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  1. 843 downloads

    Honda service manual for the 02-09 VFR 800.
  2. vanion2

    Ride Photos

    Photos of the various places my VFR has taken me
  3. Yep. I just recently had to order a part for a Goldwing that I damaged when my bike tipped over. Saved me about the same for the part and the Goldwing owner was completely satisfied with his new OEM Honda part that matched the paint perfectly. This was after doing some comparison shopping around a few of the websites that usually offer good prices. As long as Keith keeps offering those competitive prices I will keep shopping there at Mason City.
  4. The way I do it for google maps is the same but less steps. Just make your map as HS describes, copy the link, then paste it to your post and add the map tags. Keep in mind sometimes Google maps misbehave and the link you end up pasting doesn't work. When that happens I try resizing the map and copying the new link into the map tags. [map] [/map] Actual example: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=212604679972371715183.0004d99cdeb98ec63ffcc&msa=0 Now type the map tags on each end as shown above: Full Size
  5. Wow. Nice first post. This should be interesting to watch. Good luck (maybe PM BLS to get his attention?).
  6. vanion2

    Kings Peak Rd.

    Fantastic shot. Well done.
  7. vanion2

    Wad 12

    Nice shot.
  8. It wasn't that wet! Lol...and a featured shot no less. I told you that was a great shot.
  9. vanion2

    IMG 3201

    Lol...this was at 8 am just before we started the ride. Maybe I should move the starting point across the stree though so Tim can get his waffle fix in. You can see his trusty steed already pointing the way.
  10. Very nice! +1 on the pilot's view of the cutoff.
  11. vanion2


    Haha....Zia scored a feature shot!
  12. Yep. Softening the glue that binds the shield to the housing.
  13. Such awesome scenery and no lack of adventures on you trip. It's killing me as I haven't gotten to do any real riding all last season. Thanks for sharing.
  14. As far as I know there are no internal ballasts unless it is some high end cage and the projectors would be even bigger to accomodate them. Not something you would want for the VFR. You probably could have freed up some space by removing the lower reflector. Something you may want to consider as you don't want the projector touching the lens. Vibrations will cause scuffing of the projector and create hot spots in you beam pattern. That and the heat of the projector could potentially melt the lens over time also causing beam pattern distortions. I know this means baking it again but you
  15. Putting HID bulbs in your stock housing is bad for oncoming traffic and illegal. Don't be part of that crowd. If you want to do it right look here: http://www.theretrof...e.com/index.php Retro fit is the only way to go. Also cheap ballasts = crappy flickering and lower bulb output and life. Each bulb should have its own ballast. That's how they are designed. Stay away from eBay for your components because you get what you pay for. I replaced my cheap Xentec ballasts with the Morimoto ballasts at the site above and the difference was huge using the same bulbs. The cost was significant
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