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  1. I tried the National Cycle touring VStream N20006 and found it very noisy with lots of buffeting. I’m 5’9” and have Helibars. I switched back to stock.
  2. I just replaced my PR4 front with another because it felt different and near the 2/32 wear indicator (rear PR4 has 5/32 probably indicating this is an older rider). The new tire (purchased, mounted and balanced by Andy’s Motorcycle Shop) has eliminated that “funny” feeling. While changing the tire, I removed and checked the brakes (ordered new pads). The the process of cleaning the calipers and brushing out the accumulated pad dust made the brakes sound and feel better. I’ll get back when I install my new ordered pads.
  3. I have a Motech center stand that is difficult to use, however others mention that the higher lift enables tire removal when the road surface is uneven. Had I known this I would have opted the OEM center stand.
  4. Can I ride today? I’ll need heated grips and seat!
  5. Obvious, it’s all there in black & white!
  6. Although I didn’t have any symptoms with my driveshaft, I had it done as soon as the replacements were available and have had continuous good rides. Happy trails.
  7. A little more lean and you’ll be scratching the yellow paint off😱
  8. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve got to do mine too.
  9. Good job! Hope you don’t run into anything now😬.
  10. If you do it after Thanksgiving just use the old turkey baster (a new one is only a couple of bucks) and suck out the old brake fluid from the master first, then refill. Makes the job go quicker using less brake fluid.
  11. Of course I run different pressures on my rear dually, sometime even left to right and of course load, but till you mentioned it, I’ve never thought about my bike tires. I’ll try your 37psi as a baseline. Mahalo.
  12. My usual ride is 15 miles on Oahu’s crater sized pothole roadways where I doubt I see 60 mph for more than a few seconds, but have never thought but to inflate 36F/42R. Any suggestions?
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