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  1. thx for the info. Not my first bike, but the first bike I really loved was a '83 KZ1000J. I rode the piss out of that bike, did a couple 1000 mile rides on it, straight through mind you. (a lot dumber and younger then) so have a soft spot for the old inline 4 kaws
  2. so next week we are supposed to crack the lower 60's. Today is gonna be 55. So really I had about a 45ish day pause in riding.
  3. i almost bought one of those, I *love* the eddie lawson colors. How does riding your ZRX compare to the vfr?
  4. ok, i'm such a liar. Either that or my VFR is a foul temptress, you decide... so I'm not doing any real trips per se. But any excuse i have to run an errand or do a short outing, if it's not brutal cold out the VFR is getting busted out. Today my wife called and had forgotten her wallet and was at the grocery store, of course I had to come riding on my steed to rescue my damsel in distress 😄 oh and then had to put a a few (er 20) miles on my bike before I went home. Perhaps I've just missed riding that much, but I'm truely hooked once more and don't mind that a bit.
  5. So just gear wise thing. I'm wearing not very expensive gear. but a pair of jeans with these over them: https://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Dualsport-Waterproof-All-Weather-Waist36-38/dp/B07LGXZLG5 I have an insulated high top pair of redwing boots. (working on getting purpose built motorcycle boots, but these are 100% leather, super comfy and warm and waterproof and come 3-4" above my ankle bone) I layer the top, thin long sleeve t-shirt, thin sweatshirt/hoodie and this jacket: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XV4ZYLC/ I just have leather gloves with armour on them, I
  6. So today went for a ride in the "mountains" around here, and ended up at Pinchot State Park. Met my wife there and we took the pups for a walk. Was only in the mid 40's really but my VFR didn't seem to mind...
  7. Ok despite the earlier rumor, er post, that I was probably done for the winter. I said screw it's 39 out can't be that cold and went and did some minor errands on the vfr. I think she appreciated it greatly. Of course while running to get my wife a few things I had to blow some carbon out, I mean carbon build is bad for the engine right? Wasn't much riding around, maybe 15 miles in total but my gear is fine, layers is a lesson i learned many moons ago. I do have heated grips but didn't even bother with them nothing was extended long enough for me to worry with it. In my
  8. ok i admit i have an eye on the weather report every week. I see tomorrow might be 44, no wind, sunny. There's a chance i bust the bike out of the cocoon then, but monday is supposed to have a north of 50 day, and if it's not raining I'm riding then i'm also off that day, if the weather is agreeable might have to go on a short trip. Take that old man winter...
  9. sorry for your loss. and sorry if I derailed the thread but when I saw the berner I couldn't resist commenting. and yes we suffer multiple bernese disorder. someone was going through some serious life issues and couldn't care for her's so we took him in. so our 10 month pup has an older brother now. they get along so well.
  10. bernese mountain dogs are the best dogs. if someone has never shared company with one they don't understand. They are goofy, smart, cuddly and just simply the most awesome dogs. This is coming from someone who was a dog handler in the military, loved my shepards but there's just something about berner's. Our first berner passed away at 6.5 years from bone cancer was horrific (that was a year ago) he was the best dog ever. Though we got a pup whose pretty awesome he's now 10 months old.
  11. For myself I'm fine riding down to high 30's. But once the first real snow fall hits and they start treating the roads I'm done until spring (usually). They like to throw down salt and sometimes cinders so even after the snow is gone that crap is on the roads. I'm in central PA, this last weekend it was in mid+ 50's so rode as much as family commitments allowed. But snow coming down today, wednesday we are looking at perhaps 18" of snow. So guess I'm most likely done riding until spring 😞
  12. i didn't have a choice on the lane as there is a right lane exit at the end of the bridge i was taking and there's always a fair amount of traffic on this bridge. From what I've read on people replacing their windshields it's a pretty mixed bag on whether anyone has good results. It's just for a sports touring bike you'd think this would be a consideration from a design perspective. Really it's my only real complaint with this bike, and that's a niggling one.
  13. I think the most unnerving part was i was already all the way in the right lane, and as you can see that cement barrier is just the perfect height to catapult you over the side and drop ~100 feet into the river, which is only a few feet deep in most spots. @JimMoore I do make a conscious effort in general to not have to much weight on the hands as even turbulence off trucks can result in unintended steering input otherwise. just like i said my previous motorcycles I never experienced anything quite that drastic, but they were naked bikes so... unrelated but I also feel l
  14. So I'm crossing this bridge I'm in the right lane because I'm taking the exit at the end of the bridge. Strong wind day, gusts 30mph+. Note the hospital sign. I was fighting the wind the whole length of this bridge (it's almost a mile) leaned to the left to maintain lane position, but not consistent as it was gusts, not constant. I will say it was a bit nerve wracking, my solution, speed up and push through it 😉 While the bike just about auto corrects the lean you need to maintain course I don't recall previous bikes I've ridden ever getting pushed this hard by a crosswind, mus
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