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  1. Thank you sir. You helped me figure it out. I got them out. Compared to a 5th Gen, the fairings and trims on a 6th are a royal PITA. I have now noticed both inner panels are missing. 🙄 Why, why do people do half assed crap. Thanks again Cogswell, Jeffrey Everyone has a fancy nickname but me.😶
  2. Hi JeffInFranklinTN, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. I need to adjust the head light aim and cannot get these panels off.
  4. It’s my 6th Gen I’m working on right now. I did read the article though. I’ll be checking the synch on my 5th in the near future. It would be nice if I had a set of gauges that displays mmhg not cmhg.
  5. Thanks for the help and the compliment. The paint has some flaws but I got a decent deal on her. (I think) $3,500 with under 28K. I hope the slow speed surging and the hesitation when the vtec kicks in is remedied now. Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow/today and I’ll find out. A little funny story....I took the wife out for a ride a few days ago and decided to eat. As I was pulling into the parking lot looking for spot, I was moving pretty slow and holding the throttle just enough to maintain speed and it started surging. She said, “Are you doing that on purpose?” I laughed and said “No”. I bet her head was bobbing back and forth.😂 Cheers to you Grom
  6. Side stand was up. Thank you so much. Had no idea the side stand would effect that.
  7. I have been trying to resolve a surging issue at slow speed and a hesitation before the vtec engages. I’ve done a starter valve sync twice now. Once with the MAP sensor connected (no vacuum) as per the manual and once with the MAP sensor not connected. (you tube video) With or without the MAP sensor connected made no difference when starting or engine idle. To my understanding, when the MAP sensor is disconnected the FI light should flash an error code when the engine is running while doing the starter valve synch. It does not flash at all. It just stays lit. After putting everything back in place, turn the key on, FI is lit. Start it up FI light goes out. This shouldn’t be. There should be a MAP sensor error code stored in memory causing the FI light to flash. Which there is a procedure you can do to clear the memory. Anyone had this issue? Jeffrey
  8. Thank you. I will keep this info handy. I really wish I could find some info/procedures on how the throttle bodies were set up on the assembly line.
  9. The throttle bodies are well balanced now but now when in 1st gear going slow and opening the throttle just enough to maintain speed I am having surging and also just before the vtec engages there is a slight hesitation. No mods with the PAIR or airbox. Does not have a power commander. FI light is not on or blinking. I am thinking a previous owner may have adjusted the No. 4 starter valve. Which you are not suppose to do that. Would anyone know to reset the No. 4 starter valve to the factory setting? How many inches of mercury (vacuum) should the No. 4 starter valve be pulling? The gauges I used read cm hg. I have them balanced to the No. 4 starter valve as per the manual states. The cm hg reads just under 26 on the gauge. Is that too much? Too little? On a positive note, my fuel mileage is better now. Appreciate any help. Jeffrey
  10. Hi JeffInFranklinTN, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. It's time for zoom zoom!!

  12. Icant's that time of year...check your air!!

  13. Old man winter needs to die. :)

  14. JeffInFranklinTN


    LOVE the pearl white 93's. I almost picked one of these up a couple years ago as a project but the guy just wanted too much for a non-runner....maybe someday. Gorgeous VFR750
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