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  1. Interesting find this with a different bleeder & line hook up https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brembo-Black-P32-Rear-Brake-Caliper-P32F-Ducati-Buell-Grom-Honda-Motorcycle-916/324245835939?hash=item4b7e8ed0a3:g:n84AAOSwDZJbDK-C
  2. Just keeping an eye on this 😉
  3. Oo, I can see this on my Viffer, Ola-la. Guess I best start looking for a caliber. Curious question before hand, Does Nissin have a caliber that works for this set up? Asking as that's what's up front 😉
  4. Gee, which air filter to use from K-N Actually the newer style does flow more air over the original version shown on the left. The trick is in making sure which one you will get as they use the same part number.
  5. Love to see this thread has traction.. Great to see TYGA may be back at it, fwiw, I did see the 4th gen version they came out with. Just what I was expecting. Now for the idea of duals, Yes, for one it makes the header to be able to get around a bit easier . Though I have to say that left high is entertaining . yes please do keep in touch here and yes, photo would be marvelous. I do believe a market has been proven it's there 😉
  6. Well then, I lucked out didn't I 😉
  7. Wow how cool to read this thread,. So nice to see this project turn out like it was suppose too. Yes, I tip My hat to Lance and Daryl staying the coarse, this in its self was a major to do as I knew all to well. Great job guys.
  8. RVFR

    Quarry Rd tunnel

    Perfect. 😉
  9. Good to know on the exhaust gaskets 😉 I just figured nothing would work, so made em myself
  10. Now that is a first for me to read. Good find there, and yes, explains a bit or two, then on the last page about the clutch. yes, interesting.
  11. Yep, the outlet is in the same place, it's what happens after that is obviously different. If only this wasn't a international shipping thing. Good luck, sounds like a good time.
  12. After a bit of re thinking the Lextek system, I might as well make a duel pipe left side exit system using the mate the two rear, as that's what the rc45 does then add this is on a CA. 99 version, doubt I'll notice much power loss, as the idea is simpler to create something for the VFRonster
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