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  1. KevCarver

    Mystery washers found

    Possibly the rear brake lever pivot?
  2. KevCarver

    non start, no spark

    Well, he's not going to say "there's a 99.9% chance this ecu I'm selling you won't solve anything"
  3. KevCarver

    So I might have done a thing......

    I used to call mine The Time Machine. It seemed to get me places faster than physics should allow! Ironically it topped out 1 mph slower than my VFR, but it sure got there a whole lot faster!
  4. Agreed; looks great and that sticker needed to go. Can't believe all we got here was stupid red, that blue is beautiful!
  5. KevCarver

    Mounting Shindengen SH847

    You don't want a Ricks. With either SH847 or SH020 you have 3 wires coming from the stator to the R/R. From the R/R you want to run red to the + terminal through a 30a fuse or breaker, and then the ground directly to the frame. That's all there is to it. Everything stock that you unplugged, just wrap it up and tuck it away. If you go with a kit from Roadster Cycle, you'll want the plug and terminals to crimp onto the stator wires. Don't add another connection between the stator and R/R.
  6. KevCarver

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Yeah, I'm with you. T-stat is ok, but "while I'm in there..." Main reason is water pump weeping. I was looking at MiniCarver's and he had taken the water joint fittings off to find the O-rings were no longer rubber, O, or rings...LOL! So I got a set of those for sure. I think his is '01 and mine is '99. Got the vacuum hoses too. Thanks to Seb for the idea on that one. All'em gonna be blue!
  7. KevCarver

    My first resto...

    Turn the crank to make sure it isn't seized up? Other than that, yeah hard to kill a VFR engine.
  8. KevCarver

    Angled Valve Stems

    I just placed a pretty big order for my '99 and tried to include the Honda valve stems, but they are backordered. No word on availability, so I said forget them. I only wanted them because they came from Honda, I've still got Bridgeports on the bike.
  9. KevCarver

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Mine are on the way, as well as new t-stat and various O-rings for the various fittings under there. Hope mine don't leak...
  10. KevCarver

    Anybody ever refinished a GIVI case?

    I hit one with a few coats of black Plasti-Dip because it was severely faded red and my bike was no shade of red. Turned out fine, some deep scratches showed up, but not too noticeable.
  11. KevCarver

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Just ordered the AS3 for 5th Gen and a set of SS clamps! Now I need to place an order with Mason City for water pump and related OEM bits related to the cooling system for a full refurbish. My favorite "Seb-ism" to "Future Proof" it! Almost done! (Haha, never done!)
  12. KevCarver

    Need Electrical Help

    My understanding is that the wires are continuous on the stator. They wrap around the core and come out to the R/R. That is what confused me on your initial posting. I guess the previous owner cut the wires and added the connector to introduce the FH012 R/R. That connector mimics the initial poor design of the OE connector, in that it is exposed to the elements and prone to loosening. I too have had some difficulties in soldering in the past. I recently bought myself a much better soldering gun and watched some youtube video on the subject. The biggest issue I had in the past was not tinning the tip and cleaning it. I understood flux was the key, but with a dirty poorly tinned tip it wasn't doing much good. Admittedly since buying the new gun (as opposed to a soldering iron) I've had better luck with 16-18-20 gauge. With 12-10ga and thicker they have been less neat, but they seem to be ok in my practice joining. Looking at your pics, I'd suggest stripping more wire, coating in flux, and crossing like an "X" then wrapping the ends flush. I forget what, if anything, the previous owner did with your stator. Maybe it's time for a new one or a rewind? You can get the connector that fits directly into the FH012 and crimp the pins to the new wires without needing to solder anything. Maybe ask for thicker gauge wire from the stator to keep them cooler? Again, I have no idea why mine get so hot. (They get effing hot!) But with no sign of insulation damage. It worries me somewhat, but I haven't had any insulation failure after swapping stators for a rewound, or R/R for a FH012 then FH020. (My FH012 I bought on ebay used from an R1 did eventually die after a long time. My records only go back 9 years and 40,000 miles, so it was before that. Rewound stator was installed 4 1/2 years and 13k miles ago.)
  13. KevCarver

    Need Electrical Help

    Mine are hot too. Not sure if it’s a normal thing, but they seem ok. Also not sure if they always were hot like that. Just the stator wires. Mine is running on a rewound stator from Custom Rewind and an FH020. (Was an FH012) Sorry, I don’t have any solutions.
  14. KevCarver

    Throttle body hose replacement... silicone?

    I ordered some yesterday, will probably have a ton of leftovers. Trying some 8mm too.
  15. KevCarver

    Throttle body hose replacement... silicone?

    Something like this: Silicone 3.5mm vacuum hose ?

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