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  1. Ah....clutch switch. Should have guessed. Thanks.
  2. For some reason I cannot get the bike to crank while in gear and clutch pulled in. Will start in neutral with the kick stand down or up. I'm sure this is an easy fix but a quick search has come up with nothing. Cheers.
  3. Interesting. Like I mentioned, I'm guessing this jug I have is about 8 years old (the blue stuff). It still had the foil seal on it. It was definitely better than what was in the engine so I used it. I didn't have any replacement crush washers on hand so reused the old one and now have a slight leak. Anyone know what the part number is for those little washers? Or what size they might be and where one could get replacements?
  4. Good info. I was referring to something I found about shelf life being even greater for a jug of straight antifreeze compared to a 50/50 premix. I would only put 50/50 in the engine.
  5. They look far better without the condom. My current mirrors are on extender blocks and frankly I never liked the look of the condom/extender block look. I'll have to get some OEM size mounting bolts as well.
  6. I did some research and everything I read pointed to no definite expiration time period. One thing I did read stated that pure antifreeze would last longer than 50/50 premix. The existing coolant has been in the bike for at least 5 or 6 years so I'm way overdue. I'll use this stuff and change it out at the end of the season to be safe.
  7. Positive. No "use before" warning or obvious manufacture date. There is a code on it but I'm not sure you could decipher a date from it. 1V181024 13:29 Possibly 29th week of 2013? Which would make it 8 years old and that is quite possible.
  8. There is no manufacturing date nor is there a warning not to use the product if it's over 3 years old. Is this fairly recent because I would think this stuff is 6 or 8 years old. Never opened.
  9. I'm doing my first coolant service since I got the bike. I've got a jug of Honda OEM all season coolant left over from past Civic / Ridgeline ownerships. Type 2, 50/50 premix, ethylene glycol base and de-mineralized water. 131 C boiling point I assume this stuff should work fine?
  10. The part number shown in your photo is the same part number I mentioned earlier. I misunderstood adkfinn when he wrote EMGO 00-01. I thought he was referring to a part number. It was the EMGO mirror(s) for the 00-01 VFR he meant, which are indeed part numbers 20-37341 and 20-37342. All clear now. I ordered a pair and I may just make the rubber gaskets. Doesn't look like they are available in Canada other than from a Honda dealer. Thanks for the help folks.
  11. I would prefer the no condom look. As long as the mounting holes/system is the same, I will go with EMGO. The ones I see on line here (Canada) are part number 20-37341 and 20-37342. Not 00-01 like you mention adkfinn. My OEM ones are on extender blocks so the original mounting gasket is long gone. I could always make one if needed I suppose.
  12. I bent the right mirror on my '99 and I think it's buggered. I'm looking at Emgo replacement mirrors but can only find them for the 2000 and 2001 5th gen. Are they the same or is there some difference between the '98 & '99 5th gen mirror compared to the '00 & '01 mirrors? Thanks.
  13. Mobil 1 M1-110. Same filter for my VFR, Civic and Ridgeline believe it or not. 800cc, 1800cc and 3500cc engines. I buy a few when they go on sale
  14. I also had a pulsating brake issue until recently. It would present itself not while braking at speed but only when almost stopped. The last few rotations of the wheel pretty much. Then it was an almost on or off sensation. Very unsettling. New EBC x-series rotors and HH sintered pads for the front would have cost me $740.00 I tried the method shown by ferchja and it worked pretty damn well. Good enough to have saved me the afore mentioned $740.00 😀
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