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  1. I've been a reaaaaallllyyyy long time infrequent lurker. I bought my 1996 in 2005(and joined VFRD), rode her for a while and had a few issues that I was going to get to. Well, I never got to it. Life always seemed to get in the way. Here I am now though, in need of some direction from you more experienced folks. There are a number of things that need replacement, most of which from sitting so long, and I'm curious as to the best place to get them. One of the main issues are the right side fairings, the lower black and red right above it. From what I remember, no one makes them anymore, OEM or aftermarket, and you have to find them used? Anyone have them here? The other bigger issue is the starter is toast. I see a huge price disparity between aftermarket and OEM. Aftermarket is about $100 vs $400 for Honda. Why such a big difference? Does anyone have experience with aftermarket starters? The list of stuff I need is probably fairly common, with maybe the exception of the throttle tube. I haven't found it on a parts breakdown. But any recommendations for the following items would be appreciated - Chain Fork Seals Brake pads front and rear Is there a caliper rebuild kit? Air Filter As is usually the case, budget is a bit of an issue, and I'd rather not spend so much on the starter, which I hadn't expected to have to replace with this project. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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