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  1. Awesome, @JeffInFranklinTN! These 5th gens may be the best bikes ever made...of course I may be a little biased! My 2001 has 33k on it and has been through one R/R but other than that, reliable as anyone could ask for! (picture from Blue Ridge Parkway near Maggie Valley, NC)
  2. Are 4th and 5th gen rear disks alike or interchangeable?
  3. I finally found a straight 8 spoke 3rd gen rear rim on eBay. Price was $260 shipped. Will need to be powdercoated to match front (thinking black unless I do both). I felt the price was pretty fair considering what they go for nowadays and that they are increasingly hard to find. Will be installing on my 5th gen with new rear tire this winter. More pics to come! Happy motoring!
  4. A gentleman named Steve (@weevee on VFRWorld) made these AMAZING decals for me and shipped them from the UK. Very affordable, fast, and high quality!
  5. I have a high-mount Staintune...hopefully it wouldn’t be too much of an issue and would still fit? I really like the sound of the performance headers that have been on here and would be interested. The cost difference would be large, however. I can find a used 6th gen header in great shape shipped to my door for less than $150 probably where I’d drop $600-700 on the performance one. Now I’m all for performance...but the bike isn’t slow by any means stock and a few hp may not be worth the money. I would like to go catless and save some weight too...so I could cut the stainless 6th gen cat and come out ahead. If only Honda had made 98-99 pipes with stainless...
  6. Has anyone successfully installed a 6th gen header on their late model 5th gen (00-01)? I understand they should be identical and yield zero performance gains, but am considering swapping for stainless. Thoughts?
  7. Off to the powder coater tomorrow! $30 for both parts to be blasted and coated in gloss black.
  8. Does anyone know of a place to buy RC46 decals for 5th/6th gens? I’ve seen them somewhere previously but not anymore. Being that the 5th gen engine is a very direct descendant of the RC45, I’d love to have a couple smaller decals showing a RC46 logo. Thanks!
  9. I have finished the kickstand modifications, as others have. Cut off the little foot and JB Weld-ed a small washer to keep the kickstand from going higher. Also installed 6th gen pegs becuase they are thinner. Right now I have just about 1 finger gap worth of space and it feels and looks good. 2 coats of Rustoleum satin black for finish. Can't wait to see how she rides!
  10. This thread has become very valuable as I just installed a used set of these blocks on my 01. I am going to put 6th gen pegs on it for more space for the kickstand and modify the kickstand to accomodate as seen here. I maxed out the rear brake adjustment and think it will be alright as it is barely used. Thanks!
  11. Here's the progress thus far. I think all that is really left is final sanding, a thorough degrease/clean, and determining finish. I am leaning powder coating them black (if I can find somebody local). If not other options are VHT primer/aluminum colored paint/clear or VHT epoxy paint. Any thoughts? Parts this small should be cheap to get powder coated, right?
  12. Here is what I am starting with. $40 for the pair shipped.
  13. I purchased two used rear pegs off of eBay and will begin the process of hacking left side to allow grabbing for centerstand as well as helmet lock and right side will be hacked off to become a makeshift custom exhaust hanger. I will sand them up and paint them in some VHT aluminum silver and post pics when complete. Thanks for all the help!
  14. Great finds come to those who scour eBay constantly...I found a pretty minty red cowl for my 01 for less than $40 shipped (original OEM part too...not Chinese knockoff).
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