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  1. Mobil 1 M1-110. Same filter for my VFR, Civic and Ridgeline believe it or not. 800cc, 1800cc and 3500cc engines. I buy a few when they go on sale
  2. I plugged it with the string type and will give it a road test tomorrow. So far it's holding air just fine and I anticipate no further problems. Because the hole was so small, I ran a 1/8 inch drill bit through and was only then able to get the rasping tool and the string inserting tool into the hole. I could hear some steel belts crunching / breaking as I did so and that didn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. If I were to do it over, I would have inserted more string into the hole as I ended up cutting about 3/4 of an inch off of the part left hanging (two bits at 3/8 each). That's after leaving a quarter inch to be worn off by the road as per instructions.
  3. The guy I bought my '99 from was a motorcycle mechanic and would have installed the last set. When I removed them, they seemed barley tight enough to stay in the socket. Not loose but what I would call close to loose. I have no reason to doubt he installed them correctly. BTW...they were in the bike much longer than spec. 19,000km (12,000 miles). Spec according to the shop manual is 12,000km (8,000 miles). The only reason I even considered replacing them was the fact that the bike was getting reluctant to start easily when cold.
  4. I was pushing on it hard and it wasn't going in.
  5. That thing won't go in the hole. Mind you the tire was flat within less than a minute. I'm wondering if I should take a drill bit to it. Not that I want to mind you.😬
  6. Actually the spec is 1/2 turn after hand tight.
  7. I got a tire repair kit and pulled the object out of my tire. It looks like part of a pallet staple or similar. It's so narrow that the reaming tool and the tire repair needle will not fit into the hole. Unfortunately it looks like I should I try to enlarge the hole somehow. Recommendations?
  8. Ok...so it's settled then. Use some but don't use any. Good.
  9. I'm planning on replacing the plugs on my '99 this weekend and am wondering what the general consensus regarding anti seize is. I've got a set of NGK iridium plugs. I've read many opinions on line advising both to put a dab on, and not to. Wondering what the opinion amongst the VFR crowd is.
  10. I also had a pulsating brake issue until recently. It would present itself not while braking at speed but only when almost stopped. The last few rotations of the wheel pretty much. Then it was an almost on or off sensation. Very unsettling. New EBC x-series rotors and HH sintered pads for the front would have cost me $740.00 I tried the method shown by ferchja and it worked pretty damn well. Good enough to have saved me the afore mentioned $740.00 😀
  11. I will. I'll get some sticky rope. Up until my original post, I was under the impression that stuff was a last resort. Sounds like it's the way to go here. Simplest, least expensive and recommended.
  12. Thanks for the offer gr8vfr. It's about a 20 hour ride to your place for me so I'm going to pass. As can be seen, the puncture is quite small and I'm currently only loosing about 0.5psi per day. The Canadian dime used for scale is the same size as an American dime. The value however is unfortunately the same as an American 7.5 cent piece 😞 I'm just living with it for now but I'm sure I should be removing it and plugging the hole. A plug will be much larger than the existing hole but I guess that would make for a good seal.
  13. This photo was taken half way through a road trip my son and I went on and was our first road trip together. Through the mountains of West Virginia and North Carolina to the Dragon and back again. Awesome roads as many here know. My son was on a Suzuki SV650 that I gave him last year, on which I have done this trip many times. He crashed 4 hours into the seven day 2800 km (1740 mile) ride. Low sided because of some sand/gravel leading into a curving stop, and he was looking at the scenery instead of the pavement. The bike slid along the road for 65 feet until it met with the grass at the road side. Damaged the bike of course and banged himself up pretty well in the process, but we continued on and had an excellent adventure.
  14. I've heard that it's not advisable to ride on a plugged motorcycle tire if the plug is the twisted rope type applied from the outside. If you must use that style in an emergency, the tire should be replaced as soon as possible. The mushroom type from the inside is what I was hoping the shop would do for me.
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