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  1. I have a 1998, and my attention is turning to suspension. Everything is stock, and maybe I am not discriminating, but it seems fine for what I do. But I wonder if it is like when I did the steering head bearings: I didn't realize how bad it was until I fixed it... I am pretty sure the rear will be a DMr shock, $750, boom, done. The front presents options, though. As I like to go nuclear on things, I am wondering about USD forks. Has anyone done this? Have to delink brakes, but F4 lowers would too, so how about it? For esthetic reasons I would like to keep a 5 spoke wheel in front too, if possible. I am comfortable doing this myself, so parts are only cost issue.
  2. I have a 98 with 32k, valves just checked and in spec, the big K&N filter(new) and a Micron high mount slip on. I just got a PCV, mainly because I am sure it is running lean, and having it run cooler would be welcome. On the Dynojet site, it looks like the only 3 maps for 98-99 for PCV are Stock, with Erion slip on, or with Erion full system. My question is, will one of these maps work for the Micron? My eventual plan is to get a header with O2 sensor bungs and do the Autotune system with PAIR blocked, but for now, I would like to find a map that will work for what I have. Thanks for any advice you may have!
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