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  1. Yes, the caliper has been moved inboard to avoid any trimming in the latest version. The adapter fits both 34c and 32g. I only Dremeled mine because I'm still running my first prototype with a 32f caliper.
  2. First part is done. I've made a few adjustments and I'll make the second one tomorrow night.
  3. Adapter with 4 bolts = 1.6 oz. P34 caliper with pads = 10.9 oz. Total = 12.5 oz. I will have time this week to machine the first two parts for P34 calipers. New stainless bolt kits ordered as well. Stay tuned.
  4. I can weigh the new calipers and bracket if someone else can weigh the OEM caliper. Remember, there are other items removed if de-linking the brakes (extra lines, hard lines, joints, etc). Also, someone else will have to comment about 6 gen fitment. I don't know. Like I said before, I can simply send you a 3D printed part for you to check fitment. But then you would need a caliper or at least borrow one.
  5. This makes two. Thanks Tirso! 1. @Dangeruss - P32g. Dep rcvd. 2. @RVFR - 3. @Tirso - P34c. Dep rcvd. 4. @Slo1 -
  6. Awesome! Thanks! 1. @Dangeruss - P32g. Dep rcvd. 2. @RVFR - 3. @Tirso - P34c. 4. @Slo1 -
  7. Thanks for those drawings! It confirms my findings with the 3D parts. So, it still means two different adapters. No difference to me since I machine them one at a time anyway. I feel this is a good time to see if I can get deposits before making chips fly. I will double check fittings since I do have both calipers. Keep in mind, these calipers are designed for a different rotor and we (as in me) are fitting either caliper to fit a common rotor by best fit. The caliper is over-sized for the rotor or another way is the rotor is undersized for the caliper. For rear braking duties,
  8. For the people interested in this adapter, please state which caliper you have or intend to get. It's looking like a version for each is needed. I made the change to move it inboard and it was more involved than first envisioned. I have a few hours into the redesign now. The P34 looks to be made for a different size diameter rotor, maybe. Just eyeballing it. But designing to the P34, then fitting the P32 doesn't work. Then designing to the P32, the P34 is off. There are enough small differences that two adapters are needed. One for each caliper.
  9. Thanks! I'd like to get everyone's vote on this change. I'm OK with it even though I already trimmed my pads. They are close to being replaced anyway. It's only a few clicks to make the change.
  10. Perfect example of the version to AVOID! I had this version and the bleeder completely crashes the spokes. Lucky for me my Hawk had the current correct version and I just swapped calipers. As an update, the design now clears both P32 and the P34! The first pic is the P34 (from Tirso) and 2nd pic is my black P32. The 3D printed part was ver 1.5 and it just kisses the pads with a couple thou of clearance. For the current ver 2, I just pushed the face out by another .040" (1mm).
  11. Tirso is sending me a P34 caliper to design around to. This version will clear both. The P34 will have a 50mm wide pad opposed to the P32 40mm pad. As noted by someone else, please consider sizing the master to match. Of course, greater braking is afforded by the P34.
  12. No worries! It's all good info and gives us options.
  13. The caliper spacing is 84mm. Here is an application list and link for a side mount P32, which is the safest bet. https://amsducati.com/brembo-p32-rear-brake-caliper Year Make Model 1997-98 Ducati ST2 1999-02 Ducati Supersport 750 2001-02 Ducati Supersport 750 S 1999-02 Ducati Supersport 900 2002 Ducati Supersport 900 S
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