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  1. Cool chain of events! I wish I could buy my 87 back but some idiot borrowed it from my idiot cousin and wrecked/totaled it on some track in Texas... :(
  2. Worse yet, thanks to BS absofreakinglutely stupid bleeding heart liberal measures like AB109 (a complete FAIL btw) - a TON of decent members of society have been repeatedly victimized (assaulted, robbed, extorted, kidnapped, even raped and/or killed like Whittier PD Officer Keith Boyer) by scumbags (even ones with extensive criminal histories, including violent crimes) being let back out on the street after doing little to no time behind bars.
  3. Don't let statistics (and certain groups' slants on statistics) fool you. If we have a lot of people jailed/imprisoned, all else being equal, that means we have a lot of scumbags out there running amok. If you think the % of incarcerations per capita is a lot - you should see how many criminals, Especially Repeat Offenders!, we have running around who aren't even incarcerated right now Even After Being Caught Red Handed (partially due to COVID); you should see how many cases either don't get filed or get tossed out; you should see how often serious crimes get reduced down to lower crimes; you should see how often sentences are reduced; you should see how often people are let out after only doing 10-15% of their sentences; you should see how pitiful the "punishments" really are in comparison to the criminals' histories and the effects of their actions on victims; ETC AD NAUSEAM. Too many people are not being raised correctly here and there really isn't enough negative reinforcement for them to act properly within the good/decent standards of a civilized society. Right now, in LA County (and probably anywhere/everywhere else in Southern CA), if the scumbag who stole trjerm's motorcycle were caught riding the bike and even admitting to stealing the bike, he/she would most likely only be field booked and released (that means given a ticked/promise to appear and allowed to walk on down the road) - that's primarily due to COVID. Non-covid? Probably taken in and probably would do a max of about a week in jail (if that) - maybe a couple of weeks if he had priors... SMH...
  4. Sorry to hear that! 😞 IMnshO, the US, and especially CA, and especially during this COVID time, are Way too soft on criminals. I hate thieves... hope you are able to recover your bike soon and in good condition!
  5. I'm surprised none of the MBD people have inputted yet - a back up bike! :D Two is one and one is none... haha
  6. Looks pretty good to me - did you try to eliminate the vtec dips?
  7. That front tire wear and wear pattern would definitely be concerning to me. I remember reading a discussion and/or article on car vs motorcycle tires and wheels and something about the beads and lips being different cross-wise. OTOH, if you get a car tire wide enough, no more need for a kick stand or to put your feet down at a light... ha
  8. Stunters gonna stunt! haha jk Glad you made it back safe!
  9. You know I think I prefer the white! Although what I'd really want are the wheels off of a 2018+ CB1000R...
  10. Adding to my wallpaper slideshow folder, thanks gentlemen! Also IMO, 1991 Suzuka 500gp race - one of the best ever!
  11. That's Da Kine braddah! To be able to settle down in a forever home on Oahu (or Maui or Kauai or Hawaii or you get the idea), I'd be happy to trade my VFR in for a Grom! :D
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