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  1. LOL. I do have a remedy! Neon vinyl graphics!!
  2. Good guys wear black!!!🤠
  3. Spreeweiler

    Broken mirror

    Yes, ebay has some bargains on Vfr1200f stuff from time to time just make sure the seller has a lot of positive feedback!
  4. Custom Burasca 1200 tribute!🏍️
  5. Nice, these streetfighters just need machine gun mounts and retractable bayonets!!!
  6. Spreeweiler

    Crash cage/bars/pucks/sliders

    Thank you my good man! Seems like MGK put out a Facebook and Twitter Thread to search for a donor VFR1200FA/FD to build new crash bars for DCT's. They claimed the crashbars for the VFR12 in the photos was a one off. I asked them if they had any spare ones in the parts bin or at least the mold/die to fabricate a new one
  7. Spreeweiler

    Crash cage/bars/pucks/sliders

    Nobody showing my thread any love? LOL😇 I’m thinking of getting the T Rex slider for the DCT side and the R@G slider for the left side...😎
  8. Spreeweiler

    Guhl reflash at 55k miles?

    I heard Guhl has mild to WILD tunes, it's up to you to specify!
  9. Spreeweiler

    Possible dct issue

    Let her warmup a litte while longer in the morning? I won't put her in S (sport) until after a minute or two at least...
  10. Spreeweiler

    Crash cage/bars/pucks/sliders

    I have emailed them but no reply. Dunno why... UPDATE: They replied and said $250 bucks!!! .
  11. Spreeweiler

    Crash cage/bars/pucks/sliders

    Can anyone assist???
  12. Spreeweiler

    Crash cage/bars/pucks/sliders

    Great find Ghostrider!!! I used Google to translate their (Kiev) website!! Wonder how much?
  13. Anyone know where we can get our hands on this work of art?
  14. Spreeweiler

    Guhl ECU mod

    So a VFR1200 DCT can do the 1/4 mile in 11.5 seconds stock (6spd manual 10.2 seconds) does anyone know what she'll do after a Don Guhl tune? Thanks!
  15. Nobody has posted in nearly 5 years?

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