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  1. Cool! I have his rearset adapters with Battle Factory rearsets. He makes good stuff!
  2. I'm assuming the subframe doesn't drop in and will need mounting adapters. This should be interesting! What's the plan?
  3. If you're talking the original style for that thread, it was designed by someone else. That one requires complete disassembly. Being a bit larger as it is a complete bracket, it will cost more. My method is more economical and smaller but not optimal as it is a bracket on a bracket. It's up to you. Read the thread and see who is working on the original design. The first batch I did was for 5 pieces. It was bare aluminum.
  4. I designed an adapter to mount a P32 Brembo caliper, which used widely on Ducati's. Current design does not fit P34 but can be redesigned. I have none left at the moment. If there is enough interest, I can have a batch made. The stock bracket is still used though. It's still in the OEM location on the bottom. The advantage is that it doesn't have to be disassembled.
  5. What's the plan for the rear brake?
  6. I ordered one from a supplier and it indeed was the "big mouth" version. The K&N that came with the bike was the older one with less area. Still good but I wanted max air flow. So, I just ended up selling. I'm thinking any supplier should have the updated version unless by chance they still have old stock (NOS). So, get one from one of the bigger places, assuming they are moving inventory more than the smaller distributors. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Same. Amazon. M18x1.5. Hex key drive looks cleaner than hex nut. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005HR155A/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I did the same for my front end conversion. I was able to prototype it in 2 tries. I used calipers to get my dimensions since I had the fork and the fender. I believe I used ABS at that point but now I'm using PETG. Less warpage.
  9. Headers installed, bungs capped, sleeve installed into TBR muffler inlet, PC3 connected! Waiting on 8 spoke rear so I can install the can. Like the Battle Factory rearsets??
  10. I got mine a week ago. I can't wait to fire her up. Just plugged in the PC3. So, late posting that I received it. Awesome quality! Very happy! More to come! Thanks to the whole team! Installed yesterday minus muffler and 2 forward bungs. Need crush washers and waiting on 8 spoke goldie rear rim. Right side rear pipe was very close to swingarm! Had to space it away and re-tighten it. Rear nuts were easy to access with long 1/4" drive. It's skinnier than a 3/8" drive.
  11. I should have mine on Monday as well as a PC3 on Wednesday. Getting her prepped this weekend.
  12. The Givi bracket also has that rear strut bar across the back. I am dropping my plate mount to have it more visible.
  13. I'm currently modifying the (later style) Givi racks to only mount side bags. I removed the handles and top plate brackets to make a cleaner bracket. I don't plan to take passengers or use a top case. It looks less messy without all that for use on a daily ride. I also eliminated the lower tubes going to the passenger peg mounts and welded a second mounting hole. Now I can remove the passenger seat, passenger pegs/brackets and install the rear cowl. I can add pics later. I can mount different styles of Givi bags too. 6th Gen bags look nice but they seem really wide. There is an earlier style Givi side case bracket that does not require the top case bracket to be installed. This later style does require both the top and side to mount sides. So that's why I made the above modifications.
  14. I acquired a lower fairing with my VF500f. I was told it came from a VF700 but I can't verify fitment. Another member mentioned that it might be made by Telefix in Germany. It is also one piece and in good condition with no damage. Please check the pictures first. $100 shipped from MI 48085. It will be costly to ship this since it is one piece. The box will be about 24x24x30. Eric
  15. Money sent! I can now start removing the old headers. Hope everyone follows thru now!
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