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  1. Does it look like #12 in this picture? Partzilla lists it as: WEIGHT, L. STEP, 50703-MT4-000
  2. raYzerman, I see from your picture that you are using a tire pressure monitoring system. Could you elaborate on the model and your experience with it?
  3. Your mounting bracket reminds me of the one TriumphTraitor made for 6th gens. I am curious about how you mounted that bracket.
  4. The outer clutch basket is driven by the engine and the inner clutch basket is connected to the transmission. With the clutch disks removed, the inner basket should spin freely when in neutral should spin with the rear tire when in gear.
  5. Since you have the carbs upside down on the bench, have you tried letting some carb cleaner soak the jets overnight? Maybe slip a short clear tube over the jet and fill it up with carb cleaner to give it a good soak.
  6. In the US, glue for ABS pipe that you can buy at the home store is ABS dissolved in Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Acetone.
  7. Hi COS_VFR, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. I completely understand, while in Australia, every time I signaled a turn with the windshield wipers, my coworker declared it was "The New Guy Wave" !
  9. If you go through the trouble to replace the coolant hoses under the carbs, I would replace the o-rings and gaskets on the pipes.
  10. These are the one I bought for my 4th gen. https://www.bellissimoto.com/parts/engine/emissions-removal/tpo-emissions-pair-system-removal-kit-for-vfr750-1 Be sure to make sure that there are 4 plates instead of the picture which just shows 2. I purchased mine from tpoparts.com which appears to be offline now.
  11. Those two hose connectors attach to the PAIR system. Most people remove it and plug those connectors. From the pictures that you have posted, it is hard to tell the PAIR system has been removed from your bike.
  12. I think the first thing that I would do is get a shop vac and suck as much dirt out of the carbs, and intake ports as possible. I wouldn't even try and turn the crank until as much dirt as possible is pulled from the intake ports and any open intake valves.
  13. When I bled a dry system, I started with this syringe and forced the fluid up from the caliper to the dry master cylinder. Then bled the system as normal. https://www.amazon.com/Hopkins-10111-FloTool-Mixmizer-Injector/dp/B000G72U0K .
  14. That is normal. There is not supposed to be a cotter pin there. If you took the axle out you would find a shoulder that keeps the axle from moving. When I take out the axle, I put a screwdriver in those holes to help pull the axle out.
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