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  1. Hi COS_VFR, Thank you for your donation of $100.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. COS_VFR

    RC36.2 (4th Gen) Fuel Injection discussion

    I stumbled across this NC30 Fuel injection project: https://blog.familjenjonsson.org/blog/2015/05/22/microsquirting-the-nc30-part-1-of-many/ A long but detailed account. -Gordon
  3. COS_VFR

    vibration-proof grips

    Have you considered heavier bar ends, some people think that it reduces the vibration. Others think that it just changes the frequency, either one might help your problem.
  4. Don't forget to check the air filter, I had similar issues when I over oiled the K&N air filter.
  5. Hi COS_VFR, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. COS_VFR

    Hawk GT Bars on a '95 VFR 750?

    I tried to fit Hawk Bars to my '96 and found they were to high. I found a set of 2000 bars that are higher than 4th Gen but still fit under the upper fairing.
  7. Personally, I am just in the habit of tapping my brakes to let the people behind me know i am slowing down. I like a manual trans in both my cage and bike and have noticed that since most cages are auto trans, most cage drivers are used to seeing brake lights when a car is slowing down. I can be a slow learner sometimes and I have been rearended 3 times in a cage while driving in slow moving, traffic-light to traffic-light driving. I think the fact I was slowing down, but did not have the brakes on contributed to idiots behind me not paying attention. That and stopping for a redlight
  8. COS_VFR

    Handle bars

    Sorry I did not see this sooner, The bottom is stock 4th gen, middle is 5th gen, top is HawkGT
  9. COS_VFR

    Summer Summit

    Pictures I took At the Summer Summit
  10. COS_VFR

    Uni Foam In Honda Air Filter Frame

    I used silicon on the first two bikes I did, but because some people said silicon could wreck O2 sensors, I used hot-melt glue on the VFR800. How hot does hot-melt glue need to melt? How hot does the air filter get ? Anyone have a problem using hot-melt glue?
  11. COS_VFR

    Added A New Button

    I got it working through the high beams. The contacts in my remote acted only momentarily when the button is pressed - the door doesn't continuously open and close if you hold the button down. I assume that's built in the circuitry. I took the two leads from the contact switch straight to a relay which is triggered off the high beam circuit. Even if you run with high beams it's only going to momentarily activate the opener remote. The last time I replaced the battery in my remote I noticed that it was a 12V battery. What if you permanently shorted the switch, but then power the remote from the high beam circuit? Every time you flashed your high beams, the remote would get power and the switch would be on. Does anyone think this would work? Maybe use the horn instead.
  12. COS_VFR

    Mounting a remote Radar/GPS

    Miguel, I seem to remember you using a small computer, libretto maybe in your tankbag. Is the GPS to replace this? Gordon
  13. COS_VFR

    Open up the Airbox

    Congratulations, yesterday marked 23yrs for the missus and me.
  14. COS_VFR

    Open up the Airbox

    I would assume that is her in some of his gallery pictures.

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