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  1. Anyone have or tried active noise cancelling plugs or speakers for motorcycle helmets?
  2. You can download the shop manual for the VFR 750 1992 here If disconnecting sensor made a difference then: Look at page 18-18 for testing the sensor. If disconnecting sensor made no difference then: A little more work... You need to disassemble the upper failing so you can get behind the instrument cluster Locate the 2 6-pin connectors - disconnect, inspect and clean. Reconnect and check gauge At the bottom left of the instrument cluster you have 3 screw-terminals for the temp gauge - check they are color coded as drawing on page 18-11 (attached) If you have a voltmeter (if not no worries just skip) you should have 12 volts (ish) between left and right terminal and also between center and right. + is the right Black/Brown terminal. Ignition needs to be on Locate the Green/Blue wire with a screw-terminal at the left bottom side of instrument cluster (this wire is from the sensor) - disconnect and check gauge If previous step ok, then run a wire directly from terminal to sensor - check gauge If previous step ok, then you need to decide if you want to do more work to locate the wire problem or choose to route a new wire While you have fairing in bits and pieces, I strongly suggest you change all bulbs for the instrument light or even replace with LED
  3. If you disconnect the sensor, what then? Don't let the connector touch minus/ground.
  4. Ok, I retract the new member wlecome then πŸ™‚ You know, when I saw your handle I though "odd people with all the squirrel-names..." (no offence) as I remember you (well, the other you) from the loose float seat. Why did you give up "the other you"? Well really none of my business anyway... The jets are checked and cleaned - they are 130/40. Of course I can't say if someone used abrasive wire at some point in time but I found no traces pointing to that. Mixture screws does lower idle RPM's going lean or rich. Screws (needle part) has a good profile. I did find one slide spring that feels different and is also a bit shorter. I'm trying to source some new (used) springs. I never spent this much time on any carb in my life (the sneaky loose float seat) - so I want to make sure I got everything sorted and don't stop right before finish line... πŸ™‚
  5. Any damage to the sprocket cover? Have a good look into the channel and clean it real good. Install and test it. Be careful with the seal!
  6. How does the pushrod look? Intact, scratches, bend??? Or missing completely 😞
  7. Squirrelbrains, welcome to VRFD πŸ™‚ My particular issue focus on possible rich mixture at lower RPM where vacuum is just beginning to move the slide piston. After measuring pressure (as a result of polite hits from other members) I concluded my theory was rubbish! Anyway, nice bikes you have in your collection... πŸ™‚
  8. Congrats and welcome! Well, it always nice to have first hand knowledge about the previous owner... πŸ™‚
  9. Assuming you are single handed in your workshop this method work for me. With the bike on the centerstand, you can make a Tourniquet for tightening a robe between the centerstand and brake pedal. That will effectively lock the brake with as much force as needed giving you two hands for those ass-tight annoying nuts. A pipe extension may be needed for your wrench (make sure to use correct metric 19mm) I ever encountered a wheel nut that did not give up this way
  10. RC36B

    Just bought

    Well - a lille work with some shine... πŸ™‚ tho you clutch lever gotta go - guess its ok with no gloves, but with gloves...!
  11. RC36B

    Just bought

    Many things are forgotten - riding is not one of them πŸ™‚ Was it in lay-up for a long time when you got it?
  12. I took the tank and air filter off the bike and added fuel from a small gravity tank. Measured the pressure (vacuum) upstream of the butterfly. The pressure differential is far to great to be influenced by a slightly stiff diaphragm... so who the hell started this thread anyway... just asking πŸ™‚ I really don't believe needle is the issue, they look fine. Same for jets. I checked the springs (slide piston return springs) - one spring was a tad shorter and feels different. I don't have a Newton gauge - so I guess I will replace all 4 springs this winter.
  13. RC36B

    Just bought

    Congrats with that new old bike - it is just as "new old" as my VFR 750 πŸ™‚ You should not have any problems with ordinary wear parts. Of course some parts may no longer be available from Honda, but non-OEM can be obtained. A smaller number of parts will have to be sourced from breakers.
  14. With OEM needle, main jet and slow jet I'm 2 turns out - mixture is slightly rich at idle
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