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  1. IShark yeah dachshunds are quite the character. Personality and loving little family wolf pack members. Pic is not my little guy but it's a good laugh.
  2. Thanks RhINO. Down by my water pump there is a bleeder hole to bleed air out. I took the bike for a 45 minute ride today and when I came back let the bike cool down my filler neck and reserve were fine. I remember when I drained the old fluid out the level it showed on a gallon jug. I'm going to take a empty quart and fill it with 3 quarts and compare the levels and see if it matches up. Yeah good you changed your t- stat it's important. Ride safe.
  3. Oh yeah. A little prairie dog. Yeah pet or family member. My little mini dachshund is a son to me.
  4. Whoa crazy looking build up. From looking at the service records the last owner never flushed coolant since 2013 so I did a proper cleaning and flush. Was actually pretty clean just green coolant was a bit dark. Yeah I flushed about 3 times. One time with 50/50 mixture of distilled water and distilled white vinegar. Then 2 other times with distilled water. Filled up the radiator and reserve tank with about 3 quarts and 0.42 ounces for reserve tank from a 4th quart. I'm going to give the bike a good run let it cool and check one more time. If the coolant is topped off then should be good to go. Hey what is your little pet called again? Type of animal?
  5. Hey all. I recently just flushed my coolant system for the first time and I noticed when I was filling back up the bike only took 3 quarts and a little from.a 4th quart for the reserve tank. From the service manual it says about a 4.16 quarts and some for the reserve 0.42. See photo for FD bike. I ran the bike till the fans kicked on and let coolant circulate through bike. Do i need to run the bike for a certain amount of times or minutes? I wanted to know if I'm missing something? The filler neck and reserve tank are topped off properly. Does some coolant stay behind when doing a flush? It says radiator and engine in picture so maybe some stays behind. I upgraded to the newer Honda blue pro coolant and want to make sure my bike is topped off with enough coolant.
  6. Hey thanks Andy yeah the turkey baster is a great idea. I'm sure the thanksgiving Turkey won't mind afterwards. Swimmer yeah I'm confident if you follow the manual should go well. Thanks. Thtanner cool part from harbor but I picked up the motion pro bleeder. With a compressor I know it's a breeze tho.
  7. Yeah man no better way I believe to bond with your bike. Im going to do a coolant flush also so I will be taking the fairings off which I never have done. Also I'm going to check the air filter while I have the fairings off and take the others off to check the filter. In the flushing steps it does not say anything about the ABS modulator. Having to touch anything with it just follow the proper steps which calipers to flush first to last. Yeah I here ya on the dealer mechanics. I checked 2 places by me just to see and one was outrageous at $260+fluid and another was decent at $165+fluid. But I feel comfortable taking the time and doing it myself and saving $.Thanks for the link for bleeder kit. I shop at harbor freight and they have decent stuff especially the free items you get also. Good luck on pad change. Mine are still good for now. Here are photos of the manual steps flushing with wrench or bleeder kit like motion pro. Anyways thanks DarrenK and ride safe.
  8. Hi all. Wanted to know if any of you service your brakes and do the labor yourself? I have looked into the service manual and it looks like your flush about 4 times. One time for left front middle bleeder nipple using top brake lever then the front right then back to left front top bleeder nipple bleeding using brake pedal then last the rear nipple with brake pedal. I'm mechanically inclined to repairs and it seems straight forward. I feel confident enough to try it but is there any thing I'm missing? I want to use the old school way with a motion pro bleeder tool. I'm trying to save money on dealer labor. Is it worth it for this bike or better off at dealer?
  9. My bike came with a Corbin seat with passenger back rest. Really friggin comfy for me and passenger. Rear backrest donut is removable via Allen key screw from underneath If you want it to look more sporty hardcore as to wife on back donut hole look! Lol. Wife doesn't ride with me much so I have it off but can always slap that baby on when needed 😁
  10. Hi all. In my opinion do not order the bike master aftermarket. The quality is crappy. Mine came not sealed from the silver lighted part to the black mirror part. Silver color is not like oem. It's crappy looking to me honestly. Does not have the same feel as a oem. Returned the bikemaster one to the ebay seller. I just bought the black mirror part I needed from my local dealer and used my silver lighted part which was just scratched a bit on the edge. Go with the oem if you want that Honda quality part feel and look. If you don't care about that then take a chance with the aftermarket. I would definitely go oem and call it a day since I'm doing my own labor and saving dough. Stay safe riders!
  11. Hey fellow riders. Have any of you broken your mirror and replaced it with a bikemaster like oem mirror? I want to know if the quality and color finish is exact as oem and it folds in like oem? If I buy the Honda oem it's only the mirror backside which I only need part number 5 as pictured part 4 is extra $ . With the bikemaster it's a whole assembly with silver front lighted housing and black side mirror. I need some info before I buy either one. Thanks.
  12. VfrJedi7

    My Bike

    2006 is awesome looking and performing I bet. Those duel exhausts are killer!
  13. A collage of my old 2010 vfr I had to sell in 2013. Now have a 2012 and enjoying it to the fullest.
  14. Thanks. I love my bike dearly. Therapeutic riding is believe me. I got the windscreen off of eBay. Here is the screen shots. Type in Honda vfr 1200f windscreen. I chose the smoke. They have clear and dark limo black also. As for the Corbin seat it came with the bike when I purchased. I believe you can go on Corbins website and order one. It's a separate seat from the oem one. They don't need you to send them the oem seat. I have the Corbin and the oem seat. Really comfy I must say. A seller has one on eBay but it does not have the back rest for passenger. Check it out.
  15. Hi VFRJEDI7, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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