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  1. i was concerned as well, I sent Mohawk a pic of the oil on my plugs, he said it looks like you used copper grease on the threads
  2. That oil is cooper grease, someone used as an anti seize when installing the plugs, I've used and looks the exact same when plugs are removed.
  3. gig

    Which tires for upcoming track day?

    I'm currently running Q4's, great tire, feels identical to SuperCorsa which i just took off, and they are $100 less expensive
  4. gig

    Engine oil recommendations

    Megadan, +1 300v FJ12, Thats an extra $40.00 over 5000 mies = .008 thousands of a cent per mile. Its like driving 5 extra miles to save .05 per gallon on cheap gas, is it worth it. Depend on who you ask
  5. gig


    Thank You
  6. gig

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Samco missing 4 as well, 2 thermostat, radiator to reservoir, and cap hoses
  7. gig

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    ill bet there is a way to use the 848 hanger on the vfr. it would only be a $25 investment to try. The brembo caliper and master have more then adequate stoping power if able to get them bled properly which is a task. Much better and 8 lbs lighter the the vfr rear set up
  8. Kev, I know you know, but at those ambient temps My 99' runs 180's, or 190-200 if running hard. Only in stop and go traffic or very slow cruising speed 25mph- does it get to 200++, so feel like the thermostat could be the culprit. I use Red Line water wetter product, and silicone hoses, everything else OEM.
  9. Harris VFR800 FI 98-01 Rear hugger with built-in chain guard
  10. Thats great, with or without bearings. Thank you!
  11. I am planning to attend, and that is a much less congested time to ride, before the fall leaf lookers are out in October clogging up the roads.
  12. Do we know the correct weight of a front wheel, without rotors
  13. gig

    Rear rotor alignment

    Mine returned back to shape once the pad was seated correctly, not forcing the rotor into the caliper

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