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  1. rangemaster

    Bleeding question

  2. rangemaster

    My 399 lb VFR848

    Beautiful bike. Cool Dog.
  3. rangemaster

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Sorry to break in, but is/was there a thread on doing this to a 4th gen 750? If so, I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance.
  4. rangemaster

    Do I need a new screen name?

    Congratulations! Looks like you made it out with your psyche intact. Riding helps.
  5. rangemaster

    Petcock body leaks

    So the two local dealers didn't stock the petcock to tank O-ring, "...take a week to 10 days to get it in, $5". In the era of Amazon, you're kidding. Got a Viton 2mm x 24mm O-ring (thanks JZH) from the local industrial seal supply. 93 cents. Put it back together, not a drop. Thanks again to everybody.
  6. rangemaster

    Petcock body leaks

    Fantastic guys, thank you both very much. I think I'll try replacing the O ring first and if that doesn't do it I'll do the grind-drill-tap.
  7. rangemaster

    Petcock body leaks

    it was easily solved..... Thanks for the reply, did you drill the rivets? I have the fuel line off and it doesn't leak a drop from the outlet-it's definitely from where the plate meets the body.
  8. Went to ride to breakfast this morning, open the garage door and smelt gas. Dry under the bike, but a quick look reveals some dampness under the tank. Pull plastics, lift tank and it appears that the leak is from the seam of the petcock body. There are two little rivets holding a stamped flat piece of metal to the cast aluminum body. Sooo...what's the best way to go about fixing this? No new petcocks available (that I can find). Pull it off and try to restake the rivets? Grind 'em off, drill and tap for screws? (Is there a gasket under the plate?). Thanks for any input. RM
  9. rangemaster

    4th gen battery DOA?

    How old is the battery? It can show a 'surface' charge of over 12 volts (which is enough to start the bike) BUT if its just a surface charge the 2/3 seconds of cranking will be enough to flatten it. Charge it up as far as it will go then take it to an AUTOZONE or some place that can test it. They can tell you if its still good. ...or not.
  10. rangemaster

    Chain Mileage

    I commute-lube once a week, clean once a month.
  11. rangemaster

    Any Fried Stators Yet?

    When I took long trips with my 4th gen I carried a spare! I still do.
  12. rangemaster

    2018 SumSum4 Location

    Custer is twice the distance from my house. 2 day ride there. "But Honey, I don't pick where they hold these, I just go." I voted for Custer. PS: I know that's nothing milage for some of you guys, but it's the time off that is a killer for me.
  13. rangemaster

    New to me 95

    Even with all the work..STEAL!
  14. rangemaster

    SumSum 4 Scouting Trip

    Pretty hot up there about now-but still cooler than down here. Almost 4 weeks of close to 100 degrees. Wherever you pick Tony, I'm sure it'll be great.
  15. rangemaster

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    . The part number is HA-00The one on the right has the same amount of pleats and looks to be the same size as the k&n I have for my 4th gen. Hmmmm...What's old is new?

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