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  1. Hissy is a good description and while the originals served well, like you, I like the brake feel of the EBCs.
  2. Seems Harley riders have a similar problem helped by this deflector.
  3. I agree with you. I like everything about the bike but for the wind noise/turbulence and wondered why there wasn’t much mention on this forum till you started. I first tried Helibars, that while more comfortable to me, didn’t do much for the wind. The Touring. VStream made matters much, much worst so I cut two holes thinking that the vacuum behind the big screen caused the the turbulence. Finally I added a MRA X-creen attaching it to both the VStream and stock windscreen. Although it’s still noisy, I have the stock windscreen w/ the MRA set like the stock Honda add on screen. I never considered the air coming from between the forks till you suggested it. I’m trying to add a lip under the lights as you did as well as attempting some kind of Africa Twin solution. Thanks for all your experimentation.
  4. I’ve got a couple hundred miles on the new front and back EBC (FA488HH and FA499/4HH) brakes. A more progressive feel, but they do make a bit more noise than the stock ones that were, at times, quite noisy even after using Brakeen. I’m happy with them.
  5. Very worth it to flush the clutch fluid and easier to do if you suck out the brake fluid from the clutch master first, but I think changing oil is what’s indicated. My ‘12 shifts very well in the first two thousand miles after an oil change, then gets “notchy” till I change the oil again. I’m going to switch to Mobil 1 4T motorcycle oil and let you know.
  6. Thanks for all your testing. I was hoping you’d make a break through. I’d like to try your under headlight spoiler. Looks like it just extends about an inch or so?
  7. I’m trying your “ghetto” solution for a test tomorrow. Yours is fabricated with cardboard and duck tape? I’m so impressed that you’ve stuck with it, especially after I became resigned to the buffeting.
  8. Good idea tapping the lower opening. I’ll tape mine over the next two days and report. My hypothesis was that there was too much of a vacuum behind the windshield causing the turbulence that doesnt seem to bear out.
  9. I installed a SW- Motech center stand vs. OEM Honda that lifts the bike a bit higher that reviews say allows the rear tire to be removed in other than ideal conditions, BUT I find it difficult to get the bike up on the center stand.
  10. Very interested in your results. I took the opposite track and first got a bigger/taller windscreen that increase the buffeting, then cut holes in the lower part thinking there was too much of a vacuum/back draft behind the windscreen that caused so much turbulence, then installing a MRA-X-Creen, all of which didn’t really result in as comfortable/quiet ride as my ‘76 Goldwing w/ a Vetter fairing. Now back to the original w/ the MRA-X-Creen installed to mimick the Honda auxiliary. It’s okay, but certainly not the result I was hoping. Re: helmet turbulence. I noticed when I raise my arm under my helmet, it quiets the wind. Perhaps it’s a direction I’ll have to look in to.
  11. I tried the National Cycle touring VStream N20006 and found it very noisy with lots of buffeting. I’m 5’9” and have Helibars. I switched back to stock.
  12. I just replaced my PR4 front with another because it felt different and near the 2/32 wear indicator (rear PR4 has 5/32 probably indicating this is an older rider). The new tire (purchased, mounted and balanced by Andy’s Motorcycle Shop) has eliminated that “funny” feeling. While changing the tire, I removed and checked the brakes (ordered new pads). The the process of cleaning the calipers and brushing out the accumulated pad dust made the brakes sound and feel better. I’ll get back when I install my new ordered pads.
  13. I have a Motech center stand that is difficult to use, however others mention that the higher lift enables tire removal when the road surface is uneven. Had I known this I would have opted the OEM center stand.
  14. Can I ride today? I’ll need heated grips and seat!
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