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  1. Where Are The SoCal Rides?

    I might be up for this, but can't commit until a bit later. How many bikes so far?
  2. Where Are The SoCal Rides?

    If I was only retired...
  3. Where Are The SoCal Rides?

    If you build it, they will come...
  4. Ducati supersport

    That's a great dealership. I test rode a '17 Multistrada 1200S there a couple weeks ago - a nice bike, but not for me.
  5. Ducati supersport

    There's many videos of the SS on YouTube, which one are you referring to?
  6. Ducati supersport

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder.
  7. Ducati supersport

    If the SuperSport had the same luggage capacity as Honda's OEM panniers and top-box I'd consider it. But IMHO it's not a sport-tourer with semi-rigid panniers and no top-box option.
  8. Ducati supersport

    In your opinion anyway.
  9. Ducati supersport

    If I didn't already have my '15 Interceptor, I think this Ducati S model with the Touring package would be my first pick between it and the VFR. Would I trade in my VFR for this new SuperSport? No. But if I didn't already have the VFR, I doubt that I'd get it now that this new Ducati is almost out.
  10. Ducati supersport

    Bags are nice, and I do love the sound of that Ducati. Also better electronics than the VFR, and a up/down quick-shifter as well. Ergonomics seem to be about the same, but has options for different seats, and a taller adjustable windscreen. A bit more power doesn't hurt either, but I assume all this is definitely going to bring the price well above the VFR.
  11. Ducati supersport

    And no option for hard bags? A real sport-tourer needs hard bags.
  12. New And Improved Alternative Ram Mount

    Not really related to the RAM mount post, but I also have that same USB port connector. Here's a couple pics of how I mounted it on my 8th gen. The USB connector mount has adhesive, and I attached that to the handlebar frame as shown and works well. The wiring for the connector was also spliced to a SAE connector that routes underneath the gas tank, and gets power from the battery, hence always on.
  13. Picture Thread

    I've got the Honda quickshifter, and yes I'd buy it again.
  14. 8th gen minor updates for 2017

    Other than somewhat reshaping the exhaust, it's the same 8th gen with a new color scheme.

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