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  1. gringo

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    Please can you explain '... 'DCT won't change gears if ABS is off.'?
  2. gringo

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    Thanks for your interest sir. I'm reluctant to get into the (messy) fluid change situation just yet especially since the bikes fluid is barely 2 years old. I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that for some reason the signal from one of the sensors is intermittently dropping out. This would maybe explain the mechanics claim that my tyre pressures were way off the recommended. I've ordered a second-hand (new ones are £150.00!) rear sensor unit off ebay so to start with I'll swap that out.
  3. gringo

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    Thanks for your interest c5ip. At the last dealer visit the fault code indicated that the tyre pressures were out of spec'. Yes, really. That's what I was told! (Nothing registered, re - the module). They may have been a few pounds up, but, having just ridden 80 miles to the dealers on a hot day that was to be expected. The pressures were re-set to 36/42lbs and off I went up the road. 6 miles and the ABS is blinking again. I've cleaned the speed sensors and checked the gaps (both on the lower limit; .020"/ .05mm). Checked the fusses under the seat and monitored the generator's charging rate (14.5 volts). Re-set the (cold) tyre pressures too. I'm pretty sure the module's good because when it is working (testing under heavy breaking) I can feel the lever 'pulsing' so it seems to be an intermittent fault in the 'initiation' circuitry. I'll try another battery next before I start dicking about with the module.
  4. Hi (fellow sufferers😜), I'm experiencing a problem with the ABS system on my (UK reg. year '16 DCT) bike and am looking for some serious (p**s-takers and Clever Dicks, please walk on) input from other members that may have experienced a similar problem too. The bike's still under warranty ( it's 3 years on the BIG VFR) but before I again make the 160 mile round trip to my favoured Honda dealer for another ( of which, more later *) diagnostic read-out, I'm hoping there may be a simple solution that I can fix myself. I should say that though the bike is 2 years old it only had 350 miles on the clock when I bought it this April and the fact that it must have been standing for 2years or so may have some bearing on the fault which is as follows...When setting off on a ride-out the ABS light goes out at 6mph/10kph as normal, but, come the first junction/stop when applied, the front brake lever pulses quite strongly a couple of times then the system seems to go into non-ABS mode. This is quite unnerving in the wet since, as the lever goes 'dead', the instinct is to grab even more brake! After a few more miles the ABS light starts blinking and, whilst it does, the system definitely goes into non-ABS mode which is predictable and quite manageable. *I've already presented the bike at a Honda main dealers once where they accessed the fault codes stored in the ECU. They said they, the codes, were showing a 'spike' (?) and they had cleared the codes but pointed to the fact I had a GoPro camera and a GPS device both hard-wired into the bikes electrical system. They seemed to think this may have some bearing on the problem. I find this hard to believe since the camera is fully charged but rarely used and everybody else with a GPS never seems to encounter any issues and, if anything, the Honda heated grips, when in use, must draw more current than everything else put together. Anyway, I rode home but after 20 miles or so the ABS warning light was blinking again. This weekend I intend to examine 3 possible areas which could be the cause of my woes; the gap and condition of the sender units on both wheels, the condition and cleanliness of ALL the fuses and also remove the 'Middle Panel' to make sure that the large plug on the ABS unit itself does not have any 'dry' connectors. That only leaves the unit itself and other than try a substitute replacement I have no idea what to do about that. Your thoughts Gentlemen, please.
  5. gringo

    Honda VFR 1200F Service Manual

    Sadly, most of the pic's are just black smudges.

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