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  1. So I took a long hiatus from riding. Probably a familar story, I used to ride all the time but got married had kids decided I shouldn't be hooliganing around on my bike and sold it. So fast forward 15 years... I've always really liked 5th gen VFR's and always wanted one. Welp 18 months ago (roughly) I finally was like f'k it i'm getting a bike and I put search alerts up for a 5th gen vfr and bid my time. Finally I saw a deal pop up that I pounced on. A 1998, with 13k miles on it, the previous owner had an incident where it fell over in gravel 😐 so the fairing on the one side is scratched up. But I thought to myself at that mileage, for 2K hell I haven't ridden in 15 years maybe it's not so bad if there's scratches (barely noticeable from 10 feet away). So with cash in hand I came home with my VFR. At first I was unexpectedly a nervous rider, that only lasted a couple weeks as I got my riding instincts back. It probably took took a good 6 months before I was really second nature and was riding with my bike, instead of "on" my bike. But now, 5K miles later I ride whenever I can. Whether it's a simple hey we need some small item that will fit in my tail bag (I have a tank bag that I put over the pillion, which works really well) Or I just want to ride for the heck of it as long it's above freezing I'm good. Just other day I was riding though and I was really starting to push her through her paces. The bike is definitely still more capable then I but I feel very competent once more. But I just came away with what an awesome all around bike this truly is. It's one thing to know that you are getting a great bike, but another to experience and feel it in your bones. Anyhoo just wanted to chime that in... (Pic from day i brought her home)
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