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  1. Amen!! Just ride and enjoy yourself. No worries! Don't Make a mountain out of a mole hill!
  2. A few random thoughts from some one who worked as a technician in a Honda dealership from 1979 to 1988. 1st. I know this was 30 years ago but I believe the dealership business model remains the same. Technicians are on the bottom of the pecking order in the dealership. A quick Google search showed that the average motorcycle tech pay is $14.50 a flat rate hour compared to an average $100.00 an hour labor rate. This is about the same pay I was making in 1988 when the labor rate was $35.00 per hour. This being said, a skilled technician will not remain in a motorcycle dealership for very long. I personally went from a Honda motorcycle shop to an Acura dealer when they 1st opened for twice the pay and half the hours worked in a week. 2nd. The person working on your beloved VFR has probably never sat on one much less tried to perform any maintenance on one. Exceptions being shops that are centered on racing or performance tuning will have people on staff that are experienced and have a passion for what they do and are payed accordingly. 3rd. The question of the OP. From my personal experience from adjusting valves on thousands of bikes from 600 mile 1st. services to routine maintenance, very rarely would an adjustment be needed and when needed was not more than a .05 mm. adjustment on a shim over or under bucket adjustment which would not cause any adverse effects reliability or performance. 4th. I bought my '97 VFR with 20k on the clocks in 2012 I went through the bike changed the fluids, plugs and found a valve cover oil leak. When replacing the valve cover gaskets I checked the valve clearances while I was in there. No valves were out of specification. At 45k I had an acceleration issued and rechecked the valve clearance and they were still within specification turned out to be a carburetor issue. 5th. Knowing what I know I would not take my motorcycle to a dealership for any reason other than recall issues and even then when receiving the bike back would go over it with a fine tooth comb before riding it. 6th. Bottom line! Unless you can do the work yourself or have somebody you know and trust to work on it for you, Just ride it till the wheels fall off which will be a lot longer than the average person will keep and ride any motorcycle and save the money from that valve adjustment for new tires and chain and sprockets.
  3. Just arrived in Highlands. I will see everyone in the morning. I hope the weather holds!
  4. how big is the spring? Hard to tell from picture. If it is small may go on one of the pilot screws.
  5. Took a while for me to get into the brakes again I've been to 2 weddings and a funeral over the last few months. Found the issue. Thanks to Lee having me go back and inspect the pins. The grease on the pins was the consistency of Play doh. I can't believe they could move at all with that stuff on there. Luckily no wear or damage to pins or bores on calipers. When I originally checked them I could move the calipers on the pins but after cleaning the old pasty grease off and lubing the pins they slide like butter now. Shame on me for never cleaning and lubing these before now looks to be original factory grease. I can't wait to ride it yo see if I can tell a difference. Have a few more maintenance items to complete before "The spring Memorial Ride" in May. I will apply "Lee's rule" from now on when changing my brakes. Thanks again Lee.
  6. Here is one in Daytona Beach Florida. 42k but looks good! https://daytona.craigslist.org/mcd/d/daytona-beach-2007-honda-interceptor/6828759713.html
  7. Hi burnes45, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. Thanks Zero, I missed last year can't wait to get there and ride some twisties. Florida roads are so boring.
  9. I'm in! I just finished my Eventbrite registration. I'll be there Friday and Saturday I won't be staying at the Microtel as the wife and dog are coming with me. We will be at a cabin close to Highlands that I have never stayed at before. What time should I be at the hotel in the morning to find a group to ride with? Is 28 from Highlands to Franklin best route to take to the hotel? Looking forward to seeing everyone and some great riding.
  10. I think all of us have been burned by the kill switch. After I put my bar risers on my kill switch would get turned off when the bars were turned full lock. Did not happen until I parked the bike and turned the bars. When it happened the first time I thought messed something up putting the bars on.
  11. I have a "97 I removed the stock can and replaced with a Delkevic can. Not loud with DB killer installed. You can get high mount or stock orientation. Stock exhaust is quiet as a church mouse. There are other cans that will fit and let the V4 music play so you can enjoy it. Do you Have a picture of your new addition?
  12. All ways had a love of the RD's had a 77 RD400 as my 1st real street bike. Lusted after the Kenny Roberts special when it came out. Still one of my favorite paint schemes on a motorcycle.
  13. The CBX1000 has beautiful exhaust music second only to the VFR. Worked for a Honda dealer in the 80"s we were one of the few dealers in our area with a dyno. Our owner (Ron Turner) was heavy into drag racing so we had everything we needed to make fast motorcycles. The CBX with a set of headers running through the gears on the dyno put a grin on my face every time.Pulling the carbs to jet them and synchronize was a PITA had to remove upper motor mount and tilt engine forward to gain access motor. There was one salesman that raced a CBX Saturday nights before a race on Sunday we would prerun his bike on a side road to make sure everything was all right God that was fun. Its a miracle we did not get arrested. Amazing what stupid crap you get away with when your young and dumb.
  14. Good news. Thanks for staying on this for us.
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