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  1. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    Local dealer had a preview/test drive day pre Daytona Bike week. Buffalo Soldiers MC club provided Delicious BBQ and entertainment. As for the test drive WOW! Last time I was on a Wing was about 30 years ago. They were 1100cc 4 cylinders then. Technology on this thing was over the top compared to my 97 VFR750f. Salesman took about 10 minuets to explain the basic functions to me. Even then When I reached the 1st corner I could not find the turn signal switch also the grip heaters were on and roasting my hands could not find the off switch for those either. A lot of adjustments and settings are done through the display screen including suspension. Some things could not be accessed once the bike was moving. Low speed maneuverability not to bad, wide bars and low center of gravity helps a lot. Seat height is lower than my bike also. I'm 5'7" and had no problem touching the ground. No clutch lever is hard to get use to. Push the drive button turn the gas and away you go. Four drive modes Tour, sport, rain and economy. Default is Tour, salesman suggested to start in tour and switch to sport to get the feel of the difference. Tour felt restrained not responsive after a couple of corners I switched to sport mode made a major difference but not what I would have expected from an 1800cc engine. DCT transmission was very active in sport mode a lot of shifts that seemed unnecessary although they were smooth. Over all not the bike for me. Seemed to take away from the immersion in the motorcycle experience. Felt more like driving a car, turn the gas and go hit the brakes and stop bluetooth phone, radio CB etc. Not a lot more going on between. I'll keep my 750 for now and wait on the next big thing. Sorry about the crappy pictures must of had a finger print on the lens.
  2. Bike Bandit guest blog featuring VFRs on trip into Canada. https://www.bikebandit.com/blog/post/bikebandit-guest-blogger-series-the-observer-effect?roi=echo3-49909106258-46666484-842803f6194ec493629a8f772a9799d9&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=promo_products&utm_source=Sat_030418_Guest_Bloggers Anybody we Know from here??
  3. 97 vfr750

    Do you know the brand name for the epoxy and adhesion promoter? I work for an auto dealer with body shop in complex is it something they would have? Good deal on used carbs they are a pain to clean. I would clean them when you have extra time/money and keep them for rainy day I have an extra set and its nice to be able to pop them on when mine start to have problems. Keeps me on the road.
  4. 4th gen battery DOA?

    Old school battery test was to check voltage while cranking if it dropped below 9 volts battery is bad. I would try new battery. Do you have a jump box? If it cranks on that you know you have a bad battery.
  5. +1 on the Sena. Extra key, Paper map of area In case you lose power or cell signal. Credit card should take care of any emergency. I also like to put ICE [in case of emergency] info in my phone and paper copy in my tank bag and jacket pocket with contact info, blood type, name and address. I would also do the same for your wife. Not a nice thought but seconds count if anything happens. Other than that just enjoy the ride.
  6. Trim clips recommendation, please?

    Wurth fastener has them in all sizes. You can buy online. You have to buy in quantity 10-25, average about $2 U.S. apiece. I work in auto repair and we have a selection of assorted sizes to choose from. If you don't want to buy a large quantity you may want to try a local auto parts store or independent repair shop ask for "push type retainer" or bring along one of yours for size comparison. Good luck!
  7. 97 vfr750

    Welcome! Nice looking bike, like the blue. For the lack of power I would check the air filter for a "mouse house" or just clogged. Second I would check clean the carbs look for holes in slide diaphragms. I have a '97 same bike as yours and it runs best on ethanol free gas. If it is available in your area I would use it. Did you have to repair any cracks in your fairings? If so what did you use?
  8. VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    I'm in!! just got my work calendar for 2018 and I'm clear for the ride. Putting in vacation request tomorrow and making hotel reservations. On a side note, how do I get the 2017 ride logo in my page? **Oh yea, Thanks Ben and Bob, Where do I send my $50 to? I also have some door prizes If you could PM me as to where to ship them and if they would be appropriate. Thanks
  9. I'm glad to know it's not just me having this issue. Your the 1st person to acknowledge there are problems with the update. I called Sena today the person I talked to had not heard of this before. He told me he would pass the information on to the engineers so they could start working on a fix. I asked how I would Know when a fix was available and he took my E-Mail and would send a message. I did the latest update before I started this adventure. Thank you for the reassurance fix can't come to soon.
  10. Could not tell you. That is how it worked when I set it up the first time. I hit the thumb button 1 time wait for a tone and say call "a name on my contact list. I have a newer Sansung 7. Don't know if that makes a difference.
  11. OK so I went through and did a factory reset on the Sena, removed my Google account from my phone and set up everything again. Much better now only has feedback noise for about 1 second and operates normally. I still can't make a call with out Google assistant 1st asking me what I want or "How can I help you" . I guess the other options Google assistant offers is worth the 1 second noise but I wish It worked like it did originally. I guess I'm old and set in my ways. If anyone Knows how to return to just hit the button and say "call *****" Would be great. If not I guess I'll just have to live with this.
  12. Have not used my Sena 10 sense I updated my android phone. When I used it today to make a call I hit the switch to make a call and loud feedback noise {ouch on the ears} and after a moment Google assistant came on and said"how can I help". Could not make call. Came home and and tried to remove Google assistant could only turn it off. Could not make call with Google assistant turned off. If I can last through the 5 seconds of feed back I can ask Google to call whoever. Anybody know how to bypass/stop this noise?
  13. Hi burnes45, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  14. Intro and Wheel Question

    Some MX pants and boots are better than jeans also strap on Knee and shin guards are inexpensive. I use then to commute in my work cloths.
  15. I need help removing a screw

    If you can get a flat punch on the screw and tap it to flatten the top to tighten the bite. Then a little valve lapping compound on the tip of your screw driver will give extra grip to keep it from walking out. Place the screwdriver into the screw Give a tap to drive it in tight. Also I like Snapon Type screwdrivers with the wrench grip at the top so you can push down on the screwdriver while turning with the wrench for extra leverage. Good luck cause Drilling and taping SUCKS!!

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