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  1. I had 2 - a '76 in red and a '77 in yellow. Wish I still had the yellow one - sold it for a house downpayment.
  2. I don't have one BUT I think that is a "SPEEDOHEALER". Corrects the speedo to read true MPH - NOT the 8% fast or whatever it is Honda programmed.
  3. Hi rangemaster, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. Mr. Mohawk, Owning a carbed bike, I've never messed with injection. Having wrenched on my own stuff for over 50 (!) years, I'm curious as to why you are using CBR 929 injectors with only 4 holes when most conversations are about the advantages of the 'newer' 12 hole vs the 'older' 6 hole. Thanks for your response.
  5. The BEST is the Nealey Tire Repair Kit from a little family run place in Iowa. Been using them for years. My current rear tire (anybody ever have a puncture on the front!?) has over 2000 miles on it with a Nealey plug in it. No leaks, never had a problem with one. About 12 bucks for the small kit.
  6. UPDATE: Well, it turns out the problem was an intermittently bad fuel pump. When asked what I wanted for Fathers Day I said some time to diagnose my bike problem. After checking all the electrics 3 times it turned out the fuel pump would work for a while, sometimes. Bypassed the pump completely, been riding it for over a week, while waiting for a new pump to arrive.
  7. Regarding your starter: Look around your area for an "old school" starter shop. I've worked on a lot of 'older stuff' (bike and cars) and have had great luck getting starters rebuilt by a good shop.
  8. Thanks Squirrelman. I assume by pulser coil you mean the pulse generator. Time to get out the multimeter, when it does run on all 4 it runs, idles, sounds perfect.
  9. So before I pull the carbs off, here's what happened: Rode to work (15 miles) ran perfect-like it has for a couple of years. Fire it up to go home, idles perfect for a couple of minutes while I put my helmet on and one cylinder goes dead. Hmmm. Before, in the past, this usually means time to pull the carbs. Got to get home so off I go. Still running on 3 cylinders-right up to when it totally stops running-no matter how much throttle. Pull over and assess: Battery voltage 12.8 when I started it, 14.8 at speed. Temp, barely moved the needle. Half a tank of fuel (non-ethanol). So I wait 15 minutes, try to start it, fires at barely a touch of the button and runs perfect. Hop on an go about 3 minutes, then down one cylinder, about another 5 minutes-same thing, just dies, won't run any more. Wait 15, starts right up, runs great, then the 3 cylinder power loss for a few and then dies as I turn the corner and coast to a stop at the bottom of my driveway. So far fuel pump is good, float bowls have fuel, did the fuel pump cut-off bypass, still does the same thing. Could it be the carbs? My intuition is that it's electrical-pulse generator? Like I said-starts and runs perfect for 3-4 minutes, the loses a cylinder, will run on 3 for a bit and then just won't run any more. The rear two cylinders are cooler than the front two when it stops running. (coils?) Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. Having a 4th Gen means pulling the carbs occasionally. When the carbs are off it's easy to see down the intakes to the back side of the valves. It used to look like the photos above. Ever since I plugged the airbox intake and put the small filter on the breather there's been no build up on the intake valves. They look almost identical to the exhaust.
  11. Curious as to the "something you did about it." I put a filter on the on the outlet from the valve cover and plugged the inlet to the airbox for this very reason. One of the small aftermarket tapered filters will fit under the tank. rm
  12. I got to sit on Mini-Carvers 5th/6th Gen at the last Summer Summit in South Dakota. (Yeah, he offered to let me ride it but he's about a foot taller and the bike is definitely set up for him). Super well thought out and executed. He showed me the cast-in boss on the Fifth Gen engine that he bolted the VTEC solenoid to-like Honda knew someone was going to do this swap. A RWB 6th Gen WITH cam gear whine AND dual Staintunes!? Outstanding. If I win the lottery... Oh, his dad rides a 6th Gen WITH a TORO Charger, yes quite the team.
  13. Yoshi, add me to the list for 1 set. Many thanks.
  14. Thank you Sir, It worked perfect.
  15. I'm just an analog guy in a digital world, so could somebody tell me where I find the directions to do this? I'm a PC guy at work and am on the wife's MAC at home, which I'm sure is part of my issue. Thanks.
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