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  1. Yes, yes I do. Like you, I also opted to have the dealer who I purchased my MV Agusta and several Ducati's, Guzzi's and Aprilia's from do tire changes for me as I felt my time was far more valuable than the cost of having it done. All went well until one of their newly hired techs wrecked the Carbon Fiber BST I had fitted to one of my Ducati's - this, after being assured they would be as pristine as they were when left them. Much to my chagrin (and theirs) this was not the case as my rear wheel was severely damaged to the point of requiring replacement. Sure, they covered the cost and a whole 3 months later I had a new wheel. That was it. I was going to do my own wheels, balancing included. I purchased my No-Mar changer and mounted it to the floor in one of the corners of my garage. I also purchased a Marc Parnes balancer and must say there's a certain zen-like feeling for a job well done after every R&R. Now, my riding buddies actually wait until I can fit them into my schedule to mount and balance theirs too. They ride their bikes in after having their tires shipped right to my door and ride away with fresh rubber on their machines. Being that I'm as OCD as I am, I even take the time to clean up the forks, swingarms - clean and lube the chains and they're on their way. What do I charge? Initially I was doing them for a 6 pack of Franziskaner Hefeweizen or StaroBrno Beer, until one day they (5 of 'em) decided the work I was doing was worth far more so they came up with $80 as being a fair compensatory number. We always have a great time watching current races or whatever else might be on, on the wall mounted garage TV. After all they are my pals. I was fine with the beer. Now, they'll show up on their bikes, hop into my car and head to the liquor store and get me my beer anyway! As an aside: The equipment paid for itself quite a while ago. :) J.S.
  2. Well, let's see. As an retired M.E. I do ALL of my own maintenance - by the book and check everything as per requirement. Aside from oil/filter/tire changes. It has required a total of two valve adjustments over the course of one hundred nine thousand one hundred and ninety five miles - one at 7,500 miles (spec = 0.15mm inlet, 0.30mm outlet. Inlet was 0.16, ex was 0.32) and another at 82,500 miles (inlet was 0.13 ex was 0.28) This machine in particular has been the paragon of reliability in my stable. No chains or sprockets nor anything coolant related and this one is without ABS and associated technicalities - nothing but oil/filter/plug/fuel filter/hydraulic fluid, tire and brake pad changes. Oil consumption averages less than 500ml/ at 4k mile intervals (as per blackstone lab oil analysis). This bike is far from babied, it's actually our family taxi (when fitted with ventura luggage) of sorts and also serves as the loaner to relatives and friends when visiting. It often just sits at 100mph+ for miles and miles and miles. An incredible machine which excels at being everything yet not the best at any one thing. This thing is akin to an semi contemporary two wheeled two cylinder four valve air cooled VW beetle. J.S.
  3. Thank you! The wheels are powder coated with satin black which offers just a touch more sheen than the matte black. I did my BMW boxer wheels in gloss a few years ago and regretted it, prompting me to have them redone the same as these, in satin. The gloss were initially beautiful, however, the slightest bit of wiping to clean off brake dust, even using microfiber cloth resulted in very faint yet extremely bothersome micro-scratching. The exhaust was done in Cerakote Glacier Black which can withstand temperature up to 2k (f). The color match is absolutely spot on with the wheels. I've added a couple of other niceties to not only quench my OCD nitpickery - but, also as functional yet visually appealing enhancements. I'll post up photos in the next couple of days. J.S.
  4. Interesting....... 2 with a lope and 1 without. The uneven idle seems to me, at least, to be more indicative of timing event overlap, particularly evident at low rotational speeds which, of course quickly diminishes with rev rise once the intake tract blowback window/threshold has been passed. Just like a relatively long duration camshaft application - which would not surprise me at all considering Honda engineering decided against employing its own V-tech system in this platform relying on sheer displacement to provide ample lower to mid r.p.m torque - allowing prodigious output at elevated speeds knowing full well 02 monitored cats will be scrubbing any associated high HC levels at an idle. Also, though admittedly not familiar and being a neophyte on this machines ECM/Processing capabilities. Surely a fault or soft code generated by the 02 sensor(s) after repeatedly sniffing either side of lambda running issues would result in an illuminated CEL if a spray pattern or injector operation were compromised. Or so I surmise. I've erred before - this wouldn't be my last either. I would be interested in knowing valve opening and closing events (particularly @ 1mm off of their respective seat) Thank you swimmer. Hopefully others will chime in with their thoughts as well. J.S.
  5. No, no clatter at all. Certainly with all of the electronic watchdogging going on, there would be an illuminated CEL staring at me if something were amiss. I've not yet looked through the factory shop manual so I don't know if it's fitted with dual 02 sensors before/after the cats or just a single heated unit keeping it on its stoichiometric leash but - yes, to reiterate... it does indeed have a bit of a lope to it. Thank you for the affirmation. J.S.
  6. Hi JozefSchumann, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Hi folks, Loving my ridiculously low mileage 2013 VFR12. Question: It idles with a bit of nervousness, i.e. Reminiscent of my '70 LT-1 Z-28 from 42 years ago. I'm assuming this is the norm. How's yours?
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