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  1. KevCarver

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    I'll say yes to that!
  2. KevCarver

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    I’ve got my front end set up very low, so I didn’t even need the top gull wing. But using a flat bridge (I have an SP1 in my tool box) would raise my hands above where they would be on stock 5th. Good option if I want to have a "Helibars" type effect. (SP1 masters - clutch and brake) Love the OE look because of the 7G clip ons. Even the tabs fit the top bridge! (My brake lines are a mess! Excuse the clumsy banjo fitting) No clearance issues with the bars, tank, and fairings. Here's a comparison of 5th and 7th. 7G is black, and slightly taller.
  3. KevCarver

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    I'm not sure, but I think the 7G lower triple is the wrong diameter for the SP1 forks. And I want to guess that the offset is the same as 800s.
  4. KevCarver

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    I pestered 7th Gen owners who had swapped out their stock clipons looming for a good deal on an unwanted set. Got offered a free set! They are slightly taller than 5th Gen, but with the gull wing they net lower.
  5. KevCarver

    Museum Condition 5th Gen

    My mistake, I knew it seemed too good to be true! I guess my eyes were a little blurred by the wine...LOL But I found the car section. 4 Wheel steering Prelude!
  6. KevCarver

    Staintune re-release

    Oh yeah, I forgot... Get yourself some Staintunes! I bought dual mufflers for an RC51 and ST1300! That S#!t aint cheap!
  7. KevCarver

    Staintune re-release

    Lasers look the best, possibly sound the best on 6th. Staintune is 100% the best single side muffler for the 5th! (I have 2, low and high mount)
  8. KevCarver

    Museum Condition 5th Gen

    Um, "Road Fox" just blew my mind!
  9. KevCarver

    Throttle bodies interchangeable?

    +2 I prefer the lever on my ‘99 over wax unit. I’d say it should work, just cap your coolant line to the wax unit, and find a lever and cable. You should be able to add it to your left switch pod, as I think they only use a blocking plate rather than a different pod.
  10. KevCarver

    my yellow VFR

    Is that the pull starter for when the R/R dies and kills the battery? 😁😎 (Actually CornerCarver's joke about his SC 6th Gen that I built)
  11. That's what I did and it seemed to make it hotter... 176-178 on the highway in open air is perfect, no issues. Stuck behind a car it'll probably head up to 185.
  12. KevCarver

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Interesting, did they combine the three that meet under the left rad into 1?
  13. KevCarver

    Indicators on the Blink !

    Royal Purple is pretty expensive, but totally worth the extra $$$! Of course I'm running LEDs in Gixxer mirrors and a Thurn rear unit, so YMMV.
  14. KevCarver

    my yellow VFR

    White wheels on yellow, don't see that often! Are those SebSpeed's rearset adapters?
  15. Or you could reply to texts... Old t'stat opens about 4 degrees sooner than the new one. Not sure that would cause 10 degrees higher running temps...

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