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  1. I guess what I'm just saying is try the spoiler first - you can do it for free. Since I already bought the edging I'll continue to try it on any given shield I am testing and keep you all updated.
  2. Damn, I wish I could take more time to just test. FWIW, halfway on my commute to work today I pulled over and removed the edging from the top of the screen. It's either the same, or better. I realize it's kind of inconclusive so far but the point is this: before you buy the edging put a good sized spoiler under the headlight first. I still have to try the Puig screen with and without edging and now I can't remember if I tested my modified lower Zero Gravity screen with the under light mod. Anyway, maybe I can find some time this weekend to do some riding and testing.
  3. Glad that I might be helping some people. The edging under the light is covered by the cardboard right now so not at this time. I bought the Gen 4 push on version for the windscreen so just used the extra from that. I actually screwed it in place on each end then used some adhesive for the rest. In hindsight, a spoiler like I built with the cardboard is a much better idea, I think. One could also build one without drilling into the plastic on the underside. I also use 32 NRR foam plugs (after having tried SO many different kinds of fancy plugs) and a Shoei GT-Air. On the Ninja and Blackbird, with the air stream hitting me at my pecs or below the ride is so quiet, it's heaven. Just a consistent, quiet whoosh. I've come to take this for granted.
  4. Yes, I've found two issues with trying to move the air lower. 1. it seems no matter how low I get the air coming over the center of the windscreen, there's air peeling around the sides that just curves back to right under the helmet. This suggests to me that much of the benefit I felt the other day was indeed from the edging. 2. I don't think I can get the air much lower over the center of the windscreen, at least at freeway speeds, because of the angle of the front fascia - it's pretty steep. I get this impression from having ridden the bike for a couple days with no front windscreen at all. Like a naked bike. I forgot where the air is now hitting me.. but I think it's about halfway up the helmet and is fairly quiet and smooth at the underside of the helmet. One last observation: the noise levels were good with the lower screen and the edging installed under the light EXCEPT just the right side of the helmet, just my right ear, had a fairly loud wind noise. I could only get rid of it by standing up or crossing my left hand over to my shoulder. This is partly why I gave up trying to go lower and lower.
  5. Unfortunately I won't be able to test ONLY edging since the edging I put under the light is screwed in and since I know it helped I'm not inclined to take it off. But I guess I can make it a point to test the current setup without the edging and the Puig with and without it.
  6. Ok, well that's still good to know. I think it suggests I/we might be on the right track by getting rid of or managing the air flow coming up from there. 😄
  7. Yeah, I feel like I don't have a choice. The wind noise ruins the ride. It's either fix it or sell the bike. I have another bike I love and can sell and buy another bike anyway - it's not like I'm stuck with this one. 🙂
  8. Thanks. The only other choice was to sell the bike. For me riding with noise like is like I imagine riding without a helmet or earplugs at freeway speeds. Just not even close to acceptable. It's an unmodified stock screen. Fork tunnels you say? You mean someone is already making these and I can buy them?!?! Do you have any links? The maker of the edging claims removing it greatly reduced its hold but I think it's more of a CYA. There are U-shaped metal clips inside the rubber about 2mm wide and spaced apart about that much. You can just pinch them closed. If needed, one could use a very weak glue to increase the hold, maybe even hairspray? Of course I'd make sure it wouldn't damage the plastic if I could.
