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  1. Hi Burns, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. i'm in. hopefully down there by monday at worst if all goes well.. 🙂
  3. Burns

    anyone know where to get custom sprokets?

    changing the sprockets will NOT fix anything.. the % error will still be there, and actually worse w/ a change in sprocket ratios.. your only real solution would be a device to do that electronically. Look into SpeedoDRD (You can find them on Amazon among other places...) cheaper than Speedohealer and work just as well.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-VFR-750-VFR750-Interceptor-Exhaust-Emissions-Plate-AIS-Smog-Block-Off-Kit-/232139921877
  5. been a while since I did this on the 4th gen.. you shouldn't have an evap can (unless yours is somehow a CA bike) so that should make it a little easier.. I think i had just made block off plates (4 - one for each cyl) using some heavy steel plate - easy enough.. just get some rubber vacuum caps from auto store to cap anything that goes to the carbs (might be a plug on airbox that might need plugged also).. should be one line for each of the two valves going to the carb banks... someone please correct me if I'm wrong.. been years since I did this.. lol
  6. you snagged a steal there, Matt! welcome to the fray!
  7. Burns

    Can I powder coat this without damage?

    you'll need to pull the sight-glass and seals before powder coating..
  8. Burns

    Power Commander 2

    LOL... probably have have 2 or 3 old laptops sitting in the den.. and a USB/serial cable or two laying around. The PO swapped pipes from an aftermarket back to a stock pipe (working on fixing that). My plan is to swap to '99 headers (to loose the cat) and some sort of high-mount.. haven't cracked the airbox yet, so no idea what filter is in there, if the flapper been done, etc. Haven't really even gotten to properly ride the bike yet, due to wx and work - what little I have done, I've noticed an odd stumble/delay right off idle - very brief. I don't recall this on the other 5th gens I've ridden. Dynojet did send me a couple links - basically what I already found on their site. install for the hardware, and the control software. I had to scour the inet for a user manual of the software.
  9. Burns

    Power Commander 2

    eventually I hope to do that.. and my final setup should be similar to yours.... this is mostly research on my part currently. since I really have no information on what's loaded in the bike or such...
  10. Burns

    Power Commander 2

    looks like the manual I found agrees...
  11. Burns

    Power Commander 2

    thanks for the replies.. I'll start with the downloads and see what works. The plan is to switch over to the pre-2000 headers (to lose the cat and some weight) and then go w/ a '99 map. I'm to understand that the PCii's also have ignition advance feature in them, so that's something else to explore.
  12. Burns

    Power Commander 2

    just picked up a 2000.. so yes, it's FI, and it has a PC2 on it already.
  13. so, who knows about the Power Commander 2's? seems to be very limited information on Dynojet's site. Anyone have the software download and are the maps the same between the PC2 and the PC3's?
  14. Burns

    12Oclocklabs Speedodrd

    yea, got one last year... once I got the hang of the doing the calculations, it was a snap... don't know why I didn't add one years ago.

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