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  1. Money sent! I can now start removing the old headers. Hope everyone follows thru now!
  2. Is there an expiration date for this offer? I would rather hold off on the map until I get a PC3 and even install the headers, which may not happen until spring anyway. I won't have a need for the map until then.
  3. Good, that's the most flexible route as unused ones can just be plugged with a cap.
  4. What is being assembled as far as O2 bungs? Is there options we need to decide on? I know the question was asked but I can't remember the answer to it.
  5. I'm getting excited now! Thanks for the update and thanks for the whole team with all your efforts and hard work!!
  6. So still waiting to see how far off we are on kicking off the next batch for the 5g headers. How many do we have with deposits or how many more do we need? This season or next?
  7. With all the talk of the one 5th gen pipe interference with the fairing cover, will it or can it be corrected in the next production batch run?
  8. I've put my deposit for a set of 5th gen headers! Took plunge and will set aside for this winter project, along with upgraded suspension. How many is this now on the 5g header list? How about we just make an updated list and everyone who deposited just fill it out. Copy and paste and pass it on. 1. eyrwbvfr 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  9. Both my brackets are still whole and removed. High mount TBR is mounted with small hidden bracket and notched fairing. I used a choke cable to release the rear Sargent seat and don't have a need for a helmet lock.
  10. Check the piston diameter. I used P32, which is the smaller 32mm vs the larger P34 34mm piston. The difference in the corresponding pad sizes may explain the interference. The corners of my pads just barely miss the adapter. No pad dragging on my setup.
  11. Very cool! Did you mount the wheel and check for clearance?
  12. Now, I'm wondering how many buyers they have for the next run of 5th gen. headers. I'm on the fence for them. I'm riding my bike now and not sure about wanting to take it apart again. Maybe, it'll be a winter project if they make more later..
  13. 3 sold and 1 left! Also, a few people have asked what gen this is for. It is for the 5th gen.
  14. Depends which way it's pointing. If it's on the same side as the mounting ears, it's away from the spokes. Basically, when mounted, it should be pointing to the left of the wheel (the open side). Based on the assembly bolts being on the left side, I'd wager that caliper is good to go. Will need a side view.
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