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  1. Cost is $150 plus shipping from Michigan. I will post pictures when I get them next week.
  2. I will have a small batch run of 4 pieces being made that will adapt an 84mm caliper to the stock hanger. PM me for details. The advantage of an adapter is that you don't have to take your rear hub assembly apart. But it can only be underslung. Thanks Dale!
  3. I'm following now! Nice job to all those involved in prototyping, testing and production! Looks like I'm just in time for the 3rd (or 2nd?) 5/6 Gen batch run. What is the timing for these to complete and ship and what is the deadline for the deposits? Still wrapping my head around the cost and whatever else is needed for completing it. Is the general consensus to go with no 02 sensors and a PC3? What happens if I just do the headers for now without 02 sensors and do the PC3 later down the road? Will I need a dyno run to dial it in? Sorry for the dumb questions but I've never used an aftermarket fueling module or tuning a FI bike. I'm mostly a carb guy.
  4. You should. Good printers are now about $200. It used to be $500 was the starting price.
  5. Autodesk Fusion 360 is cloud based and designs are easily shared. The shop making the parts also happens to use the same software. Some design details are specific to 3D. So going from 3D (additive) to CNC (subtractive), some of the design is changed to be optimized for CAM.
  6. I started to remove the rearsets to change them out for 929 type using Sebs adapters. I end up de-linking and swapping out the brake system! The rear system presented a bigger challenge than front as I didn't want to re-use the monster caliper with 2 lines. Seems like too much compromise. With a bit of thought, I figured adapting a floating piston Brembo with simple bracket should work. I just happen to have a 3D printer and have been using Fusion360 to make other things. It's a perfect opportunity! So, I was able to design an adapter to mount a Brembo P32 caliper to the OEM (5g) hanger! I should have a part machined for testing very soon. I test fitted the caliper using 3D fdm parts. First part was a guess fit as I didn't have the caliper yet. It fit the hanger but the caliper was way too low. I did have one on my Hawk but I wasn't about to remove it while waiting for one intended for the VFR. After getting the caliper, it took me 2 prints and several changes to correctly locate the caliper. With a bit of measuring, fitting and designing, it's possible to go this route without changing the whole hanger. Plus, I don't have to disassemble the hub to change out the hanger. To me, this was the faster route to change the rear caliper using an adapter bracket and it turned out to be a fun exercise. I can't wait to get it all mounted. In the front, it is standard VTR lowers, calipers and MC. Got the 3mm spacers off McMaster Carr. The rear line has to be custom kitted. Both masters are 14mm. Stay tuned!
  7. Givi top rack with monolock plate, side racks, e340n Monolock top case and e22 Monokey side cases. All purchased new except for MonoLock top case and plate . All hardware and keys included. $400 + shipping. I used it only a few times for commuting. 1 key for top and 4 copies for sides. Each one came with 2 keys. I checked my barrels and the Monolocks and Monokeys are not interchangeable. The top case and plate can be swapped out for a MonoKey if you wanted. I can sell it without the top case and plate for $320. The Monolock case and plate is $100+shipping.
  8. Put me on the list. I have a 5th gen. I'll take whatever the majority picks (underslung?).
  9. Link doesn't seem to work.
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