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  1. There are two o-ring seals on both head covers for the PAIR valve air joints. One of those on the back head cover fell off. To me, it seemed like it was burning oil vice leaking it. Page 9-8 of the service manual shows the o-rings in question.
  2. Same here...60K miles with no oil burn. I change oil and filter every 3K. Only time I had an issue was during a valve inspection when an o ring on the back valve cover fell off while putting the cover back on. It used oil at a rate of about a half quart every 500 miles. Once I got the o ring back on it stopped using oil. That was over 25K miles ago.
  3. Just checked mine and all were in spec... One exhaust was slightly tight but within in spec and one intake was slightly tight but within spec also. I only checked the exhaust roller side as well...you don't have to check both. Great advice to take your time. Lots of connections and wire harnesses to get in the way or damaged. Agree...the front cylinder head cover is a pain to get out. Two of the bolts are very hard to get to...I could only trouqe two of the four so just made sure the other two were tight. I did not take the fuel rail or injectors out. The fuel line going to the throttle body from the gas tank comes out with the throttle body; you just have to route it though some hoses and wiring harnesses. It took me almost six hours start to finish inlcuding all the body work.
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