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  1. Hi, What's the most miles anyone here has gotten out of a 5th gen? I have a 2001 800FI CA. model. I'm at 75K and it's still running great. Of course I do all the recommended service. Change the oil & filter every 3-4K. I've changed all of the fluids twice, brake, clutch, coolant. Rebuilt the forks twice, 3 chains and 2 sets of sprockets. I've had the valves adjusted twice, well, checked twice. I've only needed one valve actually adjusted and that was at 68K. I just recently bought the 3rd battery. That's about it. I have the usual basic mods, forks revalved, speedo healer, Power Commander, frame sliders, geared down a tad, LeoVince slip-on, EBC wave rotors, EBC GPFA pads, Zumo 550. I'm sure it's due for a rear shock so I'm debating a 929 setup from Jamie Daugherty in the next few weeks. I figure if I just keep looking after it, I should get another 70K. Think I'm dreamin? It's been the most fun and reliable bike I have had or have known any friends to have either. I commute daily and most weekends try to get in a couple hundred miles of twistys. Some decent roads in No. Cal. What's the most miles anyone has heard or has accrued? It seems there should already be some sorta thread like this already but I can't seem to find it. Maybe someone can point me toward it? Cheers!
  2. You just need to use a different viewer. Some viewers don't seem to do so well. MS Paint works but PhotoShop doesn't..weird
  3. 702 downloads

    98-2001 VFR 800FI Parts Manual Individual page scans .GIF format
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    Lowside damage(totaled)
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