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  1. Hail Caesar! Is 'semper ubi sub ubi' part of ATGATT? ;)
  2. I don't know if this would be feasible/practical, but what about swapping out the entire rear caliper with a unit that is known to be working properly?
  3. 2015 HONDA VFR800D and VFR800F Right front brake caliper – bleeder screw - 45111-MEL-013 SCREW, BLEEDER (same for left side) Rear brake caliper – bleeder screw - 43352-568-003* SCREW, BLEEDER (NISSIN) Clutch slave cylinder – bleeder screw - 22866-MF2-711* SCREW, BLEEDER *Note the two different part numbers for the rear brake caliper and clutch slave cylinder - I sure hope Speedbleeder is correct saying that the same Speedbleeder part (SB8125L) fits both...
  4. Hey Skids, For my 2015 VFR800 Deluxe this what Speedbleeder emailed me back in 2017: Front……SB7100S quantity 2, 1 for each caliper Rear…….SB8125L quantity 1 Clutch….SB8125L The steel bleeders are $7each, 5 would be $35 and the stainless steel bleeders are $15 each, 5 would be $75. S&H is $5.95 When ordering Speed Bleeder, consider also ordering the Bag and Hose Combo. The bag is like an IV bag. It comes with 30 inches of silicone hose. When one end of the hose is attached to the bag and the other end is attached to the Speed Bleeder, it makes the messy job of bleeding brakes neat and clean. The hose and bag are reusable. Speed Bleeder is also available in 303 Stainless Steel. The stainless steel bleeder will never rust or corrode and is polished to a brilliant gloss for the custom look. To order the stainless steel version go to www.speedbleeder.com click on “Secure Ordering” at the top of the order page you will see a selection “Stainless Steel”. Click on this heading and all the sizes available in stainless steel will drop down. Thanks, Whitney
  5. Thanks again SF and Duc for all your dedication and hard work on this project and navigating around and ironing out all the roadblocks and speedbumps that have popped up along the way that we don't even know about!!!
  6. Thanks for the update SF - have a great time in TX!!!
  7. My 2015 shifts really good right now, stock. If I want to, I can both upshift and downshift without using the clutch. I'm hoping that after I eventually install this kit, the bike will shift automatically for me... ;)
  8. Hey as I got an email acknowledging the order IIRC 5-10 minutes after ordering. I do Not remember (and can't find) getting a tracking/shipping update email. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, website wasn't letting me... ETA: Hey, I was wrong, sorry! I got an email from USPS on Monday, March 4 advising of the shipment and tracking number... (I had saved the email into a different Outlook folder and just came across it again)
  9. I received mine yesterday (Los Angeles). Box says 1998-2005 VFR so I'm hoping it's still good for 2014+...
  10. Kit ordered. Thanks Marc and Stray! (add sales tax for CA, bummer!!)
  11. If swappable, I'd be interested in a set of CB1000R wheels for my white 2015, either black or white:
  12. Does anyone know how much shipping would be to LA?
  13. I would double check the VIN/Engine numbers to make sure it's a 750 and not a 700... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_VFR750F Assuming original engine/frame: RC24 in the VIN = 750 RC26 in the VIN = 700 Also, ask for more pictures, the left side of the bike looks suspect to me...
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