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  1. The bike is mostly apart right now harness included. When we did a test run of everything the headlight was permanently on. But taillights and signals where not light up. Which I would think is a problem for legal night riding.
  2. That's what I find strange but theres no cut wires. And I've actually seen alot of for sale like it. Mine is the same as below.
  3. Hey guys I have a question in regard to a bike I just bought. I notice the 1995 has a block off plate on the lights switch (right side handlebar switch) is this normal? I've noticed some bikes have the switch and some dont? I'm not sure why. But does anyone know if this is a requirement to pass a road inspection in canada?
  4. Hey guys. I picked up a project 1995 vfr750 this past week and I am trying to get the hiring harness ran to test the bike before doing a tear down. And he gave a chip of some kind I'm not sure what it is. I have attached a picture. Hope someone here knows
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