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  1. Rescue119, I am curious to know how visible the voltmeter is in the sunlight. I have a meter that looks similar to the one Marooncobra has and it was hard to read in the sun.
  2. When you mention the frame getting hot, are you talking about the subframe where the Regulator is mounted? If it is too hot to touch, it sounds like the regulator is sinking too much current and getting too hot. I suspect the Regulator is failing when hot.
  3. Its kinda hard to describe, but the fuel pump does not run continously. It pulses as the carb bowls empty. According to the service manual it should put out about 30 oz/min. If you haven't downloaded the service manual, I highly recommend that you do, it is in the Downloads section.
  4. The wiring harness has a ground point on the right side of the frame not too far from the stator plug. The ground from the battery is connected on the left side of the bike near the front of the motor. Check out page 1-35 and 1-37 of the service manual.
  5. I assume that based on the last picture, you are asking about the Oil Filler Cap and the Oil Dipstick.
  6. The photo is on VFRD, but hard to find. When I am searching for pictures on VFRD I use google and the site: option, like this: site: www.vfrdiscussion.com carb Then pick images at the top of the page that google returns. The site: option will just search the website that comes after 'site:'
  7. If you take a look at this picture, I think that #10 and #12 are between the throttle linkages. I drew an arrow pointing to the one on the right. The one on the left is hidden in this picture.
  8. Its hard to tell how big it is, but there are some springs between the throttle linkages, look at #10 and #12 on this picture.
  9. Hi COS_VFR, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. OI don't know if this helps, but looking at Partzilla, part number 16111-MZ1-000 is the vacuum, pistion for the '94-'97 VFR750F and '94-'95 CB1000A.
  11. Yoshi, I am currently in for 1, increase it to 2.
  12. YoshiHNS, Count me in for one (1) set.
  13. Rangemaster and I made it across Nebraska and most of East Colorado, parting ways at 2:40p in Limon, CO. I just rolled into the garage at 4p. Tony was right it was a great event.
  14. And as one cancels , another one finally gets off the fence and confirms. Brenda tells me that the Rocket Motel has one Queen room left and two family rooms left if anyone else is out there trying to decide.
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