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  1. andy

    Veefalo turned 60!

    Hoping mine will look as good at 60!
  2. Look here or u-tube for fairing removal. It’s a bit tricky if you don’t know how the invisible clips work. I have a 2012 and was interested in the Guhl reflash till I flipped the throttle half open and nearly fell off. Yeah, I’m old and weak. I believe the traction control will cut the power if the front wheel comes off the ground. Hope you enjoy your 1200 as much as I have. Welcome.
  3. andy

    Engine heat

    Just read a write up about the new Indian V-twin that has rear cylinder deactivation to prevent rider heat discomfort. The article points out the VFR 1200F has this feature too. If indeed it has this feature, it’s seamless to me and I’ve not been bothered by any excessive heat,
  4. Just read a write up on the new Indian V-twin that says it has rear cylinder deactivation “like the VFR-1200F.” The article points out that this feature prevents heat build up and may contribute to better fuel mileage. I don’t know if my ‘12 VFR12 has this feature, but could this be contributing to your vibration? Others have mention heat at the right foot. I’ve not experienced either the heat nor the vibration, but if my bike that’s this feature, it’s probably not working because I average about 39 mpg.
  5. andy

    Selling my 2012 VFR1200F

    You’ll be sorry. VFR1200 are destine to be a cult bike worth thousands in the distant future 🤑!
  6. No anticipated snow here, but I’ll ride till Hurricane Lane arrives on Friday.
  7. andy

    Engine oil recommendations

    Just cause it’s a wet clutch oil gets circulated throughout the engine, I like changing the oil and filter every 3k Miles. wonder was Dae’s maintenance schedule is?
  8. andy

    Air Deflector removal

    DAY004 your mirrors seem to have a spacer that my ‘12 didn’t have. I installed a spacer that moved the mirrors up and out, that while don’t look the best really improved the rear vision. My kit came with longer bolts that extend as you can see. All else is stock.
  9. My instant read point and shoot thermometer read 85 degrees F (29C) before a 20 mile ride of mixed street/highway and now reads 108 F (42C). Warm to the touch.
  10. andy

    He's coming home

    Looks great, exactly what my bike should look like.
  11. andy

    To be different !!!!!

    Outstanding unique look. Mat paint or Plastidip?
  12. andy

    Look ma! No cables

    Great Dropbox history. Mahalo.
  13. andy

    Rear rotor alignment

    Just means our VFR F is destined to be a classic collectible. Isn’t it already a “cult” ride?
  14. Both the Red and White look great. While I was in the process of plastidipping mine, I had this look as well as using 20mm ammo cans till my saddle bags arrived. Where did the tank “wings” come from?
  15. Although I’ve not ridden in a RR Phantom IV, I’m very satisfied with my VFR.

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