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  1. Posting here to get notifications of replies.
  2. Just moved to the Nashville area. I'll definitely reply to this again when I can get out there! The Dragon is a fun road.
  3. I've found this, but I don't know anything about them. https://www.bonanza.com/listings/141-Shims-7-48mm-Valve-Shim-Kit-1998-2008-Honda-Interceptor-800-VFR800-VFR800F/524046814
  4. Does anyone have a lead on where to get the shims? I'd like to have an assortment in advance if possible, so I don't have a long downtime. I've read other brands sometimes work with other brands. Any idea if that is the case with the 5ht gen engine? It always seems like the OEM parts for Honda are made out of some ridiculously expensive rare metal that they have to double the price for.
  5. I wanted to revive this thread to say thank you, nearly sixteen years later, as I need to check my valves. My 99 has nearly 82,000 and it's never been checked by the previous owners. I guess I need to do this. Thanks HispanicSlammer!
  6. Yeah, that's the one my bike chewed up. Part of it got eaten up when the PO didn't lube the slide pins, the other part when the center piston wasn't moving freely and it ate through the pads and ground the rest of it up. Tha's my fault.
  7. Thread from the dead, but thanks to Google, I found this. I'm glad it survived the troubles because it's going to save me a bunch!
  8. I'm definitely going to go this route, but I'll be taking my centerstand off, even though it's so convenient, with my feet up higher, it will be a liability. It already is with the stock footpeg position.
  9. Hi, which pump did you use? How was the install? Easy, totally custom? Please let me know.
  10. Hey, Chico's not too far from me. I'll have to Google the shop and bookmark it. I'm curious about the dyno and definitely interested in the water pump mod as well.
  11. Nice shot of Grimes Canyon in your sig. Photoshop? Or did you catch the perfect light? :fing02:

  12. I am between ordering Hydroturf and Stompgrips for my 5th Gen. The Hydroturf is priced lower, but I want to know which one is going to have the best grip.
  13. Hello,


    Please forward your information regarding the lights you referenced in my Better Bulbs thread.

    Thank you,


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