should I do now? What things do I need to address, thermostat water pump etc...? The bike is in pieces for winter maintenance so can not run flush run flush. I filled with straight antifreeze so as not to leave dry. What next? Thx
  11. This set up is on SS swing-arm Ducati's, and NC35. It does not move unless you spin the axel. I would imagine the pressure is concentrated on the caliper mounting points.
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