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  1. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Perfect.. Good to hear this. I know I sorta dropped the ball here, but, I mean, really the project I had/ have going is really dragging, but not totally outa the picture, we will see. Though that said, On a side note, I ran into a hic up with the headers with how they hook up to the exhaust recess in the head where the stock copper gasket goes. Yea as simple as that my seem, guess what. The stock OEM gaskets won't work on 36mm tubes tubes, in fact 36mm tubes just slip in place, but not a good idea to mate SS to aluminum. so a flat copper washer needs to be made. which is another process to be taken into account $$$, so the end user doesn't go WTF... I ended up use soft brass, in which is a tricky bugger in it self. This sounds great Scottie, if Interested I can share info on the little things I found. just drop me a note, I'd be more than glad to help. No apple cart here tipped over.
  2. Okay, Cool beans. other than a wheel, Doh, what else is needed? seems to simple. But like where this is going. I just happen to know where there's a wheel ;)
  3. I installed a new RR, SH847 from Jack @ Roadster cycle, talk about a top notch guy and product. .
  4. Anybody do track days?

    WOW! How'd I miss this thread, nice one.. any who.........
  5. Very nice, yea me too, work been, then add in lousy weather which tends to damper the bike spirits a bit, so yea my set is just sitting here. Though that doesn't mean I'm not thinking whats the to do. One thing is as I'm a fan of the folding foot pegs. tried a set of 954 sets and it's meh, then tried my sons china vortex set for seeing whats what man is the pivots sloppy Hm?? I Then I just might spring for those the the super bike school foot pegs they use on their BMWs, pretty trick if you ask me. Then there's the, like you, rear brake deal. should be fun when I get to it. Good on you to jump on this, thanks for sharing your thoughts on things to look out for. As yea, another concern as OCD it is, is those swing arm nuts now that you see em, I see something different.
  6. New to 5th GEN

    Nice score there. it was a couple maybe threes years ago I found the one I have today with only 32,000 fresh off a full (valves) service. Great generation of the VFR, I was lucky it came with a Staintune, since then I've tweaked it a bit.
  7. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Thanks Jim for the nuge, as the holiday season sorta distracted me, that and...........No, not so much a wild goose chase, more a hunt. Not to be the bearer of bad news, as I'm very frustrated with the turn of events. I can't quite blame Gabe, yet SMH. when it gets right down to it it's all about the money which in that i can't run him under the bus as he's not a VFR lover, still. that said. I sorta left it back in October where i'm looking for a 6th gen to do the mock up making sure all is like it's suppose to be, I all ready now the ins and outs with the 5th gen. the 6th gen at this price point, I feel I need it to be spot on with the information making sure all here in the land of VFR know whats what. these headers where going to be $1000.00 ea plus shipping at last conversation with Gabe back then. Now Gabe, since he has moved from his garage to a first class facility which took him like 6 months longer than planed, he took on a business partner as well to aid in his interests in making goodies for the GTR 35. This new guy has a different view on projects from the out side and from what I can tell he is pretty much focused on GTR builds. unless there's solid moneys to make him think other wise. Gabe and I had a chat a couple months back when this was still very fresh prior to this new guy being in the mix, getting a feel for where we left off at. at that time he was pretty certain I'd need to come up with 10 pre orders at $1000ea. I knew this change was a bitter pill. but worth it IMO, I've gone this far and thought it out it should be doable to a point. I Still had to RD the 6th gen before all is known. Now there this new attitude where I feel I'm a bother, takes him 3 day to respond to questions, he just doesn't have the focus like he had before now that he is all up and going crazy with a partner building GTR goods, SMH as good as he with his skill, this new atmosphere of what he's got going on and this new guy has him getting his button pushed in another direction. On top of this, it took two weeks to get a very simple item mocked up, and it felt like pulling teeth. IDK. There's still hope if and when a 6th gen can be played. with My schedule has been sorta full of late, I love working on projects like this, but it's a passion of love and convenience too. I dropped another call to two Brothers just to get another feel just last week. I haven't heard back. No surprise.
  8. Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

    In my case where I swapped out the stock 5th gen lowers to Super hawks doing the de link. I can say whole heartily the best up grade right along with the rear shock fix one can do IMO.
  9. New to me today

    Holy Shiet!!! WANT!!. What a vehicle to tote a bike, never mind the beautiful white as they should have been from the factory 5th gen VFR. I take it those are right hand drive? Nice, 400+ hp to boot i bet.
  10. Ah, that makes sense. Are those Sato or Arata ? The only request i have in this,, if....... I'd like to get the super bike schools version of what peg they add to the bmw1000 they use. As I prefer the peg to have the ability to fold.
  11. Yup, I too have been wondering what the redo will be on the MC. by looking at yours, as I've been working with then other side , I see a new bracket lining up the MC close to what it was before. Sebastien ??? BTW who polished those? ;) Nice, do you plan on using the heel guards?
  12. NickyHadenRC45.JPG

    Wow, now there's a photo that priceless.
  13. Ah, seems as though on the simple side, adding the right size washer will do the trick here.
  14. Thanks for that, I'm also one that likes to figure things out as you might all ready know, so all is good. I'll do a bit more looking, fitting to see what might make the best sense. LOL, right now I'm looking into swing arm nut options, as not that it's a huge deal, the black plastic caps that are there now will from what I can tell won't be used, since it's kinda right out there, was looking around in what may be a good form and function piece .
  15. Good eye, But ;) yea no. I thought that at first then did a hands on the bike compare, which has the left adapter to the left rear set in the above photo. Here's the same with the right side, same thing, No biggie it's only a few thousands. I kinda figured your thought with fitment on your end looking at past photos and all. I can't run you a muck...........Yet :)

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