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  1. Hi COS_VFR, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. COS_VFR

    GIVI Cases??

    Givi case are part of a system. I have a wingrack which is a MonoKey system, so any Monokey case will fit my rack. I can even fit the side case on top, or the top case on the side, although it will look kinda funny if I do.
  3. COS_VFR

    GIVI Cases??

    Lanny, I have a V46 topcase and two E41 sidecases on my '96.
  4. OI don't know if this helps, but looking at Partzilla, part number 16111-MZ1-000 is the vacuum, pistion for the '94-'97 VFR750F and '94-'95 CB1000A.
  5. Yoshi, I am currently in for 1, increase it to 2.
  6. COS_VFR

    Mystery fork caps

    There are spacers under the handle bars to raise them up a bit. There are tubes added to hide the fact that the handlebars have been raised and the caps cover the tubes. You should be able to get a utility knife under the lip and pry them out.
  7. COS_VFR

    1994 tach dead

    Looking at the wiring diagram, the Tach shares a common ground with everything else in the gauge cluster and is driven by a signal from the Ignition control module. The wire is labeled Y/G which I believe is Yellow with green stripe.
  8. I once had a similar problem, but it was more rpm related than throttle position related. The problem was eventually determined to be clogged air filter due to over oiling the K&N air filter.
  9. The plastic is ABS and I have had good luck using ABS glue and fiberglass cloth reinforcement. I have rebuilt a new rear tab on the seat cowl using ABS glue and fiberglass cloth, but it does not experience as much stress as the front tab. On the whole I have had some success using this method on the ABS plastic
  10. YoshiHNS, Count me in for one (1) set.
  11. COS_VFR

    4th Gen fuse box removal

    Oh, and then the fuseblock slides out / up towards you.
  12. COS_VFR

    4th Gen fuse box removal

    Here is a picture with the fuseblock removed. Push the plastic tab toward the fuses, away from the bracket.
  13. There are a couple on ebay right now. One looks to be in OK shape.
  14. COS_VFR

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Rangemaster and I made it across Nebraska and most of East Colorado, parting ways at 2:40p in Limon, CO. I just rolled into the garage at 4p. Tony was right it was a great event.

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