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  1. Just out or curiosity, is your ignition switch sticking? My 02 switch starting doing that because I think the spring got worn out. Just an easy thing to check and one more thing to eliminate before the deep dive into wiring world.
  2. The VFR has found a new home. Moderators are welcome to delete this post. Thanks!
  3. Here's the GW in the sunlight at 10K feet above sea level. And because this is a VFR site I won't keep posting pictures of the GW after this. I don't want anyone think that I don't love and have the utmost respect for the VFR.
  4. ZiaVFR is still around. I am hoping to set up a ride with him in the very near future. You are always invited and I will keep you in the loop. I did consider an ST1300. I tried to test drive one but it was so heavy and I couldn't get both feet on the ground that I didn't even take it for a test drive. It has a custom seat and the salesman didn't know how to adjust it.
  5. First 2 up ride today. Another pass down S14 only this time at a more sedate pace with the wife on the back. Her response after the ride? "Love my throne!" Apparently the GW has been royally blessed.
  6. Love the colors on the lead VFR. And that rear wheel on the left bike. So much eye candy in this pic!
  7. Seriously? Give a guy a few days to upgrade those grips! I have seen them on a lot of Goldwings so I am not sure they aren't standard. And they aren't heated which I object to since I spoiled myself with heated grips on the VFR. Can't be rolling around on that couch without heated grips! 🤭 Anyway, I finally got it out on some twisty roads and I'll be damned if I can't lean that GW through my favorite S turns as fast as my VFR. It's only slightly disjointing when the foot pegs touch down and make pretty sparkles. Maybe it's just me but it seems easier to lean on the GW than the VFR. I suspect the low center of gravity is the culprit. Cool commercial by the way.
  8. I got to get into some leans this morning and was surprised at how planted it felt. I am still learning where the limits are but I can't wait to ride it again. Good thing I drove it to work this morning. 😁
  9. Highway pegs are coming off and the pin striping. Possibly the driver back rest as well if I can't tighten it down. It flops around right now. Just over 43K miles. No ABS so that will take a little getting used to again. I will get some out door shots when I get it registered so you will have to settle for this as proof I have one now (and the beautiful VFR just behind it). 😋
  10. The cases that I lost the keys for were V35 side cases. Still someone may benefit from that information so thanks for sharing!
  11. Just added an 06, pearl white Goldwing to the stable. Now I am in trouble because what does that mean for my beloved VFR that I have been riding since 2006? The good news is I own both of them out right so I have time to decide which one will be the keeper but my gut already tells me I may be seeking a new home for the VFR. I love it but the riding posture on the VFR is hard on my lower back (even with conditioning and focus on using my core) and after a few hours of riding it really takes a toll. It's why I had to find the next best thing. The FJR1300 I test drove felt more like work than fun but the Goldwings (yes, plural) I test drove had that VFR feel to it. Inspiring and fun (yes, an almost 900 lb bike fit that description). Best of all, the seating position is perfect for me without modifications (I have custom bar risers and extended brake/clutch lines on the VFR) and the seat. Wow. No more sore butt in my future. I will need to put the GW through its paces before reaching any real conclusions to be fair and I know I can't expect to be able to carve as deep on the VFR but more of my rides have been about smooth versus fast and since the house fire my wife has been wanting to 2 up with me and our last ride on the VFR left her a little sore from the seat. I don't expect that will be a problem with the Queen's throne. No, I don't have the space for MBD and don't want to pay $400+ per year on insurance on a bike that hardly gets ridden. Besides, both of those bikes need regular exercise and I don't want either to get neglected. And my daughter sat on the Queen's throne last night as asked that when I was done riding it for good if she could have it and she is only 9 years old. 😆
  12. T Already got that kit on the way. ;) Mine do as well. Unfortunately that did not help at all as the keys Givi use are hard to find even in a locksmith's shop. They tried several keys based on the key codes and even tried to make one from scratch with no success. Besides, now I will have all 3 cases keyed the same since I ordered the kit ShipFixer listed above last week so I call that a win regardless.
  13. Never mind. I took the side cases to a locksmith and I am glad I did. They tried to make a key which surprised me because my research turned up just making a duplicate was a challenge. As expected they were unsuccessful. Next was trying to pick the lock. Also unsuccessful. Apparently the Givi locks are no joke. Finally it was drilling the locks out. If you choose to do this be careful and take your time. You need to go at a slight angle towards the top of the case and don't go too deep. There will be a slot on the bottom that a flat head screwdriver can be used to unlock the case. If you go too deep then you're hosed. It cost me a total of $35 for both (YMMV) and it was worth it after watching them. The good news is the Givi lock and keys sets are easy to find on Amazon for a reasonable price so I ordered a new set and removing the lock assembly is pretty easy.
  14. So I have 2 x V35's that are locked closed and no keys to open them with. Any suggestions on how to get them open without damaging the cases? I already ordered a new set of Givi locks with keys so I don't care if the current locks are destroyed but I need the cases intact. TIA!
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