  9. Oh man. It's insane how much this had all been dragging on me. I'm surprised to see how much of a better mood I am today after riding in this morning and having mostly solved this issue. Two months ago I sold my RC51 for a Honda I've always wanted to own (this VFR). I loved it at first but then wait, what's this wind roar!? This isn't going to work! It was getting to me and I'm glad I might not need to sell this bike anytime soon. I'd say the turbulence has been fixed enough to what I'd call good - that is, beyond just acceptable. Not great yet. FWIW, I'm sure that 95% of moto riders would say it's amazingly quiet but it's impossible to know what each person's tolerance is. So, last night I installed the stock shield to see how it works in conjunction with this Gen 4 edging. I also decided to build a spoiler to go under the headlight. Unlike the shortened ZG screen the air is now going over and around my helmet (well, at least the bottom). Point is, it's a huge improvement and is good enough for me to take on this 3 day trip in exactly 30 days. I don't know how much of the change can be attributed to this edging or the spoiler I made yet. I have a Puig screen that I will test with and without the edging and will eventually put the shortened ZG screen back on to see how it works with the spoiler I put under the headlight to isolate what has made the biggest difference. Pics below... Before anyone screams ghetto - once a long term solution is found I'll make sure it looks good. I am quite picky about my stuff looking good and not hacked together. For example, and for just a little bike pr0n, see the RC51 below. 😄
  10. GREAT news. I installed the edging on the underside of the light and it made a noticeable difference to the turbulence at freeway speeds. One of the ways that I continue to compare is wind noise and turbulence in the sitting position vs standing all the way up in clean air. This was definitely less of a difference. I'll say this, today's ride to work was the first time in a while I got to spend time just enjoying this great bike. Ugh. Sadly, it seems the new C4 helmet isn't as quiet as the C3 Pro was and maybe not as quiet as their new R2 helmet. Remember, I'm running that shortened Zero Gravity screen. I did try putting the edging on this lowered screen but that just pushed the air from about the top of my pecs to under the helmet and made it worse. So, next step is to install the stock screen and possibly the edging onto it. I also have a new Puig screen on the way (yes, I'm throwing everything at this problem 😕 For sure, I will continue to try to block more air from coming up the fork area. The trick is how in the hell can I block more air with the movement that the forks necessitate. For sure, if I had a 3D printer I think I could make something. My thoughts are a black plastic panel with elongated, curved holes for the forks to move through. I can picture plastic broom bristles in the holes for the forks to block as much of that air as possible. Yes, I'm a MacGyver kind of guy, LOL. Not that it matters but I'm working hard to get all this stuff nailed down before the 800 or so mile weekend coming up in about 30 days.
  11. Hells yeah man! Their business is to rent bikes. Fly on out here!
  12. Buddy, it must have been way too long ago. This will be my 9th time in 6 years. The roads are outstanding. AZRide hosts it in late May or early June every year. http://azride.com/devils-highway-run/2557977 There's a small group of about 6 to 10 each year - we ride our own pace and it's an epic weekend. Friday and Saturday nights in Springerville we go to a great BBQ place and Saturday morning there's an awesome place for breakfast in Alpine.
  13. Oh yes. I just got that Gen 4 edging and I'm thinking I can put in on the underside of the headlight and possibly also on top of the windscreen. This edging is pretty big and may make a difference under the light. This may be a breakthrough for anyone struggling with turbulence. I'd love to get back to loving this bike again. https://saeng.com/product/gen-4-edging/ For what it's worth, Honda seems to have already put a little aero lip on the underside of the light assembly.
  14. OMG. There it is. That might explain why unlike the other bikes I've owned I just can't get anywhere with windscreen changes. Yes! I have some ideas already, and maybe just in time for our 3 day ride called Devil's Run. Swimmer, check out this ride. It's May 18th and may be the best road in the country. Just one page of many describing it. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g31197-d2642590-Reviews-Coronado_Trail-Clifton_Arizona.html
  15. Been meaning to mention what might be the same thing. First time I ever rode the bike on the highway when I tried to accelerate from about 60 mph it felt like it was bogging out. Pulled over assuming I was running out of gas. Prior owner says the Z bomb is installed but this happens in gears other than 1st and 2nd. So yes, when cruising on surface streets at about 3k and slightly above at say 45 to 50 mph, it feels like a flat spot, like a delay until it starts to pick up. Perhaps like cylinder deactivation that takes too long to wake up. No, I'm not suggesting it has that. Prior owner is a maintenance OCD kind of guy so everything has been done so far. At 22k miles now. Bike otherwise runs amazing and pulls very hard to redline. Wow, just saw we're at the same miles. I've had my bike for about 2 months. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
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