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  1. Awesome! Glad it was figured out! Thanks to Grum and his suspicion of the clutch bumps! First time I heard of it. Good info to keep in mind now. Weird issue on the clutch tho. Especially if you see the clutch plates separate. Only taking it all apart will the mystery be solved.
  2. I stand corrected. It has reverse hooks on the rear part of the front section. Still, it is secure enough to not slide back as long as the cowl is mounted, which rests on part of the seat.
  3. Actually, the seat is made to be used without the rear seat. It is even advertised on their site. The front is bolted down in the rear. The rear section has tangs that go under the front seat then locks in place by the normal locking tab. I use mine without the rear section but with the cowl. But it is not easily accessible since I also use a Givi Rack. Without the Givi rack, you can use either bolts or quick releases to remove the cowl.
  4. For compression test, get a tester with different fittings for spark plug threads. If you never witnessed it running, then anything is suspect. Any engine timing light will work. Bad thing about timing (just hit me) is you need to reference cylinder 1! The inductive clamp goes on the #1 plug lead.
  5. If you are lucky, someone on Craigslist might offload their 40 lb vintage Tektronix. For a multimeter, look for a Fluke.
  6. I good multimeter will show pulses in frequency mode (hz). As long as there is a signal, the details don't matter. Unless we are now chasing a timing problem. The fact that its doesn't start eludes to that or compression. It should run on 3 cylinders, if #1 spark is only issue. Doug, have you checked timing and compression?
  7. Do you still feel concerned about the next ICM being damaged? If you can still perform the 1<>3 wire swap, that means the coil should not be shorting out the ICM #1 spark output. Grum, are you saying if one edge of the 11 clutch protrusions is bad, it won't trigger the pulse generators? It seems that those protrusions only affect timing and not the whether the trigger works or not. Does a clean edge make a sharper rise time? I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check. Every time I was stumped about anything on my bike, it ALWAYS turned out to be the one thing I didn't check.
  8. Hi there Doug. Just read all thru this thread and maybe I can help. Have you determined if the ICM output for spark #1 is bad? The pulse generators should be OK since it triggers in pairs. A bad pulser would/should not fire both 1 and 3, not just 1. You swapped outputs from ICM 3 to plug 1 and it worked? Then 3 did not? Seems failure follows the ICM. Someone clarify if I'm wrong. Yes, it's hard to remotely troubleshoot. I was going to say check grounds but that should affect it all. Jumping in here late and following it was a bit confusing. Sorry but maybe, you can s
  9. The bracket is designed for both p32 and p34 calipers with axial ports. See previous posts for attached drawings and applications.
  10. Yes, the caliper has been moved inboard to avoid any trimming in the latest version. The adapter fits both 34c and 32g. I only Dremeled mine because I'm still running my first prototype with a 32f caliper.
  11. First part is done. I've made a few adjustments and I'll make the second one tomorrow night.
  12. Adapter with 4 bolts = 1.6 oz. P34 caliper with pads = 10.9 oz. Total = 12.5 oz. I will have time this week to machine the first two parts for P34 calipers. New stainless bolt kits ordered as well. Stay tuned.
  13. I can weigh the new calipers and bracket if someone else can weigh the OEM caliper. Remember, there are other items removed if de-linking the brakes (extra lines, hard lines, joints, etc). Also, someone else will have to comment about 6 gen fitment. I don't know. Like I said before, I can simply send you a 3D printed part for you to check fitment. But then you would need a caliper or at least borrow one.
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