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  1. RVFR

    Quarry Rd tunnel

    Perfect. 😉
  2. I have a second stock header off a 99. it was thought it would do for a template, but after Gabe looked it over, it deemed he would need to have the bike as well as there's a few little things he thought of and there's no way of knowing whats what unless there's a bike, yea and that center stand is a damn nuisance for this. Just was another bump in the road here, it wasn't till after all the fall out I got one to use. Now I have one to play around with, but now no fabricator. What a bummer. I can play with pre made bends, I'll start doing this this coming spring, then maybe I'll be able to talk Gabe into welding it up, we will see. I need to make one anyway. So no sweat off my brow. That said, look forward to seeing what Coffman comes up with. It's just going to take some one to go the distance.
  3. That's a big probably. just every time someone thinks and it sounds like a good plan then they see the layout. yea, it'll also. if. be a grand too. again If. Still, one never knows, But yea Probably
  4. Good to know on the exhaust gaskets 😉 I just figured nothing would work, so made em myself
  5. Now that is a first for me to read. Good find there, and yes, explains a bit or two, then on the last page about the clutch. yes, interesting.
  6. Yep, the outlet is in the same place, it's what happens after that is obviously different. If only this wasn't a international shipping thing. Good luck, sounds like a good time.
  7. After a bit of re thinking the Lextek system, I might as well make a duel pipe left side exit system using the mate the two rear, as that's what the rc45 does then add this is on a CA. 99 version, doubt I'll notice much power loss, as the idea is simpler to create something for the VFRonster
  8. FWIW man those guys at Lextek must be getting a boat load of questions, as I too have been exchanging emails. LOL I'm not sure who over there is running the show, photos say one thing, videos another, then there's the who did what with what and they don't seem to know. I may have to get one for the VFRonster as it is reasonable cost wise, then I'd know what's what. but until, yea I'm guarded, yet very curious as there are a couple things worth seeing just how they went about it. time will tell. In the mean time I'm still on the fence where to take what I know would work for what market there really is vs. a mission of.
  9. LOL Gabe and I talked about You and a couple others, but it didn't fall on good ears to build just 3-4, then in his eyes it's all about time the money when hes building goodies for the R35 crowd, which spends big bucks. so to him it's simple math.
  10. Sounds about right, as towards the end Gabe was thinking closer to $1200, I was saying no to that, Also what played into that was how many? What really shot me in the foot was Gabe making his move as he did. I get what he was up too, just lousy timing, I know his work, still keep in touch for those special needs, he's a true artist and knows his trade. None better that I know of and that was that. If I knew of someone else that could do what he does and was close by I'd be all over this. That said there's a reality piece to do this, so may be better off to let the big boys eat this up. but did find out whats the what. VFR owners area fickled bunch, I say that tongue in cheek as I've always thought the VFR as a sport bike that does very well at all things, where the majority that's also 6th gen as the VFR as a smaller FJ that's got legs that likes to make a turn here and there. I get it. It ain't in a CBR market, so is it a really a good business model? That's where I get the rub. it should be. Yet? I'll be definitely still be watching this, as it's a hot button I want to push.
  11. That right there was the actual tipping point, a $1000 for what may be 2-3 hp for the average Joe. Me, I was on a mission, still sorta am. Then landed the unicorn to play with on a dyno with a pc3 and a few air filters. But when it came right down to it, VFR folks just wanted a better header at a value price, didn't get the feed back that told me they care about if the HP was better. vs. those that wanted more ompf was minimal at best. IIRC I had right around 10 folks that would like to get what I was after once it was proven, and of those 10, 6 where 6th gen owners, so that needed to be worked out. Gabe was sure after he saw the Two Bros version and thought he could get it do do a wee bit better. but even at that at what price? Now that I have what it does I'm pretty happy. Cams and possible porting head work are next 😉 Yet the VFR demographics say I'm a rare breed, so? Funny thing is $3k for a R1 or RSV4 header is no big deal to those folks, so this tells me where the VFR really is as sad as it is to say. My hat is off to you to stay the coarse if ... That said, the basic tubing size is 36mm or 1.50 in. on the Two Bros and Erion version. (that's the same). 21" to 24" inch primary's. Honda must of had something in the think tank here as the longest is # 1. We where also going to looking into if that was a build and fit thing with the primarys and or something they did to get more mid range. Gabe thought making them even would be the better, but we didn't get that far to find out. We where getting ready to also play with mid collector length vs. bends when all was coming down, that and there's a small hurdle to jump over getting 36mm tubes in the head, then there's making gaskets, stock copper donut gaskets won't work here, It's a very tight fit. Best of. 😉
  12. Just a refresh of sorts here in what happen. In the short of it, the gentleman that was able to make the header at the time was going to make them up as ordered. on a one on one. Then as time had it, it was taking longer to confirm what was what. Gabe then had the opportunity to launched his full time business out of his garage to his shop, Then it got down to for him to proceed here, he would need 10 paid up front orders to makes this happen. if that wasn't enough, the 6th gen that was going to be used as a mock up bike didn't materialize, so all i was left with is what I had come up with, and that for the most part was for 5th gens. I have the tubing size how it goes etc, etc. But the hang up was $10,000 as these where also going to run $1000 plus shipping. So it fell to the way side. That said, I do know the header with a ECU up grade will add like 3-5hp, 2 ft of torque. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's more than that. it actually transforms how the engine behaves all through out the RPM range. But as it would be, things just fell off the grid to the point now Gabe isn't interested in doing this. if you have Instagram, you can see his work go here https://www.instagram.com/rampage_fab/ would of loved to see this happen. So close.
  13. Yes.. But looks are subjective.. jury is still out, but will say there's more thought in this one, so did they do us right? That still needs to be answered. Awe, my Viffer was built 11/97 , My 4th gen was built 04/97
  14. Ya know, that ain't a half bad looking system, way better than what's coming out over in Europe by what I've seen. Had I need one, I'd jump on this, if ,one they can be trusted to get it here. Looking at the bends and welds, then how they did the rear collector tubes, very interesting. then look at how they increased the size of the tubes. IMO this was thought out and look to be better than decent. Question now is, who's buying one? They also state what years, LOL 97 is a 4th gen, 02 is a 6th, doh....But have O2 ports. No Cat... If one is needing a header, one should seriously be thinking about this one, and at a price that seems way reasonable. again who's game. Nice find Stray .
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