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  1. Hello vanion2, I haven't been on in a bit and when I do I see your 'back in the fold'. So sorry to hear about your close escape at the house, super happy you and yours all made it through without injury. Everything else is just 'stuff'. Is ZIA VFR still around? And, did you consider a ST 1300 ? guy at work has one and loves it. I sent you a PM. Rangemaster
  2. Hi rangemaster, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. I got to sit on Mini-Carvers 5th/6th Gen at the last Summer Summit in South Dakota. (Yeah, he offered to let me ride it but he's about a foot taller and the bike is definitely set up for him). Super well thought out and executed. He showed me the cast-in boss on the Fifth Gen engine that he bolted the VTEC solenoid to-like Honda knew someone was going to do this swap. A RWB 6th Gen WITH cam gear whine AND dual Staintunes!? Outstanding. If I win the lottery... Oh, his dad rides a 6th Gen WITH a TORO Charger, yes quite the team.
  4. I'm just an analog guy in a digital world, so could somebody tell me where I find the directions to do this? I'm a PC guy at work and am on the wife's MAC at home, which I'm sure is part of my issue. Thanks.
  5. Rangemaster made it home Saturday to Albuquerque just before the afternoon monsoon. Did another 100 miles after COS_VFR (many thanks) and I part ways in Limon Co. Great to have a riding partner thru some of the most desolate country I've ever seen. Great time, nice to see everybody and meet some new great people. Many thanks to Tony for a fun few days.
  6. Sorry to break in, but is/was there a thread on doing this to a 4th gen 750? If so, I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Custer is twice the distance from my house. 2 day ride there. "But Honey, I don't pick where they hold these, I just go." I voted for Custer. PS: I know that's nothing milage for some of you guys, but it's the time off that is a killer for me.
  8. Very cool Rob, SP1 or SP2? Friend of mine just had his stolen, was in a store at the mall less than 15 minutes-figures somebody targeted him because he just got done doing a nice refresh to it.
  9. Hi Scottay951,


    Does your rack work with the grab handles on or do they have to come off to install this. I am VERY interested!


    Thanks for your time.



  10. Hi rangemaster, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. Which model Ohlins do you have for sale? I'm resigned to I'll have to restring it but I'm still looking for one.


    Thank you for your time.



  12. OOOOO So tempting. What spring weight is on it? I'd probably have to swap it-I weigh #135.


    Thanks for your time,



    1. mcrwt644


      I'm not sure what spring.  I'm 165, and it's a hair soft

  13. Also look up HighSideNZ's "5th into 6th" project. VERY detailed and fascinating read.
  14. Wow. I go away for two weeks to a place that has no internet (yes there are still a few like that) and I miss the unveiling! Simply beautiful. 4th Gen artistry. And only about half the time it took to do the Sistine Chapel.
  15. You Sir, are a freakin' genius.
  16. One of Seb's clutch covers would look fantastic on this.
  17. You have every right to be proud of that mount. Very nice.
  18. +1 to the strap wrench and big channel locks suggestions. I've got something that looks and works like a strap wrench but looks like one side of a bike chain-hasn't failed to ever get a filter off. Another thing you can do because it's round is put an aviation style screw clamp on it and pound it loose.
  19. Lance, that's beautiful, and we're glad you didn't get soaked going home!
  20. rangemaster

    2013 hibernation

    I love my 4th GEN too and it doesn't leak a drop either. Does the 1200? Just kidding, beautiful set up.
  21. 4th GENs are 34mm, 3rd GENs are 36mm. I have no idea what the result would be to put the 3rd gen carbs on a 4th gen but I always thought it would be a fun "what if" project if I ever had the time and was awash in money. Just dialing it in would be a project in and of itself.
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